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It’s Time for a FALL Fountain Pen Giveaway at Pen Chalet

If you’re having trouble getting into a FALL mood, then we have the perfect solution for you. That’s right, get ready for some Fall FUN! Of course, when I say fun, I mean a GIVEAWAY! In collaboration with the much-loved and highly revered Robert Oster Signature Inks  and Kenro we’ve put together the perfect fall combo of inks with one of the most admirable fountain pen of the season. So get ready because we’re about to inspire all sorts of autumnal vibes.

The Fall Fun Giveaway Prize Package:

We’ve got 6 Robert Oster inks included in the giveaway and they all shout FALL! Meet Aussie Gold, Plumb Nut, NG Special 16, Caffe Crema, Direct Sun, and Chartreuse. Check out the colors below, but read on for details about the fountain pen we’re pairing them with for the Fall Fun Giveaway. robert oster inks, robert oster ink, pen chalet, pen chalet giveaway, montegrappa fountain pen, montegrappa tulip for team fox, tulip for team fox fountain pen, fall giveaway from pen chalet, fall fountain pen ink colors, ink colors for fall

Pen Chalet paired this set of 6 Robert Oster inks that just ooze the essence of fall with a Montegrappa Tulip for Team Fox fountain pen. It’s the fountain pen to have for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd as both a lover of fine writing instruments and a supporter of the most worthy of causes. The #TulipforTeamFox fountain pen is dedicated to generating increased awareness of Parkinson’s Disease. In other words, take a stand and join the Pens Against Parkinson’s movement with a Tulip for Team Fox pen of your very own.

The Tulip for Team Fox pen series project was a collaboration between Montegrappa and Michael J. Fox Foundation. When Montegrappa’s longtime collaborating designer, Timothy John, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. many at the company felt the the blow and wished to do something positive in response. Montegrappa’s C.E.O. and Creative Director, Giuseppe Aquila sees the new Solitary Edition Tulip for Team Fox pens as a chance to do something good in both a personal and general sense.

In Aquila’s words, when their regular, long-time collaborator, Timothy, was diagnosed, many at the company were “deeply impacted by the news…[and saw the Tulip for Team Fox project as] a rare opportunity to raise awareness and express fraternity with a dear friend.” Montegrappa is honored to donate a portion of the proceeds of ever Tulip for Team Fox pen series purchase to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

More About the Tulip for Team Fox Pen Series:

A portion of every Tulip for Team Fox pen sale benefits the Michael J. Fox Foundation to accelerate research for a cure. We love that you’re interested in hearing more about the gorgeous pens and the fantastic cause they support. A lot of you have been in touch to ask about the Tulip for Team Fox pen series, for instance. Whether you’ve already claimed your own Tulip for Team Fox or you’re still mulling over your purchase, you can enter to win the Fall FUN Giveaway today!

6 Robert Oster Inks + Montegrappa Tulip for Team Fox Fountain Pen = Enviable Fall Fountain Pen Love Affair

Many thanks to Kenro for donating one of the lovely and meaningful Tulip for Team Fox fountain pens for us to review and include in this giveaway. Another thank you to Robert Oster Signature Inks for always having the perfect ink to answer every fountain pen ink question. And in this particular instance, thanks for being spot on with plenty of inks to inspire us for FALL! We’re big fans of Robert Oster inks. We adore the way they work with Montegrappa’s lovely #TulipforTeamFox fountain pen to bring the perfect fall vibe alive, for instance. You can enter to win this spot on fall combo by clicking the link below. It’s easy! For example, you can enter to win by leaving a comment, following one of our accounts, joining our email list, etc. But you can get the full list of entry opportunities by clicking the link to the giveaway. Don’t delay, the giveaway ends on October 8th, 2019. Good luck to everyone!❤️

Enter to Win the Fall Fun Giveaway:

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188 thoughts on “It’s Time for a FALL Fountain Pen Giveaway at Pen Chalet

    1. DAWN E TACK

      I usually like golds, oranges and reds for Fall, but I’m really drawn to Fizzy Lime and Terra Austrails as excellent Fall colors this year.

