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J Herbin Glass Dip Pen Review & Giveaway!

Hello again, and welcome back! We’re continuing to “shake” things up and we’re bringing you a review of a different kind of pen – a dip pen. Originating from the very beginnings of writing, dip pens have been used for centuries, if not millennia. Today we’re going to be reviewing the J Herbin Glass Dip Pen.

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J Herbin Glass Dip Pen

J Herbin Glass Dip Pen

For this review, we are taking a closer look at the J Herbin Marbleized Glass Dip Pens. However, J Herbin has a wide array of different styles and colors of dip pens. The Marbleized Glass Dip Pens are roughly 7.5 in. long, although, hand blown glass pens can vary slightly in size. Also, the pens come in three different colors: Marbleized Blue, Marbleized Red, and Marbleized Green. The body of the pen tapers from a large section behind the grip, to a narrow tail. This gives the pen more weight in the front that allows the pen to write more comfortably in the hand. Because the pens are hand blown each will be unique in size, shape and color.


J Herbin Glass Dip Pens are great for reviewing inks. One of their greatest qualities is their ease to clean. All you need is to first, run water over the glass tip, then simply dry it off. Simple and easy. Dip pens are also easy to use. You dip the glass tip into your favorite bottle of ink, and the ink is held on the tip in spiralized grooves. Then, touch the glass tip to the paper, and write as normal. Your word count per dip may vary, but you should easily be able to write multiple sentences per dip.


The question we all have on our minds now is “How does it perform?” The answer is: Quite well indeed. In this review we used the Colorverse Ink Einstein Ring. The tip gives you a little feedback due to it being made of glass. However, the pen is still a rather smooth writer. Also, you can achieve a variety of line widths based off of your writing angle. Pictured in this review are writing samples written with a 90° angle, a 20° angle, and a 45° angle. Keep in mind that you can also alter the tip using some 400 grit sandpaper.

Conclusion about the J Herbin Glass Dip Pen

Whether you are a full fledged addict, or just starting in the “hobby”, a J Herbin Glass Dip Pen is a must have for your collection. Ranging from $16.00 USD for a simple straight handled pen, to $25.20 USD for a marbleized version, there’s no excuse not to buy one. Get yours today! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and our newsletter! Comment below with your thoughts and what you think we should review next! Share this with your friends!

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J Herbin Glass Dip Pen Review

J Herbin Glass Dip Pen Review

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Andrew Mulnix

I’ve been wanting a glass pen to test out new inks!


Thanks so much for this review. I have been hankering to get one of these lovelies.

Amy R

Love the marbled look!


I bought a couple vintage dip pens that I really love, but haven’t yet gotten a glass dip pen. This one looks really cool.

matthew fitzgerald

Been looking at glass dip pens for a while, but not sure when or where I would use it. Still want one though.

Geof Dunn

This is perfect! I’ve always wanted a glass dip pen so this review has confirmed that I need to get one ASAP. Of course, winning this beauty would be the most fun! Thank you very much for the opportunity.

Sandra Gilbert

I love all colors of ink, so I just love seeing all the reviews of whats available.

Tommy Song

i gave mine away and now i miss having it


Really beautiful pen. Would love to win it. Thank you for the opportunity and for all the great videos you share with us!


I LOVE dip pens – I have many and use them more than fountain pens, but I’ve never tried a glass one. So, I’m really quite curious. I have not understood the reason to use them over traditional nibs, but maybe someday I’ll dip in to try (pun intended).

Alex ]

This looks like a really fun pen, and since inks are my jam, I’m all for a dip pen!


I have never seen a pen like this.


Very cool dip pen. A review of Monteverde California Teal would be cool.

L M English

Thanks for reviewing the glass dip pen, I’ve been thinking about buying one. Thanks for a chance to win.

Jason Schultz

Great giveaway! Thanks for the offer.

David Knapp

How does this compare to the Rohrer & Klingner glass dip pens?

Braden Nielsen

The Rohrer and Klingner Glass Dip Pens are almost identical, although they have a longer tip. The longer tip allows the Rohrer and Klingner Pens to write just a little longer between dips. The writing experience is practically the same, though. -Braden

Sara Hagen

I’d love to win this dip pen so I could write with shimmering inks!


Review anything by Colorverse!

John B

This looks like a great pen! I have a glass one, but it’s not very high quality, so winning this would be most welcome!


This is perfect timing! I was just talking with a friend about glass nibbed pens. They sound really interesting and an easy way to swatch!

Ged Alangui

Awesome review and I want it! Thanks for a chance!

Lisa Logan

I’ve heard great things about the J. Herbin glass dip pens and would love to try one. A really nice review.

Brian C

anything with great edge shading!


So perfect for testing and serial inkers like myself

john brenthon prescasiosa

always wanting this pen! great review tho!


I’m really intrigued by the glass pens. I’ve been looking at getting one to play with.

My current favourite ink is Diamine Blue Lightening.

Jingyi D.

Thank you for branching out with new reviews! I’d never really considered glass dip pens until now!


I had a couple glass pens that I lost ages ago. Would love to have this beautiful dip pen.

Sakshi Reddy

I have dip nibs and they are super convenient. I’m definitely curious about glass dip pens.

Aditya Saraf

Haven’t tried any glass dip pen yet. Want to try one.

Martine Paquin

Pretty! I always wanted one of these!

Kat Mitchel

I am so glad you reviewed this pen. I am new to fountain pens and have seen pictures of this pen in social media and was intrigued by it. My question is, can fountain pen ink be used with it or it has to be dip pen ink?




Wow, that looks (and sounds) amazing! My favourite ink is Waterman Inspired Blue.


What a beautiful pen!


Nice giveaway. Thanks!

Geoff m

Glass dip pen the one thing I don’t own yet!!


That’s a beautiful glass dip pen !


I’d love to see more reviews of the new Colorverse inks.