Sailor Pen Company

North American Exclusive Sailor 1911 Anchor Gray Fountain Pen

Sailor Pen Company has just announced their second North American Exclusive 1911 Fountain pen, the Sailor 1911 Anchor Gray. This new exclusive color for American retailers comes just after the enormous success of the Sailor 1911 Fresca Blue.

Sailor 1911 Anchor Gray Fountain Pen

Sailor 1911 Anchor Gray

This new Anchor Gray color comes in both the Sailor 1911 standard fountain pen and Sailor 1911 large fountain pen. The exclusive color is a light grey color with chrome trim, clip and band. The Sailor 1911 Anchor Gray large fountain pen comes with a 21K rhodium plated gold nib and retails for $360.00. The standard size Sailor Anchor Gray version comes with a 14K gold rhodium plated nib and retails for $245.00.

Fortunately, Sailor is releasing these new American exclusive pens in all seven of Sailors wonderful and renowned nib options. Select from extra fine, fine, medium fine, medium, broad, zoom and music. Both the standard and large versions of the pen have a cartridge-converter fill system.

We fully expect that the new Sailor 1911 Anchor Gray fountain pen will outsell the extremely popular Fresca Blue color. As before, order your 1911 Anchor Gray immediately to ensure there is no delay receiving your pen. Our distributor’s first shipment will be limited so these pens will not last long.

Pen Chalet has ordered a full complement of the new Anchor Gray fountain pen in all 7 nib sizes. Once our initial shipment has sold out we will be waiting for our distributor to receive their next shipment before we can fulfill any new orders. These pens will sell fast as customers from all over the world, including Europe and Japan will want to get their hands on this exclusively American release fountain pen. Foreign retailers can’t order and sell this pen, which makes the pen that more exclusive throughout the world.

Pen Chalet is taking orders immediately for this new fantastic 1911 fountain pen, one of the more iconic and recognizable fountain pens on the market today. Pen Chalet is offering these fantastic exclusive pens for 20% off its full retail value. Order today at Pen Chalet!