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Sailor Blue Ink Review & Giveaway

Sailor Blue Ink is Sailor’s everyday basic blue ink in a new package.  Formerly Sailor Jentle Blue ink came in a round-shaped 50 ml. Sailor Jentle ink glass bottle. The easily recognizable bottle had a large mouth opening and internal ink reservoir. Sailor’s new Blue ink is the same great ink, but it now comes packaged in a square 50 ml. glass bottle without an ink reservoir. There is also no reference to its Jentle ink line heritage. Regardless of your opinion on the new bottle shape or packaging, the ink is still a fantastic everyday blue color.

Sailor Blue ink is a nice true-blue color, rather than a royal blue or turquoise blue. It has some great characteristics that are mentioned below.  If you are looking for a go-to everyday blue ink for home or office use that is fountain pen safe and inexpensive, you need not look any further than a bottle of Sailor Blue ink.

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Sailor Blue Ink Review

Sailor Blue Ink Review

During our review of Sailor Blue ink, we found the following characteristics that you may find helpful when choosing your next ink color to purchase:

Testing Factors:

For our review of Sailor Blue ink, we used a J. Herbin glass dip pen on French-made Rhodia dot pad paper. The glass dip pen has a tip that is similar to a fine-medium fountain pen nib. Please note that different pens and paper may produce different results.

Bottle Sizes:

Sailor Blue ink comes in Sailor’s new 50 ml. square glass bottle. First introduced with its pigmented line of inks, the new bottle is now being used with some of Sailor’s basic colors including Sailor Blue, Black and Blue-Black ink. Pen Chalet found that the new bottle has some nice features.  The new Sailor bottle is a nice heavy weighted glass bottle that allows the ink to “float” inside its thick glass walls. This makes Sailor Blue ink’s glass bottle a great option for display. Sailor is moving towards this new bottle and shape, which is now included for its pigmented ink line, basic ink line and upcoming new Sailor Manyo ink line. The packaging is very basic and functional. The lid is a new 10-sided medium-sized lid, for easy opening.


Sailor Blue ink is a low-end inexpensive ink retailing for $12.50 for a 50 ml. size bottle, making it a very reasonable purchase.

Dry Time:

During our review of Sailor Blue ink, we found a very fast dry time of approximately 5 seconds. This quick dry time makes Sailor Blue ink an everyday option; a go-to blue ink for all purposes and functions.

Bleed Through:

Pen Chalet found absolutely zero bleeding during normal use while testing Sailor Blue ink. However, during our cotton swab test (with a large amount of concentrated ink) we did notice a very slight amount of bleed-through, but it was almost imperceptible.


During our review of Sailor Blue ink, we found no feathering using the glass dip pen on Rhodia dot pad paper.  Even during the water test, there was very little additional feathering produced using Rhodia paper.

Water Test:

During our review of Sailor Blue ink, we conducted a water test where we ran a wet cotton swab over an ink sample that had dried for about 3 minutes. The results were significant color smearing, which is reasonable for a dark non-waterproof ink, but no additional bleeding and very little noticeable feathering. The lines remained clear and legible throughout the test.


Sailor Blue ink may produce some shading under the right conditions with the right nib and penmanship.  However, writing styles and smaller nibs will produce a pretty consistent dark color line without a lot of color variation.

Conclusions About Sailor Blue ink:

Sailor Blue ink is a great basic every day blue ink. It has a very fast dry time, performs very well, is safe to use in most fountain pens and is inexpensive. The New Sailor bottle is a nice heavy weighted square bottle that may be used as an ink well after the bottle has been emptied. The presentation is basic, the blue is a basic blue color, but that’s the point of purchasing a basic by design blue ink. Great ink at a great price by a great company. Happy writing from Japan!

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Nicholas Blackwell
1 year ago

Love this

Jovan Trujillo
1 year ago

I just bought this ink! I have yet to use it though. I did not know it is the same as Sailor Jentle Blue.

Patrick E Tinney
1 year ago

I love Sailor Jentle inks, but I do not have a blue from Sailor.

1 year ago

Love sailor inks. More reviews of sailors please.

Stephanie S.
1 year ago

Spectacular blue ink! If you haven’t already reviewed it, I’d love to see a run down of the Pilot Iroshizuku: Kosumosu ink. I’m a bit intrigued by it at the moment 🙂

Scott DiGello
1 year ago

The drying time on Sailor inks are great and they still run through my fine nibs without a skip.

Geoffrey Dunn
1 year ago

Any ink by Sailor is an ink I like. This looks like a great blue to add to my collection!

Heather Burke
1 year ago

Ohh that’s nice! I love the bottle as well.

John Stein
1 year ago

I have not tried any Sailor inks, but I like this blue!

John Stein
1 year ago

I have not tried any Sailor inks, but I love this blue!

Kris Jix
1 year ago

Have you ever reviewed Sailor Ultramarine? I’m curious about that one. Definitely will try the Blue.

Colton H.
1 year ago

I’m very pleased to see a review for one of Sailor’s inks! I wasn’t aware they rebranded their Jentle line (which I thought was being discontinued entirely), so it’s nice to see this on the market. Impressive blue for the price, makes me wonder what their purple and pink look like. Maybe those would be good options for reviews? Though, maybe they’re identical to the Jentle inks. Would love to see Kyoto TAG showcased too.

Ged Alangui
1 year ago

I love blue ink. Most of my inks are blue. This one by Sailor has quite a nice soft blue shade. I like its bottle! My fave blue now is Baltic Memories by KWZ.

Ashutosh Thakur
1 year ago

What a beautiful shade of blue!

Roy C
1 year ago

I like the new bottle style

1 year ago

Looks like a great, basic blue. Definitely would be a great addition to my current stash. 🙂

1 year ago

Love this blue 🙂 Thank you !

1 year ago

Lovely blue

Sonny T
1 year ago

Didn’t realize there was a sheen to this.

Margot C
1 year ago

Today is Paint it Black day. Though I have several cool black like X-Feather, Sailor Kiwaguro, and a J. Herbin Perle Noire; I have yet to find an ink that dries glossy like patent leather but won’t clog up my precious pens.

1 year ago

Looks like a really great shade of blue for everyday use. I’d love to win this.

Ron Parish
1 year ago

As always, I would love for you to review some of the old ink offerings from Sheaffer, Waterman and Parker. Thank you.