  1. Michael

    Great giveaway! The Direct Sun ink though is the only one I’m interested in. My eyes definitely couldn’t handle the yellow.

  2. Geoffrey Dunn

    WOW!!!! Spectacular giveaway @penchalet. This would make my year never mind my day. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this inkcredible prize!

  3. RobH

    The NG Special 16 looks like a colour that really reflects what we can see up in northern New England. It’s great!

  4. Henry Scott

    I love the NG Special 16 and the Aussie Gold. Those are the colors that I dream the leaves will turn, rather than a brown mush.

  5. Jovan Trujillo

    I remember hearing on the Pen Addict podcast about this pen and how Ron wanted them to promote it. Lots of charity going on in that PodCast which is nice to hear. From the little I have read Parkinson’s disease research is also useful for a number of other neurological illnesses. I’ve read about progress in Parkinson’s being applicable to Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as well. Nice to see this pen in the giveaway, it would be way outside of my budget otherwise.

  6. John Buck

    Whoa…those are fantastic colors. Both in the pen and especially in the ink. Just my style and winning would save me from having to buy the ones I don’t already have.

  7. Alison Greene

    Direct Sun has been a favorite ink for a long time–there’s no red-orange like it. And now Chartreuse is a new favorite!

  8. Eva

    I’m such a fall-fan. This is a gorgeous set!! Great giveaway that anyone would be lucky to win. Hopefully me, though!!

    1. Eva

      Totally forgot to mention – Caffe Crema is my favorite here. Just finished my Herbin Cafe des Iles today, so I’m looking for a new coffee-inspired ink!

  9. June K

    It’s such a pretty fall palette that is matching perfectly with a great fountain pen! I would love to win this giveaway!

  10. matthew fitzgerald

    looking forward to winning and using this pen all these inks for my inktober2019 submissions

  11. Mark Nelson

    Great giveaway. My brother had Parkinson’s so I feel close to this one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. Stephanie S.

    Hmm… a gorgeous pen I could only dream about and six warm ink colors to counter a chilly October… what’s not to love about this amazing giveaway?! Thanks for the chance at it! :^]

  13. eric aycock

    I really like the Caffe Crema! This is such a great partnership for such a good cause! Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  14. Faye

    What an exciting and amazing giveaway! Fall is my favorite season and the color combo + pen = magic indeed!
    I’ve been eyeing Aussie Gold for some time and have heard amazing things about NG Special 16! THe Plumb Nut and Direct Sun are calling out to me! <3

  15. Rachel

    I think that Plumb Nut is my favorite it has all the dusky, muted tones that remind me of dusk and twilight before the sun sets in the Fall. Can’t wait to try that out!

  16. Sara Hagen

    I really like Aussie gold. Already have Cafe Crema but can always use more. The Tulip pen looks great too.

  17. Panagiotis Georgopoulos

    The Aussie Gold is closest to the color of the leaves around my place… Here leaves just turn yellow, not orange or red.

  18. CsfPhotoEdits

    Thanks for the sweet giveaway! Cafe Crema has the beat Fall vibes for me, has me craving some coffee already!

  19. Julio Mazariegos

    For me Coffe Crema is the one. Thanks for such an amazing collaboration for a good cause.

  20. Eugen Lang

    I love and miss fall in south Germany, all the colours on tge trees, best weather to take walks and get inspired and these inks can definitely help put your inspirations on paper. Now i am just sweating 24/7 365 in indonesia hahaha, could be worst tho.

  21. Michael Whitesides

    This is such an awesome thing for all of you to do. As someone whose family has been devastated by this horrendous disease *my father died after a 16 year fight with Parkinson’s), I am deeply touched and grateful.

    As to which RO ink speaks fall most to me, several of the orange inks, particularly Fire on Fire and Red-Orange.

