Scrittura Bolognese Scribo Feel Fountain Pen

Introducing Scrittura Bolognese SCRIBO

We recently wrote a blog regarding; if you are a former Delta pen fan, then you would probably be super excited about new Italian pen company, Leonardo Officina Italiana Pen Company, which will give you that Delta fix.

Well, we have a similar question for you this week. Are you an Omas pen fan? If so then you may be very interested in another new Italian Pen Company that has its foundation rooted in the former Omas Pen Company. SCRIBO, which is actually an acronym for Scrittura Bolognese, was born when the 2007 purchasers of Omas Pen Company ceased its business operations in 2016.

Founded by former Omas employees who have a great passion for fine Italian writing instruments, Scrittura Bolognese SCRIBO collaborated in an effort to keep their dream and passions alive. Thus the young SCRIBO Italian brand has a long history of Italian craftsmanship, extraordinary quality, unbelievable nibs and a continued passion for high-quality fine writing instruments.

Scrittura Bolognese Scribo Feel Fountain Pen

Scrittura Bolognese Scribo Feel Fountain Pen

SCRIBO offers a variety of fountain pens, ink, paper, and other pen related items. The SCRIBO Feel and Feel Verde collections are its flagship regular edition fountain pens and retail for $760.00. Each collection is available with either an 18K gold nib or a 14K gold flex nib.

The SCRIBO Feel collection comes in either a solid grey-blue or blue-black resin with ruthenium trim. Each pen comes in a dodecagonal shape cap and body reminiscent of a column. They are only available as a fountain pen with ebonite feeders and are piston fill only. The limited edition SCRIBO Feel Verde Collection comes in either a swirled mother-of-pearl Verde Bosco with yellow gold trim or Verde Prato with ruthenium trim. There are only 219 pieces created per color.

As one historic pen brand ended, we pen enthusiasts who were devastated by the news have reasons to rejoice with the revival of craftsmanship, artistry, and passion in new Italian Brand Scrittura Bolognese SCRIBO. Feel the writing, with a SCRIBO Feel fountain pen. Happy Writing from Italy!