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Noodlers Apache Sunset Ink Review

Noodlers Apache Sunset Ink, one of the hottest inks of the past year and a half has been Noodlers top selling ink color. In Noodlers massive collection of ink colors, pen enthusiasts and novices alike have probably heard of this color and its characteristics. Pen lovers and past reviews have indicated its orange, yellow, red tint and exceptional shading characteristics makes it a must have ink in any collection. Interestingly enough when we reviewed this ink, our pen, paper, etc. produced a yellow based orange color. In order to get the best color/shading characteristics out of this ink a broad, stub or music type nib should be used. Similar in color to Noodlers Habanero, this ink is widely popular and will continue to be a best seller at Pen Chalet for years to come.

Noodlers Apache Sunset Ink

Noodlers Apache Sunset Ink

Our testing has produced the following results, that we hope you find useful.

Testing Factors

Using a J. Herbin glass dip pen with an extra fine point and Rhodia Bloc N. 18 paper, produced the results described below.

Bottle Sizes

Noodlers Apache Sunset ink comes in Noodlers standard 3 oz. sized glass bottle, which is completely full to the brim. Like all Noodlers fountain pen inks, this is one of the best values of ink that money can buy. The bottle itself is a standard rectangle, without any artistic characteristics, which helps keeps the costs down.


Noodlers Apache Sunset ink, cost a very affordable $12.50 for a large 3 oz. bottle, which equates to over 88 ml., making this 100% American made ink is a great value.

Dry Time

The dry time we experienced using Noodlers Apache Sunset ink was a quick 4-5 seconds. Using a larger sized nib you can expect the dry time to be longer.

Bleed Through

We did not experience any bleeding using the J. Herbin glass dip pen, but there was some substantial bleeding using the wettest of the cotton swab on Rhodia N. 18 paper. However, remember how often will you be writing with a cotton swab? Normal writing with the extra fine type nib produced zero bleeding.


We did not experience any feathering using the dip pen, however a very slight ink feathering was observed with the cotton swap writing at its wettest point. During the water test feathering was experienced as well.

Water Test

After a 3 minute dry time, we ran a full wet cotton swab over Noodlers Apache Sunset ink sample, which produced some feathering, smearing and running of color. This is not waterproof ink.


This ink produce some nice shading and color variations. With larger sized flex, calligraphy type nibs, this ink should produce substantial shading and color changes.

Conclusion about the Noodlers Apache Sunset Ink

As with most Noodlers inks, good value, nice color, great shading, minimal bleeding, etc. The color is might not be an everyday color one uses, but is definitely a fun vibrant color shade that is fun to use and enjoy. Noodlers Apache Sunset is a great orange fountain pen ink option for your collection and fountain pen use.