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Kaweco Blue-Black Ink Review & Giveaway!

Kaweco Blue-Black Ink: German Pen Company, Kaweco, is known for its compact, distinctive yet functional Al-Sport and Classic Sport fountain pens used by officers in during World War II. However, Kaweco makes some wonderful fountain pen ink as well. Kaweco ink colors are basic colors such as red, blue, orange, green, purple, black and turquoise, but the ink’s characteristics and colors are above average for sure.

Kaweco Blue-Black Ink Bottle

Kaweco Blue-Black Ink Bottle

Kaweco Blue-Black ink does not disappoint. There are a variety of shades of blue-black ink on the market that each have their own appeal. Sailor Sei Boku ink has more of a blue shade as Platinum Blue-Black is even lighter. Lamy Blue-Black ink is a bit darker and more of a true blue black color. Two of the best blue-black inks that show a dark blue color is Aurora Blue-Black ink and Kaweco Blue-Black ink. Both of these inks combine blue and black into a functional every day use color. Kaweco Blue-Black is a mid-priced imported German ink that you will enjoy.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of Kaweco Blue-Black ink we used for this review.

Kaweco Blue-Black ink

Kaweco Blue-Black ink

While testing Kaweco Blue-Black ink, we noticed the following characteristics that you may find helpful:

Testing Factors

During this review we used French made Rhodia bloc paper with a J. Herbin glass dip pen. The dip pen tip is equivalent to a fine fountain pen nib.

Bottle Sizes

Kaweco Blue-Black ink is available in only one size, a 30 ml. glass bottle. The bottle itself is functional as it allows for the user to collect every last drop of ink contained therein by placing the bottle on its side.


Kaweco Blue-Black ink costs $16.00 for a 30 ml. glass bottle, making it a mid ranged priced ink.

Dry Time

One of the great features of Kaweco Blue-Black ink is its quick dry time. Using the glass dip pen with its fine tip, we noticed a very fast 2-3 second dry time. This is unusually fast for a dark color, making Kaweco Blue-Black ink a practicable option for all purposes, including home and office use.

Bleed Through

Another characteristic we have noticed with Kaweco ink is there is absolutely no bleeding, even during the cotton swab test.


We did not experience any feathering while using Kaweco Blue-Black ink during normal use. Even during the water test, we only noticed very slight feathering at its wettest points. Most of the ink sample remained clear and distinct even during the water test.

Water Test

Although Kaweco Blue-Black ink is not a waterproof ink, it held up exceptionally, well under the water test. There was only slight color bleeding, not much feathering and no additional bleeding during the test.


Kaweco Blue-Black ink produces some above-average shading, with its very dark blue color combined with a lighter grey blue color when used with a lighter stroke. Used with a fine nib however, such as the glass dip pen, you will see very little shading.

Conclusion about the Kaweco Blue-Black Ink

The color of Kaweco Blue-Black ink is super and it has a very fast dry time. The ink holds up well under water (although its not considered waterproof) and shows no feathering or color bleeding under normal use. The price is mid ranged for a 30 ml. bottle at a $16.00 retail price but with all of its other characteristics, the price is pretty reasonable for this imported German ink.

Enter to Win

Enter to win the actual bottle of Kaweco Blue-Black ink that we used in this ink review:

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6 years ago

I love how the shading on this ink!

Eric Aycock
6 years ago

This is a wonderful blue/black. I have been trying to find the perfect blue/black ink for a while now, so far the winner is Diamine but I would love to try this out and see where it falls.

Sharon Abar
6 years ago

Looks like a great blue-black. I have quite a few and would love to try this one.

6 years ago

That is a lovely color, but I’m most impressed by the dry time!

Robert Dasek
6 years ago

Kaweco inks have been on my list of well behaved inks for use at work. No bleeding or feathering on cheap office copy paper!

Jeff Skopin
6 years ago

I’m in the middle of choosing an official Blue-Black to go in my “Blue ink set” for work. My black set is settled and so is my blue-green set. I’m ready to tackle blue.

Andrew Mulnix
6 years ago

I’ve heard really good things about the Blue/Black. Would love to win this one!

Chaney Tse
6 years ago

No former experience with Kaweco inks, but I could really go for this raven color.

6 years ago

Neat ink- I have always appreciated Kaweco’s minimalist simplicity and historic charm!

6 years ago

I’d like to add water-resistant ink to my small collection. This blue-black looks nice. Thanks for a chance to win!

M. Ingibergsson
6 years ago

This looks like a very elegant and sophisticated shade.

Michael Elson
6 years ago

Love Blue Bkacks and I think Kaweco doesn’t get enough credit for its inks. I just got Summer Purple and it is wonderful.

Alicia H
6 years ago

I love the color of this in the blue black is almost an indigo color.
Looking forward to trying it!