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Platinum Blue Black Dye Ink Review

Platinum Blue Black Dye Ink is a very nice water based dye ink produced by Platinum Pen Company. Platinum has three options in its dye based ink, Black, Blue-Black and Red. The Platinum Blue Black Dye Ink is a nice dark shade of blue that can be used as your everyday ink. The color is soothing, more of a standard blue than a super dark blue-black color. This ink produces nice dark lines which makes it a great everyday fountain pen ink. Platinum Blue Black Dye Ink is a water-based dye ink, thus is not meant to be used for archival type documents, but is easier to clean your pen and produces substantially shorter dry time than the Platinum Pigmented ink.

Platinum Blue Black Dye Ink

Platinum Blue Black Dye Ink

During our review, we noticed the following features, which you may find useful:

Testing Factors

We used Rhodia Block N. 18 paper with a medium/broad sized Rohrer & Klingner glass dip pen.

Bottle Sizes

All Platinum inks, water-based dye ink, pigmented inks and black carbon ink come in a large 60 ml. glass bottle. Although Platinum’s bottle is distinctive with its curved sides, it’s not as functional as a multi-faceted bottle some other ink companies in obtaining the last drops of ink. Like all other Platinum inks, the bottle comes with internal ink reservoir to help the writer access all of the ink, even when the bottle is running low.


All of Platinum fountain pen inks sell for a reasonable price including the like this blue black water-based dye ink, as well as their Carbon Black and Pigmented inks. The large capacity of this Japanese imported ink, for a reasonable price, makes this a very popular ink with our customers at Pen Chalet.

Dry Time

With the large glass tipped Rohrer & Klingner pen, which allows a large amount of ink to cling to the nib, makes dark wet lines, which dry’s pretty fast at approximately 10 seconds. With a smaller sized nib, the dry time has been within 5 seconds.

Bleed Through

Absolutely zero bleeding was noticed when using Platinum Blue Black Dye Ink on Rhodia paper. This is an exceptional water-based dye ink.


No feathering was apparent using this ink during regular use. However, when conducting the water test, being a water-based ink, feathering was noticeable.

Water Test

When running a wet cotton swab over sample ink lines after waiting three minutes for the ink to dry, produced slight feathering and smearing. However, compared with many other types of ink that we have reviewed, Platinum Blue Black Dye Ink fared quite well, especially for water-based dye ink.


Platinum Blue Black Dye Ink produces nice color variation and shading. Being a blue black ink, it has a nice dark line when higher pressure or nib variations are used, with a softer blue line with lighter pressure.

Conlcusion about the Platinum Blue Black Dye Ink

Overall, Platinum’s Blue-Black water-based dye ink is a very good overall ink, reasonably priced, nice blue color, easy to clean and can be used as an everyday go to blue fountain pen ink.