Robert Oster GoGo Ink Bottle

Weekly Pen Chalet Ink Review & Giveaway: Meet Robert Oster GoGo Ink

This week’s Pen Chalet ink review and giveaway is a new release from Robert Oster Ink Company, Signature Ink GoGo. We just recently received our initial shipment of this new ink, sent our way by Robert Oster, prolific ink creator and all-around fun guy. We couldn’t resist the chance to review GoGo once it arrived and giving it away to this week’s lucky winner. Don’t miss your chance to enter through the link below. Good luck! Now for all the juicy details.

All About the Ink Maker: Robert Oster Signature Inks by Robert Oster

There are currently over 110 different inks in Robert Oster’s signature ink line. And they somehow continue to come up with unique, exciting colors and names, all based on the Australian color palate. Not ONLY Australian inspired, but all Robert Oster inks are also made in the land down under. Their inks are ph. balanced for easy flow. As a result, they are often the right ink choice with almost any fountain pen.

All About This Week’s Chosen Ink: Robert Oster GoGo

Robert Oster GoGo is a dusty lavender purple with a hint of gold. It’s fun and inviting. Seriously, it seems to invite you to do something interesting even when you aren’t feeling like the most interesting cat in the room. Not sure what I mean? Then you might need to check out GoGo to see how it affects you and yours. It’s dark enough to be visible while offering a lovely light shade of purple. It’s a solid choice for home or office use and is versatile enough to work for a variety of different types of projects from every day to the specialty.

** Don’t stop now keep reading for a chance to win the bottle of Robert Oster GoGo ink used for this week’s Pen Chalet Ink Review. (Or if you’re still cultivating the art of patience, scroll down to the bottom where you’ll find the link to enter this week’s giveaway).

Robert Oster GoGo Ink Review

Robert Oster GoGo Ink Review

Our review of Robert Oster GoGo ink led us to discover some excellent characteristics. Run through the list below, so you have all the info you need to make an informed purchase the next time you’re trying to choose a fountain pen ink brand or a new ink color.

Ink Review Testing Factors (just to keep things scientific):

In an effort to keep things scientific…this is where we’ll share the hows and whats of our ink review. For our review of Robert Oster GoGo ink, we used a French-made J Herbin glass dip pen on Rhodia dot pad paper. The glass dip pen’s tip is similar to a fine-medium fountain pen nib. Just a heads up – different papers and nib sizes can produce different results!

What Sort of Ink Bottle Does Robert Oster Use for their GoGo Ink?

Robert Oster Signature inks come in a standard PET environmentally friendly 50 ml. bottle with a leak-proof cap. A simple white label on each signature ink bottle identifies the color name and includes a printed sample of the ink’s color. The Robert Oster GoGo ink label is slightly different. The label does not include an actual color swatch, but the pre-printed label does include the color. The inks ship without any extra external packaging.

How Much Does Robert Oster GoGo Ink Cost?

Robert Oster’s GoGo ink retails for $17.00 in the U.S.A. The Robert Oster Shake N’ Shimmy specialty ink series retails for close to $25.00. Overall, the Robert Oster Signature inks are a mid-range priced ink. The inks are imported directly to Pen Chalet from Australia.

How Fast Does Robert Oster GoGo Fountain Pen Ink Dry?

Robert Oster GoGo had a reasonable dry time – approximately 6-7 seconds. As a result, we consider it a good choice for everyday use. (We generally recognize any dry time under 10 seconds to be reasonable for everyday use for a fountain pen ink).

Does Robert Oster GoGo Fountain Pen Ink Bleed Through?

During normal use, we saw no bleeding of Robert Oster’s GoGo fountain pen ink. We did see a slight bit of bleeding during the cotton swab test, but only at the water test’s most saturated point.

Was There Any Feathering While Using Robert Oster GoGo Ink?

During normal use, our reviewers of Robert Oster GoGo ink saw no feathering at all. During the water test, we saw some very slight feathering, but a small amount is typical for non-waterproof fountain pen inks.

How Does Robert Oster GoGo Ink Stand Up to Water?

We included a water test in the review of Robert Oster’s GoGo ink. (For the water test, we run a soaking wet cotton swab over an ink sample after letting the ink sample dry for about 3 minutes). Our water test results were typical for non-waterproof ink. There was very light color smearing (due to the lightness of the ink color), and very slight feathering. The ink held up well.

Does Robert Oster GoGo Ink Have Good Shading Traits?

Robert Oster GoGo is a gold-infused purple and has some shading traits depending on usage details. Which nib you use and your penmanship, for instance. The light, dusty purple color comes with possibilities for a darker, more vibrant purple and a few shades in between.

