Pelikan Souverän Brown-Black Fountain Pen

Introducing: Special Edition Pelikan Souverän Brown-Black

If you prefer stripes over polka-dots then Pelikan’s new special edition Souverän Brown-Black might pique your interest. Coming available in mid-October 2019, the Souverän Brown-Black is Pelikan’s newest in their collection. While Pelikan offers various Souverän pens at all times, as a part of the special edition collection the Pelikan Souverän Brown-Black Fountain Pen will only be available for a limited time.

Design of the Souverän Brown-Black

The Pelikan Souverän Brown-Black keeps up the series traditional look of a striped barrel. The combination of brown and black stripes creates a golden hue that is accented by 24K gold rings and clip.  Each writing instrument is mounted by hand and checked over to make sure that they meet Pelikan’s high standards of quality perfection.

Pelikan m800 Brown-Black Souveran Fountain Pen

Pelikan m800 Brown-Black Souveran Fountain Pen

The Souverän Series

Pelikan first launched the first iteration of the Souverän in 1950. The striped sleeve across the barrel of the pen soon became an international symbol for the brand. However, this series was not officially dubbed Souverän until the 80s. Even then, the pen incurred a different nickname–Stresemann.

Gustav Stresemann served as foreign minister of the Weimar Republic. Notably, he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in reconciling Germany and France after the events of World War I. His name became attached to the Souverän series due to his love of suits that had thin stripes decorating them.


The Souverän Brown-Black will be available as a fountain pen– all purchases will come with a beautiful gift box.

As per others in the Pelikan brand, the fountain pens will be outfitted with a differential piston mechanism. Furthermore, it will have a two-toned, 18K gold nib. The available nib sizes will be; Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad.

If you are looking for ink to go with your Souverän Brown-Black, Pelikan recommends their Edelstein Ink Onyx as a matching color.