Fountain Pen Gift Ideas Around $50

Looking for Fountain Pen gift ideas that won’t break the bank? This time of year is a wonderful season no matter what your political or religious views may be. Pen Chalet hopes to help you alleviate the one frustrating part of the holiday season, what should I get (insert your favorite friend or loved one…).

Take a step back from our incredible electronic, digital age that we currently live in and give a gift from the past, back when we communicated through writing, rather than by e-mail, text, tweet or other social medial venues.

Fountain Pen Gift Ideas

Fountain Pen Gift Ideas

Give the gift of a fountain pen (rollerball, and ballpoints are also available in most brands mentioned below), paper, bottled ink and a high quality leather carrying case, all for around $50.00, which includes free shipping (Pen Chalet offers free shipping on all orders over $50.00).

Below are some great examples of these various products, then a handful of assorted items from each group to make up the completed gift. All items listed below are available at Happy Shopping!

Fountain Pen Gift Ideas

Note Book Gift Ideas

Bottled Fountain PenInks Gift Ideas

Pen Case Gift Ideas

Complete Gift Idea #1

$54.95 – includes free shipping

  1. Noodler’s Ahab demonstrator fountain pen
  2. Aston single slip pen case: Brown
  3. Field Notes Steno Pad notebook
  4. J. Herbin fountain pen ink in 10 ml. glass bottle: Poussiere de Lune

Complete Gift Idea #2

$53.29 – includes free shipping

  1. Nemosine Singularity demonstrator fountain pen: Aqua
  2. Royce 1 slot pen case: Blue
  3. Clairefontaine 1951 notebook: (large) Blue
  4. Waterman bottled fountain pen ink: Blue Obsession, 50 ml. bottle

Complete Gift Idea #3

$54.85 – includes free shipping

  1. Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen: Silver
  2. Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen: Gold
  3. Aston 2 slip pen case in Black
  4. Rhodia Ice notebook: Lined
  5. Diamine fountain pen ink: Oxblood ink, 30 ml. plastic bottle

Complete Gift Idea #4

$51.20 – includes free shipping

  1. Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen: Blue
  2. Aston 1 slip pen case: Tan
  3. Field Notes Lunacy notepad
  4. Parker Quink ink bottle: Blue-Black