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Lamy Aion Fountain Pen Review & Giveaway!

Welcome back, and Happy Holidays! This week we’re bringing you a really exciting review and giveaway! In the spirit of the Holidays, we’ve decided to review and giveaway the newly released Lamy Aion Fountain Pen. Continue reading below for a review of a great pen, and your chance to win the Lamy Aion that we used in this review.

Lamy Aion Fountain Pen Review

Lamy Aion Fountain Pen Review


The Lamy Aion Fountain Pen is a classy looking pen. It is available in two different colors: Olivesilver and Black. The Aion has a compression fit cap, that fits snug and tight, and is able to be posted. Also, the cap comes with a sturdy clip that has just enough give to it for ease of use. The Lamy Aion’s nib is shaped slightly different from Lamy’s other fountain pens such as the Al-Star and the Safari. Although, Lamy’s traditional replacement nibs will still fit on the Aion.


The Lamy Aion Fountain Pen comes with one Lamy ink cartridge as well as a Lamy LZ26 fountain pen converter. It is an average length and measures out to be 5.6 inches, but you can post it to increase the length to 6.4 inches. Also, it is approximately half an inch in diameter, which makes the grip section comfortable to hold. The Lamy Aion weighs in $89 USD retail, and we have it on sale on our site for $71.20 USD.


The Lamy Aion Fountain Pen’s performance exceeds expectations. We used a Olivesilver Lamy Aion Fountain Pen with a Medium nib in this review. Also, we inked the pen up with Monteverde Ocean Noir. The nib was smooth, out of the box, and needed no further tuning for a pleasant writing experience. Although it was was a medium nib, the Aion laid down a thick wet line of ink. Definitely a wet writer, but your experiences may vary. All in all, a great quality pen with a pleasurable writing experience.

Conclusion about the Lamy Aion Fountain Pen

Whether you’re an avid Lamy collector, or just someone looking for the next pen that calls your name, we’d recommend taking a look at the Lamy Aion Fountain Pen. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so that you don’t miss out on any new releases or giveaways! Comment below about what you think we should review next!

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Lamy Aion Fountain Pen Review

Lamy Aion Fountain Pen Review

107 thoughts on “Lamy Aion Fountain Pen Review & Giveaway!

  1. Eric Aycock

    This is an amazing giveaway! I have wanted this pen since I saw the pre-release pictures of it months and months ago. Fingers crossed. I would like to see a review/comparison for the “Invincible” inks. Various brands of permanent or archival ink with the pros and cons and them.

  2. Joe F.

    I’ve liked Lamy’s aesthetic and quality for awhile, and while I’ve never been particularly interested in getting a 2000 or a Studio, I find myself looking at the “buy” button next to the Aion an awful lot. =)

  3. Duane Johnson

    I really like calligraphy pens and would like to see a review of the Lamy Joy Calligraphy Fountain Pens. Thank you

  4. Emily Lim

    My favorite ink is the Lamy Petrol! It’s a well behaved Ink with a beautiful dark teal color. It’s too bad I only have 1 bottle 🙁

  5. Amanda P

    I’m really looking forward to seeing reviews of the Lamy vibrant pink Al-Star and ink when they come out next year!

  6. Diana Ryman

    Really enjoy learning about different pens you review! Thanks for the chance to win this Lamy Aion!

  7. L M English

    What a beautiful pen! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway. I would like to see reviews of blue/black inks – my current fascination. Thanks!

  8. Jane Smith

    This pen is gorgeous…so sleek! After all the rave reviews, I’d love to have one for myself. Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Sandra Gilbert

    I am just getting into fountain pens and inks, so any reviews are very helpful. And that Lamy is a very nice looking pen.

  10. Liz

    I’m really excited about this pen; it looks great! I would love to see more reviews of vibrant red/orange/pink inks!

  11. Tony

    If simplicity is the new sophistication, Lamy has a hit with this pen!

    For ink reviews, I would like to learn more about inks that change color over time. I like the idea of using iron gall inks, but understand they are not safe for fountain pens.

