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Monteverde Ocean Noir Ink Review & Giveaway!

Monteverde Ocean Noir Ink is one of the newest ink colors from Monteverde Pen Company. This year 10 new “Noir” or “black” colors were introduced. Each new Monteverde “Noir” color is a combination of a vibrant ink color with a hint of black, transforming the normally vibrant color into a darker bolder ink.

The entire “noir” idea started with the popularity of blue-black inks that most ink manufacturers offer. Monteverde has taken the blue-black ink concept and redefined it by adding many different bright vibrant colors with just a hint of black ink as a combination.

Monteverde Ocean Noir ink is one of these newest Noir inks. The blue color used in Monteverde Ocean Noir ink is a fantastic true blue. With the touch of black hue the result is much lighter than other blue-black inks on the market. The other new Monteverde Noir ink colors include, Raven Noir, Coal Noir, Smoke Noir, Azure Noir, Mulberry Noir, Rose Noir, Mercurty Noir, Copper Noir and Jade Noir.

Each bottle of Monteverde Ocean Noir contains Monteverde’s ITF technology (ink treatment formula), which allows for quicker dry time, prevents against clogging and improved ink flow.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of Monteverde Ocean Noir Ink we used for this review.

Monteverde Ocean Noir Ink

Monteverde Ocean Noir Ink

Please note the following traits we found while reviewing Monteverde Ocean Noir ink that you may find helpful:

Testing Factors

We used a J. Herbin glass spiral dip pen on French made Rhodia dot pad papper for this review. The glass dip pen has a tip that is similar to a fine fountain pen nib.

Bottle Sizes

Monteverde Ocean Noir ink comes in both bottle sizes, the larger Monteverde 90 ml. ink ias well as the smaller Monteverde 30 ml. square glass bottle. The smaller size bottle allows you to test many of the new Monteverde inks being offered today, which now number over 43 ink colors, or buy a larger bottle of the colors you love.


Monteverde Ocean Noir ink is an economical ink option, with the smaller 30 ml. glass bottles retailing for only $8.00 and the larger 90 ml. glass bottle $15.00, but is available for less at Pen Chalet. Also for the month of December, Pen Chalet is offering a fantastic deal with the smaller 30 ml. glass bottles where you buy 2 and get 1 free.

Dry Time

Monteverde Ocean Noir ink has a reasonable dry time of between 8-10 seconds. Not as fast as other Monteverde inks, but we feel that anything under 10 seconds is reasonable enough to use as an every day ink.

Bleed Through

Monteverde Ocean Noir ink produces absolutely no bleeding at all on Rhodia paper, even during the ink soaked cotton swab test.


We did not experience any feathering during normal use with Monteverde Ocean Noir ink on Rhodia paper. Even during the water test, there was only a very slight feathering.

Water Test

We conducted a water test, where we let a sample of Monteverde Ocean Noir ink dry for about 3 minutes then run a wet cotton swab over the ink sample. This test produced very significant color smearing, which is to be expected with a dark non-waterproof ink, but very little feathering and line distortion and no additional bleeding.


Monteverde Ocean Noir ink will produce some shading, depending on the wetness of the ink line coming from your pen. Ocean Noir also produced a slight red sheen during the wettest point of the cotton swab test, which may be more prevalent with different types of paper.

Conclusion about the Monteverde Ocean Noir Ink

Monteverde Ocean Noir ink as well as all the new “Noir” colors Monteverde has to offer are great ink options. Ocen Noir ink is economical, has nice shading/sheening traits, and is a dark enough for home or office use. Monteverde inks in general are easy on your fountain pens and won’t clog. They are also easy to clean. With Pen Chalet’s buy two get one free event happening during the month of December, it’s the right time to pick up Monteverde Ocean Noir or any one of the other 43 Monteverde ink colors.

Enter to Win

Enter to win the actual bottle of Monteverde Ocean Noir ink that we used in this ink review:

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Sara Hagen
6 years ago

My favorite ink is Pilot Iroshizuku Tsutsuki. The ink I’d like you to review next is J. Herbin 1798 Amethyste de l’Oural.

Ged Alangui
6 years ago

Anything that’s blue I love. I’ve never tried Monteverde. I’ll be hopeful. Happy Christmas Penchalet!

Andrew J Mulnix
6 years ago

This looks like a pretty true blue

6 years ago

Thanks for the pen and ink revies that you do! They are very informative.

Randy Torres
6 years ago

Looking forward to trying this ink!

David Knapp
6 years ago

Nice review; I’ll have to try this one. As for what else to review: how about “Back Pocket” notebooks?

Cali Langley
6 years ago

I just love blue inks!

6 years ago

really nice blue

Angelina Hernandez
6 years ago

Beautiful color I would love it!

Ethan Ball
6 years ago

My favorite is Diamine Syrah

Amy R
6 years ago

This blue is beautiful!!

nergihan yeşilyurt
6 years ago

A bright blue, thanks for review.

Alexis Morelos
6 years ago

Love the darkness of this blue

Fei Alangui
6 years ago

I love blue inks, my hand writing is better when I’m using blue ink.

Fei Alangui
6 years ago

My hand writing is better when I’m using blue ink.

Luis Brudna
6 years ago

Ocean Noir Ink – nice name

Geof Dunn
6 years ago

Looks like a blue I’d like to try! How about reviewing Sailor 1911l & Realo?

6 years ago

Great blue !! I love this « noir » serie so much !

Scott DiGello
6 years ago

I would like to see a review of a dark green ink a little darker than Noodler’s Green Marine.

6 years ago

I was actually very pleasantly surprised with the Monteverde inks I ordered. I love the Noir series, but Olivine is an incredible green.

Patrick Tinney
6 years ago

Have gone through a blue-black period in my youth (1980s?) I still have a love for the basic blue-black.

I love the idea of vibrant colors with a touch of black, a shady prospect (sorry bad art pun).

I do have the Azure-noir, which rocks in one of my Creepy Noodler’s.

I would love to win the Ocean Noir, but in the mean time when I finish here I’m going for the 3 for 2 deal with Jade Noir, Mulberry Noir, and Rose Noir.

Pastor Ron Parish
6 years ago

Without question, my favorite ink is one that is no longer produced – Sheaffer’s Kings Gold. Why did Sheaffer stop making it?

6 years ago

another amazing giveaway… Thank you 🙂

Beth A. Fralix
6 years ago

Nice Blue Colour! Would love to see any purple! God Bless & Love You Bunches!!!

Richard de la Torre
6 years ago

My favorite ink is… Noodler’s anti-feather. A bit goopy,
but really really dark.

Jingyi D.
6 years ago

Nice color… I will definitely check out the other noirs too!

Joshua Montanez
6 years ago

Current favorite ink has to be noodlers ottoman rose

Brian Miller
6 years ago

That is a beautiful blue!

6 years ago

It looks delicious!

Jennifer McLean
6 years ago

I love any of the noodle’s inks, I’m in love with the bottles, as an artist I really appreciate their esthetic beauty. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity I own so few inks!

matthew fitzgerald
6 years ago

This color slots nicely between Namiki blue and Lamy blue-black.

6 years ago

Would love to see reviews of some Bungbox inks.

M. Ingibergsson
6 years ago

Sometimes the blue/blacks are just too black for me. I like the vibrancy of this colour.

Geoff M
6 years ago

Super cool to show you mean business!!