Robert Oster Shake N Shimmy Ink

The Robert Oster Limited Edition Shake ‘N’ Shimmy Ink Collection

We are committed to “shake up” the pen community this year by introducing new and exciting ink colors, brands and collections. The Robert Oster Limited Edition Shake ‘N’ Shimmy Ink, are just one of these new inks intended to liven up your fountain pens with new intriguing colors, sheening and shimmering characteristics.

Some of the new ink brands we have recently added or are adding include: Colorverse inks, made in Korea, which are out of this world; De Atramentis inks from Germany; KWZ inks from Poland and we are proud to now offer Krishna inks from India. We are delighted to offer our loyal customers these new fountain pen ink options. We hope these new inks will enable your fountain pens to come alive.

Robert Oster Shake ‘N’ Shimmy Ink

However, we have decided to really “shake” things up by partnering with the Robert Oster Ink Company from Australia to introduce their new limited edition Shake ‘N’ Shimmy ink collection. This unique new ink from Robert Oster has both shimmer particles as well as sheen properties to really make the ink stand out.

For the 2017 Holiday season, Robert Oster introduced a Holiday Shake ‘N’ Shimmy 4 pack. This ink set included 4 new “Shake ‘N’ Shimmy” colors: Red Gold, Silver Fire & Ice; Peppermint Candy and Heart of Gold. Each 4 pack comes with a 15 ml. bottle of each of the 4 Robert Oster Shake ‘N’ Shimmy holiday colors in a sealed bag and a Robert Oster blotter card. The Holiday Robert Oster Shake ‘N’ Shimmy 4 pack retails for $49.00 and a few of these 4 packs are still available.

Robert Oster Limited Edition Shake ‘N’ Shimmy Ink

Robert Oster Limited Edition Shake N Shimmy Ink

Robert Oster Limited Edition Shake N Shimmy Ink

Because of the success of the Holiday 4 pack, Robert Oster has release 6 new limited edition Shake ‘N’ Shimmy colors as well as one non limited edition color. These new inks come in the standard sized 50 ml. Robert Oster bottle and each color is sold individually. These new limited edition Shake ‘N’ Shimmy ink colors are Violet Clouds; Aussie Liquid Gold; Morning Shine; Terra Australis; Glistening Orange Rumble and Fizzy Lime. Each color is currently now are in stock but selling fast on a first come first serve basis. These inks will not last long as only a 100 bottles of each color was produced. We also have in stock the regular edition Shake ‘N’ Shimmy color, Rose Gilt Tynte. Each 50 ml. bottle of Robert Oster Shake ‘N’ Shimmy ink retails for $25.00 for both limited and regular editions.

Shimmering inks contain small flecks or partials included in the ink that glisten when the ink  dries. For this reason Robert Oster Shake ‘N’ Shimmy inks and all shimmer inks are recommended for use with dip pens or less expensive fountain pens. If you use shimmer inks in your fountain pen, it is recommended that you either dip the fountain pen or clean it after each use.

Like the Holiday 4 pack, each of the new Robert Oster Shake ‘N’ Shimmy ink colors come in a sealed bag containing one 50 ml. bottle of ink, a Robert Oster blotter card and a signed note from Robert Oster as well. Order your Robert Oster Limited Edition Shake ‘N’ Shimmy Ink soon, as this “shake up” will not last long!

Enter to Win a 7 Pack of 15ml Robert Oster Shake ‘N’ Shimmy ink

Enter below to win all 7 colors of the Robert Oster Shake ‘N’ Shimmy ink in smaller 15ml bottles.

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61 thoughts on “The Robert Oster Limited Edition Shake ‘N’ Shimmy Ink Collection

  1. Ron Parish

    Anything Rob makes is supurb. I don’t have any of the shimmering variety, but would certainly love to own some of them.

    You always ask what we want you to review, so here’s my request: old inks that are no longer being produced. I would like you to review Sheaffer’s Kings Gold.

  2. EagleLobes

    These look like there are far more shimmering bits than the J. Herbin, Diamine, and DeAtrementis combined! And in such lovely colors! Makes me want to get my sparkle on!

  3. Aditya

    Would be awesome to win these Rober Oster Inks. I haven’t tried any yet.

    One more thing. The text for tweet in Rafflecopter Giveaway widget refers to Sailor Shikiori Yozakura Ink.

  4. Rachel L

    These are beautiful colors, and I’m sure they look even better in person! It’s so hard to pick a favorite ink, but I’d say that right now, my favorite is Robert Oster Lake of Fire.

  5. Michelle Mulford

    I’m really digging the Colorverse inks, but glitter has my heart, especially Nemosine Blue Snowball Nebula.

  6. Sabrina

    I’ve ordered a couple of these inks but would love to have the whole set!

    I’d really like to see a comparative review of all the shimmer inks that are now available.

  7. Joanna

    My (current) favorites are R&K Alt-Goldgrün and Diamine Oxford Blue – love the sheen! Which is a big reason why I’d love to try some Robert Oster inks..

  8. Wesley Hall

    Right now I have been impressed with the looks of Organics Studio’s Walden Pond. The way it shines is awesome.

  9. Anna

    I didn’t know that it’s SO LIMITED. I mean 100 bottles to whole word?!?!

    Btw Colorverse inks seem to be interesting, but why they made so biiiig bottles?!?! I’d love to buy just the small one

  10. Sakshi Reddy

    RO shimmer inks offer some of the best shades I’ve seen so far. As for what I want to see reviewed, a few of latest Colorverse inks would be great!

  11. Embree Valcourt

    I have so many inks I like haha…I love reviews on the inks that haven’t had a lot of publicity yet, the new inks that the world needs to know about, that’s how I find out about them!!

  12. Erika

    Swatches are gorgeous! Robert Oster has become one of my favorite brands of ink and I love all of them. Would love to see reviews of the new Colorverse inks next!


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