  22. Annie

    Great giveaway! I love FALL! I think they all have the Fall vibes, but in particularly “Direct Sun.”

    Thank you!

  23. Willis B

    Always nice when pens match inks which match seasons in my opinions. Specially Direct Sun and fallen leaves.

  24. Scott DiGello

    I think the most autumn-like ink in the bunch would have to be Caffee Crema. You can practically hear the crunch of the fallen leaves under foot when looking at that color.

  25. Teresa Fuhrmeister

    Nice picks, these are beautiful. Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. I would surely have an inky good autumn celebration with this set.

  26. Jose C Azurdia

    I think Caffe Crema and Ng special 16 just represent the most beautiful colors in fall.

  27. Jose C Azurdia

    I think that with Caffe Crema, Chartreuse and Ng special 16 you can cover all your writing needs for fall!

  28. Gini Cooper

    What a beautiful combo of pen and ink! This is especially meaningful for me because i just lost a dear friend to Parkinson’s. Thanks on all levels.

  29. Linda Mah

    Nice post! And great giveaway. So hard to choose a favorite of those inks but I think I’d choose the NG Special 16.

  30. Tejashree Kulkarni

    Great giveaway. The autumn colours look gorgeous especially “Direct Sun”! Thank you!

  31. Beth Rhodes

    Fabulous giveaway, thank you! Love Robert Oster Signature Inks, and these are such a beautiful combo, and with that pen! <3

  32. Meghan H.

    Direct Sun looks like the EXACT shade of the beautiful Red Maples that are turning in my yard here in beautiful West Virginia!!

  33. Dan T Clague

    Hard to imagine a better representation of the Autumn pallette than this set of colors. Tha ks for the giveaway!

  34. Alison McManus

    I would most want to journal in Caffe Crema. (Chartreuse gives me more of a spring vibe)
    I have been the sole caregiver of my parents for the last 10 years,who both had/have Parkinson’s Disease (Mom passed last year at age 89; Dad is almost 91). We all appreciate the hard work Michael J. Fox has done to bring attention to Parkinsons. The beautiful pen definitely has autumn vibes, but it is way too expensive for my budget. If there was a more affordable version, I would constantly give it as a gift to family & friends. ✒

  35. Heather Cyre

    The Aussie Gold, Chartreuse, and Plum Nut are just heavenly fall colors!! What a wonderfully seasonal giveaway opportunity!

  36. Angie P

    Direct Sun makes me think of fall the most. It reminds me of the leaves of the beautiful Japanese maple that I have in my yard.

  37. Grof

    NG special 16 looks like fall in Canada. It looks like maple leaves on a fall morning.. Love the color!!

  38. Elspeth Emery

    I like Direct Sun for a “Fall Vibe”. The fallen leaves from my Japanese Maple are the color of the swatch!

  39. Orchidhunter

    The Aussie Gold, together with Great Southern Ocean, give me the fall vibes I’m looking for.

  40. David

    I have an Autumn Ash that pulls out all these colors.. but I think my favorite would have to be the NG Special 16. LOVE orange leaves!

  41. Joanie Jenniges

    Fall is my favorite season and this gorgeous palette represents it well. I’m especially drawn to the Aussie Gold and Direct Sun. The Tulip for Team Fox pen, aside from being beautiful, is a great way for Montegrappa to bring awareness to the Michael J. Fox Foundation in support of their friend and colleague.

  42. Colton H.

    Caffe Crema and Aussie Gold bring to mind Fall the most for me. What an incredible prize package! An oddly alluring pen as well, seeing as I’m usually interested in moodier pen designs. The details on the nib end are gorgeous.

  43. Patrick E Tinney

    I love the idea of a pen supporting the Michael J. Fox Foundation. I read their emails every day.

    Unfortunately for an unspoken reason.

  44. Aleksander N.

    OMG! What a beautiful set of colors! Love the Cafe Crema and Aussie Gold especially! Just WOW!

