Robert Oster Bass Straight Ink

Robert Oster Bass Straight Ink Review & Giveaway!

Robert Oster Bass Straight Ink is a new edition in 2018 to the ever-expanding Robert Oster ink collection. Robert Oster produces wonderful ink colors in a wide variety, making any color variation you may like available. There are currently well over 100 ink choices in the Robert Oster ink collection. We are a proud supporter of Robert Oster Signature Inks as well as their Shake ‘N’ Shimmy inks which have shimmer particles added to the color.

Robert Oster Bass Straight ink is a dusty sky blue color. Blue ink is a readily accepted color that can be used at the home, office or for those unique projects, letters and journals. Robert Oster Bass Straight ink is a bit lighter than royal blue, but still shows up well on paper and has a nice soft tone that is appealing and gentle. This blue ink is not vibrant or flashy but is a somewhat muted blue that is quite beautiful. Bass Straight ink has nice saturation with other great characteristics that are common with most Robert Oster ink colors.

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Robert Oster Bass Straight ink

Robert Oster Bass Straight ink

We found the following traits during our review of Robert Oster Bass Straight ink that you may find useful:

Testing Factors

For our review we used a J. Herbin glass dip pen, which has a tip that is similar to a medium-fine fountain pen nib on Rhodia dot pad paper. A different pen and paper may produce different results.

Bottle Size

Bass Straight ink comes in Robert Oster’s standard environmentally safe 50 ml. plastic bottle, with no outer packaging. The bottles are all sealed well and have had no problems with leaking. Each bottle comes with a small white label on top of the ribbed cap which also contains a small ink swatch.


We import each Robert Oster ink bottle directly from Australia, which makes its US retail price of $17.00 quite reasonable.

Dry Time

We found a fairly normal dry time of 7-8 seconds during our review of Robert Oster Bass Straight ink. Although, there are other colors of Robert Oster ink that have a quicker dry time, 7-8 seconds is pretty standard and definitely reasonable when choosing and everyday ink color.

Bleed Through

There was no bleeding using Rhodia paper during our review of Robert Oster Bass Straight ink.


We found no feathering during normal use while testing Robert Oster Bass Straight ink. Even during our water test, we found very little additional feathering.

Water Test

During our review of Robert Oster Bass Straight ink we conducted a water test where we ran a wet cotton swab over a dried ink sample. Our results were very slight line distortion and light color smearing. Overall, Robert Oster Bass Straight ink held up quite well for a non-waterproof ink.

Shading and Sheening

Robert Oster inks are known for their great shading characteristics. Robert Oster Bass Straight ink does not disappoint. There seems to be multiple shades of blue all waiting to come out with color ranging from a darker deep Mediterranean blue to a shallow water or sky blue color as well as shades in between. Like most shading, a lot will depend on your nib size, the user and the wetness or dryness of your pen and writing style. The more ink that is laid down, the more shading can be achieved.

Conclusions about Robert Bass Straight Ink

Robert Oster Bass Straight ink is another nice blue color produced by Robert Oster. This muted dusty sky blue color has nice shading possibilities, dries reasonably fast and is sensibly priced for imported ink. Robert Oster Signature inks in general are safe for fountain pens and clean up well. If you want to try a new blue ink, our guess is that you will not be disappointed in Robert Oster Bass Straight ink. Happy Writing from Australia!

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31 thoughts on “Robert Oster Bass Straight Ink Review & Giveaway!

  1. Patrick E Tinney

    I love Robert Oster inks and I do like unique blues. Bass Straight will definitely become a future purchase.

  2. Kasza Péter

    I’m looking forward to try some Robert Oster inks, a lot of them seems really interesting.

  3. Geoffrey Dunn

    Absolutely love Robert Oster Inks and this would make a great addition to my small ink collection. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  4. Jacob Thebault-Spieker

    I’d love to see a “work ink” review! What inks are fun, but understated enough for professional environments?

  5. Geoffrey Dunn

    I love Robert Oster inks and would love to add this one to my very limited collection. Thanks for the chance.

  6. James McCarty

    This is a nice understated blue without the sparkes, bells, and whistles that afflict so many new inks these days.

  7. Colton

    A solid ink with a nice range and simple yet effective sheen. To my eyes, it’s mildly cheerful, but not excessively bright or saturated. I bet it would be a good contender for mixing with another ink, being a relatively light shade of blue. I recently mixed a darker blue ink with a bright pink, and it made a simple purple with fair texture, but reduced color range. Do you think Robert Oster inks tend to mix effectively?

    On another note, I’m interested in seeing more reviews for ‘nature’ inks with notable texture and color range.

  8. Alexis Morelos

    This is a nice aqua colored ink. It reminds me of Diamine Aqua Lagoon but a little darker.

  9. Steven

    I really really really like this blue – I hope I win, and save $17 from when I inevitably get a bottle! 🙂

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