Colorverse Wisdom of Trees Methuselah Grove Ink

Colorverse Wisdom of Trees Methuselah Grove Ink

Colorverse Ink Company continues to add new and interesting colors and new ink series.  Therifirst 4 “seasons” of ink colors have been space themed, each with both a 65 ml. and a 15 ml. ink bottle.  In a break from this space tradition, Colorverse has just released an Earth Edition, Wisdom of Trees ink.  This new ink series contains three new colors based upon various important trees here on Earth.  Speaking of trees, Colorverse states “They inspire us, comfort us, and remind us how life moves on.”  The three new colors in the Wisdom of Trees series are (i) Coast Redwood and Redwood Forest; (ii) Ginkgo Tree and Golden Leaves and (iii) Methuselah Tree and Methuselah Grove.

Historically, the Methuselah Tree, found in Inyo County in the White Mountains of Eastern California, USA was once thought to be the oldest living tree on earth at over 4,848 years old.  Older than the Pyramids in Egypt, this ancient Sequoia-Bristle Cone Pine Tree is found in the Methuselah Grove, both named after the biblical figure who lived many hundreds of years.

Colorverse Wisdom of Trees Methuselah Grove Ink comes in the smaller 15 ml. bottle and paired with Colorverse Methuselah Tree ink in the larger 65 ml. glass bottle.  Colorverse Methuselah Grove ink is a deep dark rich brown color, considered almost brown-black ink. We carries a full complement of all 4 seasons of Colorverse ink, plus their special edition colors.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of Colorverse Wisdom of Trees Methuselah Grove ink we used for this review.

Colorverse Wisdom of Trees Methuselah Grove Ink Review

Colorverse Wisdom of Trees Methuselah Grove Ink Review

During our review of Colorverse Methuselah Grove ink we found the following traits that you may find useful:

Testing Factors

During our review of Colorverse Methuselah Grove ink we used a J. Herbin glass dip pen on Rhodia dot pad paper. The dip pen is has a tip that is similar to a fine fountain pen nib.

Bottle Sizes

The Colorverse bottles are unique and interesting. With each package they always incude two bottles of ink, one large capacity 65 ml. glass bottle and a second smaller 15 ml. glass bottle. Some Colorverse series come with the same color of ink in both bottle sizes. Other ink series, such as the Earth Edition Wisdom of Trees, they come in two different complementary ink colors. Colorverse Methuselah Grove ink is the color that comes in the 15 ml. glass bottle. The 65 ml. bottle paired with it contains Colorverse Methuselah Tree ink, which is a deep red-orange color.

The Colorverse bottle is the other unique feature. They are distinctive and unique being a round bottle with a tear-drop nub on the bottom left. Both the 65 ml. and 15 ml. bottle come in the same shape just different sizes. Both bottles are well packaged and protected in one nice presentation cardboard box and come with “ink swag”.


Colorverse Methuselah Grove ink retails for $36.00, which is on the high side, but when considering each box is imported directly from Korea and it comes with two bottles of high quality ink, the price is more reasonable.

Dry Time

During our review of Colorverse Methuselah Grove ink we found a dry time of approximately 7-10 seconds, which is not too bad for a dark medium saturation ink.

Bleed Through

There was zero bleeding during our review of Colorverse Methuselah Grove ink on Rhodia dot pad paper. Even during the cotton swab test, we did not notice any ink bleed through.


During normal use we found no feathering while testing Colorverse Methuselah Grove ink. However, during our water test, we did notice some slight feathering at the wettest points of the test, which is to be expected with non-waterproof ink.

Water Test

During our review of Colorverse Methuselah Grove ink we conducted a water test letting an ink sample dry for about 3 minutes and then ran a wet cotton swab over the sample. The results of this test were typical for non-waterproof ink, quite a bit of color smearing but only slight line distortion and feathering.


