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Sailor Sei Boku Pigmented Ink Review

Sailor Sei Boku Pigmented Ink is one of Sailor ink company’s two standard pigmented ink colors, which is blue black in color, along with Sailor Kiwa Guro which is a black ink. Sailor Sei Boku has been a popular pigmented ink at Pen Chalet, known for being water resistant, archival quality ink that is both light and heat resistant as well. This Japanese manufactured ink is a great blue-black color, that may produce distinct color variations. Sailor has also recently introduced it’s Storia ink line of 8 pigmented ink colors, but none of those inks replicate the Sei Boku or Kiwa Guro standard pigmented ink colors which continue to be many pen enthusiasts favorite pigmented ink.

Sailor Sei Boku Pigmented Ink

Sailor Sei Boku Pigmented Ink

The following features were found when we tested this Sailor Sei Boku Pigmented ink, which you may find useful:

Testing Factors

We used a Rohrer & Klingner Glass dip pen, which replicates a medium to broad nib on Rhodia Block N. 18 paper.

Bottle Sizes

Both of the sailor Pigmented ink colors, Sei Boku and Kiwa Guro, as well as all of the Sailor Jentle Ink colors, come in Sailor’s standard round large 50 ml glass bottle. The large lid and opening allows for all pen sizes to fit, along with its flat angled sides allow for the bottle to rest on its side to gather all last drops of ink. As with all other Sailor ink, the Sailor Sei Boku Pigmented ink comes with an interior built in reservoir allowing the user to tip the bottle upside down, when the lid is on to placing ink in the reservoir to fill your pen.


The Sei Boku Pigmented ink retails for $24.00, which is a good value considering the Sailor Storia ink, which comes in a 30 ml bottle also retails for $24.00. The downside is that Sailor has only produced two colors, the black Kiwa Guro and the blue-black Sei Boku. For more color options try the Sailor Storia pigmented ink.

Dry Time

Using the large dip pen, which allowed for a large amount of this pigmented ink to cling to the glass nib, producing dark wet lines, took a long time to dry. Using a smaller nib the dry time is expected to be substantially less. The dry time we experienced with the Rohrer & Klingner dip pen was about 25 second.

Bleed Through

We saw only minimal bleed through, and what minimal amount experienced was with the heavily saturated cotton swab lines. Normal writing produced zero bleeding on the Rhodia Bloc N. 18 paper.


The Sei Boku Pigmented ink produced crisp, distinct lines with zero feathering.

Water Test

This pigmented ink is know for being waterproof, but due to the large dip pen used with wet lines, having only a 3 minute dry time produced a very slight color residue when a wet cotton swab was run over the ink lines. We would thus call this ink absolutely water resistant and most likely waterproof with a longer dry time.


There was some nice shading, showing off the beautiful blue color with dark shades where the black tones came out. The Sailor Sei Boku Pigmented ink is a very nice color ink.

Conclusion about the Sailor Sei Boku Pigmented Ink

As for pigmented inks, we would suggest this is one of the top colors and ink on the market today. It has the color that can be used on an everyday basis, plus is water resistant and archival quality. However, like any pigmented ink, proper care for cleaning your pen should be exercised when using this or any pigmented ink. Good value for this imported Japanese pigmented ink, with a large sized functional glass bottle.