Visconti Pen Company

Visconti Purple Ink Review

Visconti Purple Ink is one of this Italian pen company’s few ink color options. Unlike some ink companies which produce a multitude of ink colors, shades and variations of a certain color, Visconti only produces 7 colors of ink, all of which are pretty basic standard colors. However, Visconti Purple ink is anything but basic. It is a bright and vivid hue of purple. This is not a dark, muted or light shade of purple, but a true brilliant purple color that will be fun and energizing to use for all purple ink lovers.

Visconti Purple Ink

Visconti Purple Ink

Visconti Purple ink characteristics that you may find helpful are as follows:

Testing Factors

We used a glass dip pen, produced by J. Herbin pen company on Rhodia Block N. 18 paper for this review. The dip pen is comparable to using an extra fine nib.

Bottle Sizes

Visconti ink comes in 40 ml. sized bottle. Although the bottle itself is very unique and distinctive, with its pedestal shape, narrow mid section and large top that makes this ink bottle a work of art and beautiful to display, it is made out of plastic and not glass. The ink bottle also comes in a plastic case, which you need to be careful as it may not always stay closed when picking it up from the top. The good news is that if the outside case comes apart and the bottle drops, its made from plastic.


Visconti ink, which is made in Italy, is a mid range priced ink and retails for $17.50 for the 40 ml. sized bottle

Dry Time

While using the J. Herbin Glass dip pen, we experienced a dry time of about 6 seconds. After the ink had dried, there is no smudging experienced.

Bleed Through

Using the Rhodia Bloc N. 18 paper, we experienced no bleed through at all. The swab test with three swabs in a row, did not produce any bleed through.


The Visconti Purple ink produced very clean, distinct lines with no feathering at all on the Rhodia Paper. During the water test, this ink did feather somewhat.

Water Test

We conducted a water test, where we used a wet cotton swab over the Visconti Purple ink, after letting it dry for 3 minutes. This test resulted in feathering and some smearing and smudging. Therefore, this ink is not waterproof or water resistant.


This shade of Visconti ink seems to produce some perceptible shading, especially with the cotton swabs, but not much using the J. Herbin Glass dip pen.

Overall Details about the Visconti Purple Ink

For those that love the Visconti brand and purple ink, this is a must have. There are not many Visconti ink colors to choose from and thus Visconti made sure that they produced a memorable purple color. The value is ok, not great not terribly unreasonable. The bottle size is smaller than other imported ink brands that offer a 50 ml. or 80 ml. bottle size, but the shape, look and functionality of this bottle makes up for the lost 10 ml.