During normal use with a glass dip pen, we didn’t notice much shading using Colorverse Methuselah Grove ink, which is a very dark color. But during the cotton swab test, we did see quite a bit of color variation, from dark brown-black to a lighter chocolate brown color. The ink has good shading depending on the amount of ink used.

Conclusion about Colorverse Wisdom of Trees Methuselah Grove Ink

We currently carriy a full complement of Colorverse inks in each of their 4 season series as well as their special edition collections. Colorverse inks are high quality inks that flow well, are well presented in a unique bottles. They are a bit on the expensive side of the price spectrum because you have to purchase 2 bottles together.

Colorverse Methuselah Grove ink has a nice deep dark brown color that can be used at the home or office. The complementary ink included in the same package, Methuselah Tree ink, is a deep red-orange color. Although Colorverse inks are normally “out of this world”, their new Earth Edition Wisdom of Tree series of inks are a little more grounded. We think you will love the new Wisdom of Trees inks. Happy Writing from Korea!

Enter to Win

Enter to win the actual bottle of Colorverse Wisdom of Trees Methuselah Grove Ink that we used in this ink review:

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Aaron McVicker
5 years ago

Beautiful color!

Mark Nelson
5 years ago

Colorverse, for me, wins in the packaging department every time. I, for the most part like the quality of their inks.

Andrew Mulnix
5 years ago

Interesting color

Sarah Wishnevsky
5 years ago

Colorverse has been off the chain recently. I can’t keep up!

Ron Parish
5 years ago

I would surely love to own some Colorverse ink, but it is out of my price range. Would you please look at some of the old standard inks, such as Waterman and Sheaffer?

Steven G
5 years ago

I’m a big fan of Colorverse, and I’d been curious where they were going to go with their ‘themes’ – whether they’d stick with space/science, or branch out. This is an interesting concept, and once again, a really neat color. I would like to throw this out there: because Colorverse inks are on the more expensive side, I don’t get to try as many as I’d like. When it comes to these dual-color series’, it would be awesome if samples were available – even if I had to pay a little bit more, and only got, say, 4ml of the… Read more »

5 years ago

I would like to see a review of a Takeda Jimuki Kyo No Oto ink.

Jacob Thebault-Spieker
5 years ago

I’d love to see a writeup about differences between Kaweco Bock and Kaweco Jowo nibs next!

5 years ago

Can you review some inks in the lower price ranges?

5 years ago

I love all Colorverse inks. They are very interesting and of very good quality. I really enjoy using them.

Joshua Montanez
5 years ago

Definitely digging the coloverse. Going to get me hands on more soon.

Jane S.
5 years ago

this is a great looking brown!

Scott DiGello
5 years ago

I like the water resistance of this ink.

5 years ago

Love this color! So rich, almost like a boiled down black walnut.

Marko Markolovic
5 years ago

This ink looks like a beautiful color!

Annie @JustCommonly
5 years ago

So I’m very new at this (fountain pens and ink), but I’ve already acquired a good stash of sample inks (THANKS, by the way!). However, I realized most of my inks are in the blue or green color spectrum. I’d like to see reviews on inks with good strong yellows that are easy to read. Thank you!

Will S
5 years ago

Nice ink, like the color. Hope I can get a Colorverse ink soon.

Mike Solinas
5 years ago

That one looks almost black!

5 years ago

I love this dark brown.

Logan Beck
5 years ago

Ever since I first saw Colorverse inks they have fascinated me because of their colors and themes. I sadly have not been able to try much outside of the Voyager 1 set. Every one of their inks, that I have tried, have been absolutely wonderful, and I hope to try out these as well.

Ann Hudson
5 years ago

Nice warm n fuzzy brown! Like a grizzly bear! 🙂 Love Colorverse ink!

Ann Hudson
5 years ago

Nice warm n fuzzy brown, like a grizzly bear brown! 🙂 Love Colorverse inks!

matthew fitzgerald
5 years ago

I like this bottle more than the color