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Sailor Four Seasons Jentle Ink: 8 New Colors

Sailor Pen Company has officially announced the release date for its newest 8 colors of their Sailor Four Season Jentle Inks. These new ink colors combine with the current 8 colors Sailor offers in its Four Seasons series, making a total of 16 fabulous colors, four for each season of the year.

Sailor Four Seasons Jentle Ink

Sailor Four Seasons Jentle Ink

Sailor will be making these new fountain pen inks available in the United States starting on October 14, but will be only available in limited quantities through the end of 2016. Pen Chalet will be carrying all colors of the new Sailor Four Seasons Jentle Ink, the original 8 Four Seasons colors and in October the additional 8 new colors. Sailor Jentle Four Season inks come in a 50 ml bottle with an internal inkwell and retail for $18.00.

The 8 new Sailor Four Seasons Jentle Ink colors are:

  • Spring Colors:
    • Waka-Uguisu (Green)
    • Sakura-Mori (pink)
  • Summer Colors:
    • Fuji Musume (purple)
    • Rikyu-Cha (green-brown)
  • Autumn Colors:
    • Kin-Mokusei (yellow-gold)
    • Chu-Shu (grey)
  • Winter Colors:
    • Irori (red)
    • Yuki-Akari (light blue)

The original 8 Sailor Four Season ink colors that will be still offered for sale at Pen Chalet are:

  • Doyou (dark brown)
  • Miruai (dark blue/green)
  • Nioi-sumire (light violet)
  • Oku-yama (dark red/burgundy)
  • Shigure (dark purple)
  • Souten (sky blue)
  • Tokiwa-matsu (pine green)
  • Yama-dori (teal blue)

These new Sailor Four Season inks will be sure to sell out. We suggest that you order your new ink color as soon as possible.

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Ashley Mince
6 years ago

Do you know if these new inks will be complementing the existing ones or whether they will be replacing them?

Thank you,