lamy safari fountain pen review

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Review: Best Fountain Pens for Beginners

Read today’s Lamy Safari fountain pen review to learn more about one of the best fountain pens for beginners!

Our Guest Reviewer: @kelseydoodles

Kelsey is a stationery addict and bullet journal junkie. While she’s a great lover of pen and paper, it was recently discovered that Kelsey had never tried using a Lamy fountain pen. It seemed the perfect opportunity to get a review from fresh eyes on a classic German pen design many point to as one of the best fountain pens for beginners. Kelsey had always wanted to try a Lamy fountain pen because so many people have great things to say about it, so we picked out a Lamy Safari pen and ink set with a fine nib and sent it off for her to put it to the test in today’s pen review!

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Review: In Kelsey’s Own Words

lamy safari fountain pen review
Kelsey put the Lamy Safari fountain pen to work with some Lamy Black ink.

“I have heard great things about Lamy pens from different friends in the stationery community on instagram, so I wanted to give this pen a try! My first impression is that I love the sleek design. I immediately wanted to test it out. It felt very light weight the second I picked it up, which I prefer for a pen on the go! The design feels really well thought out and stands out to me because as soon as you hold it, you can feel the grooves are made for your fingers to rest perfectly! It feels like a lightweight plastic but the metal clip feels super secure. It feels high quality. It comes with a bottle of black ink, five black cartridges, one blue cartridge AND a refillable Lamy converter.

Getting to Know the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen:

lamy safari fountain pen review, best fountain pen for beginners
The Lamy Safari fountain pen is one of the mostly highly recommended fountain pens for beginners. // Credit: @kelsey.doodles

“I prefer converters because you can play with more ink options this way. The converter is of great quality, and it was really easy to twist and fill. The pen has zero skip! And the ink doesn’t get fuzzy on tomoe river paper. Which is my favorite paper for using fountain pens. I also tested it on my 160 gsm paper from notebook therapy in my bullet journal and it doesn’t skip or get fuzzy on that paper either. I prefer a fine nib pen in most cases and I feel like the nib of this pen hits closer to an extra fine nib, but it really just glides nicely so that really makes up for it. I used the Lamy black ink bottle, which almost has a deep purple hue. It doesn’t bleed through any of the papers I listed above either. It is actually a really great basic black ink that would fit great in anyone’s collection. I think what I love the most about this pen is the value. This is such a great starter pen and I highly recommend it for the person who is just starting out in the fountain pen world. It’s a great starter kit that comes with everything! And the color options for this pen are wonderful.” -Kelsey, guest reviewer

An Overview of Today’s Fountain Pen Review: The Lamy Safari

lamy safari fountain pen review, best fountain pen for beginners
Kelsey is an avid journaler and tried the Lamy Safari out on both Tomoe River paper and her 160 gsm Notebook Therapy bullet journal paper. // Credit: @kelsey.doodles

First Impression: Love the sleek design!

Writing Experience: Lightweight, great on the go pen, zero skip, and zero bleeding on Tomoe River paper 160 gsm Notebook Therapy bullet journal paper.

Thoughts on the Pen Design: Well thought out with a fantastic ergonomic grip section (grooves designed specifically for your fingers to rest!)

Quality: High quality feel

Pen Clip: Metal clip feels super secure

Nib: Runs a little smaller than expected, but glides along smoothly.

Kelsey’s Favorite Thing About the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen? The value!

The Lamy Safari is a Great Starter Fountain Pen:

The Lamy Safari fountain pen makes it a great starter fountain pen. The Lamy Safari fountain pen and ink gift set is actually a great starter kit that comes with everything – and it’s highly recommended for anyone just starting out in the fountain pen world.

Get Your Hands on a Lamy Safari Of Your Own:

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