  12. Wayne Lewis

    I’m a recent re-entrant to the fountain pen world. This pen looks lovely. I don’t have a favorite ink yet, but the Pilot Iroshizuku bottles are very pretty.

  13. Geof Dunn

    Another great review!!! I’ve been looking at this Lamy Aion since it came out and I would certainly welcome one into my small pen collection. Thank you for your generous giveaways and quality reviews! I would like to see reviews of the Sailor 1911L and Pro Gear if possible.

  14. Dan Goldman

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to see Pen Chalet review budget “disposable” fountain pens like the Thornton Office Supply pens or Zebra’s “new” disposables.

  15. Seth

    I love my Lamy Safari and would very much love to try one of their more professional looking models. There’s not a store remotely close to me to go to so I could try one out and it is a big expense for me to buy blindly. I would love this.

  16. Greg Cockburn

    These look really quite interesting, would love to get one! It would be great to see a thorough review of the Opus88 pens.

  17. Jean-Loup

    Love Lamy ! Thank you/
    For next review, what about some “classic” pelikans ? I’ve got a blue 600 and i’m very annoyed the window is so hard to see thru… :/ If I had known I would have taken another model…

  18. Patrick Tinney

    I have several Lamy Safaris and Al-stars. This is a beautiful pen and being a Lamy should write wonderfully.

  19. Laura

    I want to see more Diamine shimmer inks. I’m smitten with shimmer. Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

  20. Ged Alangui

    I have only a Safari. The Aion sounds great. What a thorough review. I’d like to match this pen with Petrol ink. Thank you for the chance. Happy holidays.

  21. Ron Parish

    Another great giveaway; I’ve lost count as to the number of times I’ve entered, but this just might be the time to win! In my opinion, Lamy sure does make great pens. I would like you to write about the best shading inks or best permanent inks. Thanks.

  22. Nardja Segui

    I love this giveaway… I have been wanting one of this pens since they came out! I’m excited about the possibilities… ❤️

  23. Jenny

    I love your store- have purchased several things and have always had amazing service. Thanks!!! As for ink, I’ve been really into Boeing old Lamy blue recently- so great.

  24. Nicolette

    I would absolutely LOVE to have a pen this beautiful!!! I don’t own any Lamy pens yet, but it’s on my way ishlist!!

  25. Beth A. Fralix

    I enjoy all your reviews especially about purple ink!! Love this Lamy Pen! God Bless & Love You Bunches!!! May you have a Blessed Merry Christmas & a Prosperous Happy New Year!!

  26. Kit Lockwood

    I’d be interested to see how this one feels in the hand. I hope I have the opportunity to try it out.

  27. Kat

    Happy Holidays!

    I am personally a great fan of Lamy. I love the Safari, Al-Star and Lx. Never tried the Aion but would think that is even better. The pen itself looks sleek, and stylish. The review is very detailed. Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. Rob

    My favourite ink at the moment is the Mont Blanc Unicef Blue. What I’d like to see you review next is some of the Robert Oster InkArt Ink.

  29. Aions and Neutrons!

    I’d love to get one that wet writing! Almost all of my pens get tweaked a little to write wetter.

  30. Devjeet Hensh

    A very interesting new design from Lamy which is more of evolution than revolution. This builds on all the good features of Lamy 2000 and Studio and adss some new features. The wide non slip grip is one of the best features.

  31. Dwayne Lively

    I’d like to see a review/comparison of the various converters the companies inflict on us. My favorite ink changes a lot. This week it’s Writing Lab Old Burgundy.

  32. Joanna

    Great review, looks really nice! I’m about to try my sample of Diamine Frosted Orchid, I think it might be a new favorite.

  33. Gos

    I Love the Lamy Pens! I still use my fathers CP1 Foutain pen (platinum/steelbrush look) from the seventies. Only the rollerball pen had to be replaced… with a black one
    But this new Aion looks very stylish!
    Will put it on my wich list

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