Robert Oster Thunderstom Ink Bottle

Robert Oster Thunderstorm Ink

Robert Oster Thunderstorm Ink is a fairly new ink color released in 2018 by the Robert Oster Ink Company. Each Robert Oster ink color originates from Australia’s vast and diverse world of color that this amazing continent produces. Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink has come out at the perfect time of year as Pen Chalet, located in the great state of Arizona, is in the midst of its own annual monsoon season/ These storms produce amazing dust storms and violent but quick lightning and thunderstorms, just like Australia. A typical thunderstorm turns the sky a deep dark blue-black color, with streaks of lightning brightening the horizon in a flash for a fraction of a second. Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink is similar color to a typical thunderstorm on the horizon with it’s very dark blue-black color. The ink also shades to a flash of a brighter color as well.

Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink is darker than most blue-black colors we have reviewed such as Lamy blue-black, Kaweco blue-black and Platinum blue-black. Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink is as dark as Aurora blue-black ink, but has more of a grey tint color. Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink, with its dark color and great characteristics discussed below may just become your everyday blue-black color for use at home or in the office.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink we used for this review.

Robert Oster Thunderstorm Ink Review

Robert Oster Thunderstorm Ink Review

During our review of Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink we found the following traits, which you may find helpful when choosing your next ink color:

Testing Factors

We used a French manufactured J. Herbin glass dip pen on Rhodia dot pad paper for our review of Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink. The glass dip pen has a tip that is similar to a fine fountain pen nib.

Bottle Sizes

Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink comes in a standard 50 ml. environmentally friendly plastic bottle. Each bottle has a Robert Oster Signature ink label on the side with a second white label on the lid with the printed name of the ink color and a small color swab using the actual ink. The lid is an easy to open ribbed lid, which although small is large enough for any sized fountain pen nib.


Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink is imported directly from Australia and retails for $17.00. Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink is therefore a mid priced ink option and a reasonable value as it is being imported from the land down under.

Dry Time

Surprisingly, we found a super quick dry time of 3-4 seconds during our review of Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink. Obviously, the paper and pen used in addition to your writing style may produce different results.

Bleed Through

We found no bleeding during our review of Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink. However, due to its dark color, we did notice some slight color show through, but no actual ink bleeding using Rhodia paper.


Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink showed no feathering during normal use with the glass dip pen on Rhodia paper. During our water test, at the wettest portions of the test, water did cause the top lines of the test to distort and feather.

Water Test

Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink is not waterproof. However it held up reasonably well except for the wettest portions of the test. There was significant color smearing, which is to be expected with a dark colored non-waterproof ink, but the lines remained quite legible for the majority of the water test.


We found that Robert Oster Thunderstorm ink will produce some shading with the right pen and penmanship. The majority of the lines show up very dark, but then a slight lighter blue ink variation will show up periodically, which makes for a very nice contrast.

Conclusion about the Robert Oster Thunderstorm Ink

Robert Oster Thunderstorm is a great blue-black ink. It dries super fast, making it a perfect everyday ink for use at home or in the office. It is probably darker than other blue-black inks you may have tried, closer to black than blue. It can shade with the right touch making the lighter streaks of blue come through in the pen stroke. Robert Oster Signature inks in general are very user friendly, they flow well and clean easily and are reasonably priced. The array of ink colors produced by Robert Oster continues to boggle the mind, as each one is unique and interesting to use. Happy writing from Australia!

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41 thoughts on “Robert Oster Thunderstorm Ink

  1. Mark Nelson

    This looks like a great color and I’ve always like the way their ink behaves in pens. Thanks for the opportunity

  2. Colton

    It’s interesting that it has such a quick dry time when it looks like it would play as more of a wet ink based on initial impressions. Nice potential for saturation variation, though.

    Would like to see more wet inks with strong variation, especially greens and blues.

  3. Rachel McNulty

    This is a really nice looking ink. I would be interested in seeing more dusty purple/grey/blue colors

  4. KarenS_923

    Robert Oster has some of my favorite in colors! I have yet to have a go-to blue-black; I wonder if this could be it?

  5. Beth Fralix

    Beautiful Colour for a blue-Black! Robert Oster does it again! God Bless & the Love of Christ to You All!!

  6. Patrick Tinney

    I have loved all things blue-black since my youth. If not peacock blue, then blue-black.

    Robert Oster Thunderstorm Ink looks like a nicer blue-black than my current fave Monteverde Ocean Noir.

  7. James McCarty

    I’m always interested in a new blue-black, and I like the dry time and water resistance of this one.

  8. Steven

    I don’t typically use a lot of blue-blacks in general, but I am leaning towards adding a sample of this to my next order – I have yet to be disappointed by a Robert Oster ink.

  9. Debra

    I absolutely adore this ink colour, and I’ve been very happy with previous RO purchases. I don’t know how he manages to produce so many amazing colours, so often, and at such a reasonable cost. Thanks for the review and the chance to win!

  10. Teresa Fuhrmeister

    Looks like another great ink from Robert Oster. They have so many unique colors. My favorite is Blue Water Ice.

  11. Brian King

    Awesome, thanks for the giveaway! This looks great and would love to try it out! Any chance you’ll be able to carry any Robert Oster Summer Storm bottles & samples soon? Thanks!

  12. Bethany

    I’m not sure why this ink appeals to me so much. It must be the name. I love thunderstorms. (Having just moved out of the hills, I miss how the thunder would echo through them.)


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