  45. Sharon A.

    Awesome Fall colors. I like Direct Sun, Aussie Gold and NG Special 16. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  46. Phil Morgan

    I love the look of all the fall colors selected, but I’m especially Jonesing the Cartreuse and the Direct Sun. Would love to try those out. Great giveaway!

  47. Robert Z

    This is a hard choice; they are distinctive and offer a varying aspect, but I am enjoying the caffe crema ink.

  48. Kimberly

    Thanks so much for your generosity. This is a gorgeous fall inspired giveaway. Wishing luck or everyone who has commented.

  49. Kit

    I love these giveaway items. The ink colors are great for Fall. I’ve been eager to try Direct Sun and Ng Special 16. Caffe Crema is one of my favorite all time inks and I’d be thrilled to have another bottle of that. As for the pen, honestly, I wish I could afford to just purchase one of the tulip pens. It’s such a worthy cause. My grandmother had Parkinson’s, and a dear friend of mine is living with it now. It’s a horrible disease and I’m eager to see a cure. Thanks for this giveaway. Lovely selections!

  50. Shiri Rokshin

    I think Grey Seas is wonderfully autumnal, but from the lineup here I am coveting Direct Sun.

  51. Kelly Wilson

    To narrow down a favorite fall color from this set of Robert Oster Inks would be like picking out your favorite kitty amongst your five – impossible! This is such a lovely representation of fall colors and each one is beautiful on it’s own! Chartreuse, Caffe Crema, Aussie Gold, Direct Sun… See what I mean?! I really want to win this one! Thanks for the great giveaway Goldspot!

  52. Ana G Csiky

    Just love all the thoughtful details that went to this pen and the amazing cause! Plus the ink palet is spot on for the season! Thank you for putting together this amazing giveaway!

  53. Stephanie Hyatt

    Here’s a bit of irony – I ordered 7 R.O samples from Pen Chalet earlier today, including these lovely fall shades: African Gold, Caffe Crema, Direct Sun, Khaki. Great minds….

  54. Ilona

    What a beautiful colors, I love to write with a fountain pen, and beautiful color ink
    Thanks so much for your generosity. This is a gorgeous fall inspired giveaway. I love the great idea of a pen supporting the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

  55. Janice Wollaber

    Fall colors are my favorite, so it’s hard for me to eliminate any of these colors. They’re all lovely. But my favorites are Direct Sun, Aussie Gold, and NG Special 16. And I also love the colors of the pen.

  56. Pauline Milner

    Plum Nut and Direct Sun have great fall vibes! Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

  57. Tracy Taylor

    The Aussie Gold feels like Autumn to me. My 18 year old who is getting a degree in creative writing, and loves to write her work out in a work book would love this! What a great prize.

  58. Tim Stotler

    I love the NG Special 16 the most. It reminds me of my favorite fall tree. When the sun hit this tree. The colors blaze like it is on fire. I love all fall colors. Thank you for this opportunity to share.

  59. Monika Zimmerman

    Great giveaway – I love fall and all the fall colors. I have 12 bottles of RO ink and would love to add to my collection!

  60. Daniela S.

    I’m so excited for this raffle. Robert Oster inks are the best! I wonder if eventually they’ll come up with a “pumpkin spice” ink. After all, without it it’s not officially fall! LOL

  61. Jeremy Van Staalduinen

    This is a very nice color combination that works well with the Tulip theme, and a portion of the proceeds goes towards finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease is very awesome. I lost an aunt to ALS, which is similar to Parkinson’s, and finding a cure would be amazing so no one else has to lose a loved one to these diseases anymore. I would love to own this amazing pen.

  62. Melissa Krause

    Wow, I just love it ALL!! The fall is such an amazingly beautiful time. I love the golds, oranges, greens, browns. It’s all fantastic!‍♀️‍♀️. Thanks for the chance.

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