Jinhao Pen Company

Introducing the Jinhao Pen Company!

Pen Chalet is happy to announce that we now carry the Jinhao pen company.  Pen Chalet’s expansion to the Jinhao writing instruments becomes our 45th brand that we offer.  Our goal in offering this unique Chinese brand of writing instruments is to hopefully introduce many new people to the world of fountain pens that may not have been willing to spend what it takes to purchase an entry level European, American or Japanese fine writing instruments.

Jinhao pen company was established in 1988 and initially headquartered in the Jiangxi Provience of China, but moved in 2003 to the large metropolitan city of Shanghai.  Jinhao attempts to combine traditional Chinese culture with Western features in each of its pen designs.  Jinhao America, which is the new official distributor for Jinhao pen company is currently offering its retailers, a limited selection of writing instruments, which we hope will expand greatly over the years.

Jinhao’s goal is to provide a quality, professionally crafted and designed pen using the best materials and ever-advancing pen making talents to produce an excellent yet affordable writing instrument.

Pen Chalet is an authorized dealer of Jinhao pens, which we are happy to offer to our customers, where they can purchase multiple styles and colors at a fraction of the cost of most other pen brands.  Pen Chalet doesn’t intend for the Jinhao pen company or other any of the economical brands we carry to replace or supersede our other brands, but carrying economical brands such as Jinhao and Nemosine is meant to be a complement the pen novice and collector alike allowing him or her to experiment with different inks, nib exploration and styles of pens without breaking the bank.

Pen Chalet is currently offering the following Jinhao pen styles, all of which come with an ink converter and are available in a variety of colors each with a medium steel nib, except for the Jinhao 799 series which comes with an 18K gold plated steel nib.

Each Jinhao fountain pen, many of which cost less than $10.00, comes in a basic no frills clear plastic protective case.   We hope you pick up a number of these inexpensive fun pens, which hopefully will allow your passion for writing to continue on.

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7 years ago

You should consider carrying the Jinhao 159 fountain pen. They come in a variety of colors and either silvertone or goldtone accents and are the best of the Jinhao line.