2022 bestselling $100+ fountain pen pilot vanishing point

Bestselling $100+ Fountain Pens in 2022

After publishing our list of the Top 5 Bestselling Fountain Pens of 2022, we had several requests for a list of the bestselling $100+ fountain pens in 2022. So, if you were one of those making the request…your wish is our command.

Bestselling $100+ Fountain Pens in 2022:

Bestselling $100+ Fountain Pens in 2022 Infographic
What were the Bestselling $100+ Fountain Pens in 2022?

The 1st fountain pen on the list of bestselling $100+ fountain pens in 2022 is the only one that was ALSO on the previously published list of Top 5 Bestselling Fountain Pens of 2022, the Conklin Endura Deco Crest fountain pen. Followed by the Pilot Vanishing Point, the Platinum 3776 fountain pen, the Nahvalur Nautilus Ebonite fountain pen, and the Lamy 2000 fountain pen. I love the variety we ended up with in this list featuring different brands, different filling systems, different nibs, and different overall styles.

Follow along below as we run through each of the pens featured on the list and provide additional details, more images, and a few suggestions why we think it may have ended up on the list of top bestselling fountain pens for 2022.

And consider checking our previous post featuring the Top 5 Bestselling Fountain Pens of 2022 to see the list featuring some more affordable options that are great for both beginners and experienced fountain pen users.

Bestselling Fountain Pens ($100+) of 2022: Conklin Endura Deco Crest

Conklin Endura Deco Crest fountain pen 2022 Bestselling $100+ Fountain Pen
The Conklin Endura Deco Crest fountain pen was the bestselling $100+ fountain pen in 2022 at PenChalet.com.

The Conklin Endura Deco Crest fountain pen was a surprise inclusion on the 1st Bestselling fountain pens of 2022 list, and it’s the only repeat that ALSO shows up here on the bestsellers in the $100+ range. This Conklin pen was released in February 2022, and was available in 3 different colors: Orange with gunmetal trim, Blue with rose gold trim, and Black with palladium trim. Intended as a revival of the Deco era that sprang to life in the 1920’s, the Conklin Endura Deco Crest is accented with a beautiful metal overlay. The pen’s high-grade European resin barrel (hand made and hand polished) brilliantly reflects light off the surface enhancing the stunning colors amid the detailed overlay’s design. As a new release with a price tag that is surprisingly low considering the sophisticated, beautiful design of the pen, it really isn’t too surprising to find the Conklin Endura Deco Crest fountain pen on the bestsellers list once you consider the pen closely. (This pen is also available in rollerball or ballpoint).

The Pilot Vanishing Point Pen: 2022 $100+ Fountain Pen Bestseller

2022 bestselling $100+ fountain pen pilot vanishing point
The Pilot Vanishing Point was one of the top 5 bestselling fountain pens in 2022 in the $100+ range.

The Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen was not a new release for 2022; it’s a fairly classic choice for anyone looking for a pretty affordable 18kt gold nib made by a reputable pen company. Each Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen comes with an 18k gold nib in either gold, rhodium-plated or ruthenium-plated to match the color of the trim. It’s also the most commonly accepted standard for a go to retractable fountain pen. The pen’s unique retractable nib means this fountain pen has NO cap, and the nib extends/retracts with the click of a button.

Platinum 3776 Fountain Pen: A 2022 Bestseller in the $100+ Range

No. 4 Top 4 Mid-Priced Fountain Pens: Platinum 3776 Century fountain pen

The Platinum 3776 fountain pen is another classic choice available in a variety of colors and trims. The pen was named after Mt. Fuji in a way…3776 represents the height (in meters) of the highest peak in Japan. While this pen may not have been a BESTSELLER every year since its 1978 release, it’s definitely enjoyed a steady reign of popularity ever since. The innovative cap with the “Slip & Seal” mechanism regulates ink flow, and keeps ink from drying out in the pen. Plus, the Platinum 3776 fountain pen, like the Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen, is one of the more affordable options for a gold nib (14k) from a reputable pen manufacturer.

2022 Bestselling Fountain Pens in the $100+ Range: Nahvalur Nautilus Ebonite Fountain Pen

Nahvalur Nautilus Fountain Pen uncapped
The Nahvalur Nautilus Cephalopod Black fountain pen is fitted with a #6 stainless steel nib.

The Nahvalur Nautilus Ebonite fountain pen was originally released on January 24, 2021. Since then, the company (Nahvalur aka Narwhal) has released the slightly oversized pen in additional colors. Pen Chalet customers love the Nahvalur piston filling system that is dependable and more affordable than many piston filling options out there on the market, the ebonite material, the distinctive porthole-style ink windows, and the in-house nib that almost never acts up or causes any sort of trouble – writing right out of the box, and offering a smooth, lovely writing experience. ONE thing that may be an issue for some is that this pen is not postable. So, if you prefer to post your cap when writing, you may want to lean in a different direction for your next fountain pen acquisition.

Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen, Another 2022 Bestseller in the $100+ Range:

Lamy 2000 black fountain pen j Herbin ink pilot ink and Endless Recorder
Lamy 2000 black fountain pen with J Herbin ink and Endless Recorder notebook.

The Lamy 2000 fountain pen is the last of our Top 5 Bestsellers for 2022 in the $100+ range. Another solid, reputable pen maker, Lamy is one of the top dogs for introductory fountain pens or fountain pens for beginners, but their expertise in now way ends there. Lamy produces a number of lovely, dependable, and luxuriously minimalistic high precision German designs with the Lamy 2000 being one of the most recognizable and loved. A modern classic, the Lamy 2000 is made fiberglass and stainless steel featuring a piston filling system and a 14kt gold nib.

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In an ideal world it would be very nice to have every pen in a huge collection. I have accumulated some 30 fountain pens including the Montblanc 941 and every Pelikan Souveran from the 200 to the 1000 and many more. I enjoy seeing and using all of them. But for what? As a retired surgeon I have essentially no need for any handwritten items. Thus aside from a word or two as a note. I have no practical use for my beloved pens. I should have stopped acquiring them after I had my most favorite Montblanc and Pelikan pens.… Read more »