Pen Chalet’s Final Conclusion on Robert Oster’s GoGo Ink:

Firstly, we like the name: Robert Oster GoGo ink. GoGo is just fun to say. Possibly more importantly, Robert Oster’s GoGo ink has a bunch of excellent characteristics that you may be looking for in your next fountain pen ink! It’s got a reasonable dry time, is available at a good price, has a lovely color, and some solid shading traits. GoGo’s purple shade is beautiful. It’s a perfect choice for many everyday and specialty projects: from quick notes to handwritten letters, to journaling and fountain pen art. GoGo is a lovely, likable, soft color that is versatile and distinctive at the same time.

Robert Oster inks are imported directly from Australia. we carry one of the largest assortments of Robert Oster inks on the market today. If you’re a fan of this particular brand of fountain pen ink, look to Pen Chalet because we offer plenty of choices. Happy Writing from Australia!

Enter to Win the Bottle of GoGo ink used for this week’s Pen Chalet Ink Review:

Enter to win the actual bottle of Robert Oster GoGo ink that Pen Chalet used in this week’s ink review, click here:

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4 years ago

Love the look of this blurple!

4 years ago
Reply to  T

I probably have 80 or so bottles of ink but no Robert Oster. This is a very nice color. Win or not, I’m gonna buy a bottle of GoGo ink.

Peter Avila
3 years ago
Reply to  T

This looks like a great ink

Geoffrey Dunn
4 years ago

Any Robert Oster ink is a good ink so yes, I’d love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

4 years ago

What an interesting new color! And this is the first I’ve heard of it, and I’m always excited to see the new Robert Oster colors!
Thank you for the giveaway!

Jovan Trujillo
4 years ago

I need more purple inks in my stash

Colton H.
4 years ago

You mentioned that the ink is “gold-infused”, but I don’t quite see much of that. Maybe it’s more noticeable in person? It looks like a simple and pleasant purple, though. Most purples I see tend to be much darker, so it’s nice to see something with a more delicate color value as well.

If you are considering reviewing more East-Asian inks, please consider those from Kyoto TAG or Sailor.

John Stein
4 years ago

This ink would go well with a new transparent purple TWSBI Eco!

Cheryl Gebhart
4 years ago

Robert Oster inks are among my favorites, but I have too many to list. Some of my newest favorites are tranquility and lake of fire.

Steven Gordon
4 years ago

Oh cool, this would be a perfect addition to my collection!

Cynthia Tough
4 years ago

This looks like a lovely purple. Thank you for showcasing it in your review.

Teresa Fuhrmeister
4 years ago

I’d like to add this to my collection of inks. It looks interesting. Most of the Robert Oster inks I own or have tried are very nice

Heather Burke
4 years ago

That is a fantastic colour!

Julio Mazariegos
4 years ago

The new diamine colors look great. Thanks for the giveaway

John Fishman
4 years ago

Robert Oster doesn’t make a bad ink. Hundreds of em and they’re all good.

Stephanie D Hyatt
4 years ago

The only way I will ever have all of the R.O. inks I want/need is if I worked for him! It seems hardly a day passes that he doesn’t release a beautiful, new ink. Thanks?

Ron Parish
4 years ago

Robert Oster inks are among my favorite. Would you please review some of the old standby inks such as offerings from Waterman, Parker and Sheaffer?

Jessica Coles
4 years ago

Robert Oster purples are among my favorites. This is going to be another amazing one!

4 years ago

I definitely thought this would be completely different based on the small swatch on the website… glad you reviewed it here.

4 years ago

I definitely thought this ink would be way different based on the swatch on the penchalet site… glad you reviewed it here.

Patrick E Tinney
4 years ago

Lovely color. I do enjoy Robert Oster inks.

4 years ago

Looks good!

Ged Alangui
4 years ago

This blue purple ink reminds me of a ink shade I was fond of in high school. I don’t have purplish inks at the moment and my current fave ink is Edelstein’s Star Ruby.

Roy C
4 years ago

Perfect for my new transparent purple TWSBI Eco

June K
4 years ago

It’s gorgeous!

matthew fitzgerald
4 years ago

I like blue-purples like this better than red-purples.

4 years ago

Looks like a fun light purple

4 years ago

Purple inks are wonderful, more fun than blue for work or play.

Devon Greene
3 years ago

Great color (and a shade I don’t yet have). I’m not really drawn to red-purple-pink inks, but the favorite ink I own is Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-budo – I never expected to like it (came in one of the sets of 3), but I’ve kept a pen inked with it since I first tried it.

Patricia Lyles
3 years ago

FALL needs the colour of Direct Sun,
For my writing ink, it’s my chosen one.