jukebox exclusive retro 51 rollerball pen

Celebrate the Great American Jukebox Retro 51 Exclusive Rollerball

The Great American Jukebox Retro 51 Exclusive rollerball pen celebrates a piece of American history. Jukeboxes are often remembered right alongside burgers, chocolate shakes, the Bop, and the Fonz. One of the most uniquely American inventions, the coin-operated kaleidoscope of chrome and music brought rock ’n’ roll to  1950s teens, defined a generation, and revolutionized the music industry. July 26th, 2022, Pen Chalet is back releasing a brand new Tornado Exclusive inspired by yesteryear, The Exclusive Great American Jukebox Tornado rollerball. You’re going to rock around the clock with this vintage-inspired jukebox design! The vibrant neon colors accented by satin silver trim and a quarter design on the top disc will have you writing the night away. (This limited edition of 551 pieces features the LE number engraved on each pen’s top ring). Be a jukebox hero and pick up one of these Rock’n Roll’rball Tornados today or read on to find out more about the inspiration behind the exclusive Retro 51 Tornado pen release!

Celebrating the Great American Jukebox with a Pen Chalet Exclusive Retro 51 Release:

great american jukebox exclusive retro 51 rollerball pen

Get a little nostalgic with us as we look back on the Great American Jukebox and its Golden Age with the April 2022 release of a new exclusive Retro 51 rollerball pen, the Pen Chalet Exclusive Retro 51 Great American Jukebox rollerball. The Retro 51 Great American Jukebox rollerball features a stainless steel barrel. The printed design depicts a 1950s jukebox in traditional colors: lime green, orange, gold, red, etc. The printed pattern on the barrel is protected by a high-gloss clear finish, and the pen is completed with matte stainless steel trim. The pens are a limited release and each pen’s number is engraved subtly along with the brand logo below the knurl twist mechanism. On the top disc, the design features a black and white representation of the coin that always got the music rolling during the Golden Age of the Jukebox.

The Great American Jukebox: Taking a Place in History

In the 1950’s, rock ’n’ roll belonged to the youth. As parents in this time period did not consider the new music genre acceptable, teens flocked to restaurants and diners to get their fix. It was the golden age of the jukebox; when rock ’n’ roll molded teenage social life and culture. It was simple. The most popular hangout spot at any given time was wherever you could find the best jukebox. 

The Introduction & Evolution of the Jukebox:

While the first nickel-in-the-slot phonograph was presented at the Palais Royal Saloon in San Francisco, California on November 23, 1889 by Louis Glass and William S. Arnold, by the 1950s, the jukebox had experienced a great many changes. Not least of which was the adoption of design and style elements seen in popular (and flashy) cars of the time period.Chrome, brightly colored plastics, bubble tubes, steel castings, grills, and tail fins…The jukebox’s new duds were inspired by their biggest fans, 1950’s teenagers, and the jukebox wore the style well.

Diners & Jukeboxes: A Super Cool Combo

During the golden age of the jukebox, you’d have a hard time finding an American diner without remote control units at every table, bar, and counter. In fact, many suggest that the rise of the classic American diner helped cultivate the super-cool image of the contemporary jukeboxes of the 1950s. Formica tables, chrome, plush leather, and neon signs – all of it complemented the jukebox aesthetic perfectly. Beautiful, sophisticated, fun, and vivid, the Great American Jukebox was the only choice for music in any classic American diner. 

great american jukebox exclusive retro 51 rollerball pen

Get Nostalgic with the Pen Chalet Exclusive Retro 51 Great American Jukebox Rollerball Pen Release:

Today, most of us don’t run into coin-operated jukeboxes on a regular basis (or possibly ever), but the jukebox revolutionized the music industry, greeted soldiers coming home from war, and embraced rock n’roll when other media outlets refused to acknowledge it. It’s not surprising then that the Great American Jukebox is a kaleidoscope of chrome and music that won the hearts of an entire generation. So much so that even those who never experienced the jukebox in its heyday will gladly drop a coin if they run across one at an out of the way diner or venue; maybe there’s a little bit of rebellious 1950s teenager in all of us looking for a place to let loose and enjoy the latest tune. In the meantime, take a look at the latest Pen Chalet Exclusive Retro 51 Great American Jukebox rollerball pen and other popular new pen releases at PenChalet.com.