Colorverse Pen Chalet Limited Edition Ink

Colorverse Pen Chalet Limited Edition Ink – Monsoon Storm & Monument Valley

Introducing Colorverse Pen Chalet Limited Edition Ink: From its earliest days in existence, we have been a proud supporter of Colorverse inks, a fairly new ink company from Korea.  We have carried each “Season” produced by Colorverse in addition to various special edition ink series, such as Opus 88 and Hayabusa.

Earlier this year we meet with Youngki Baek, the CEO of Colorverse, at Paperworld in Frankfurt, Germany.  We had a wonderful meeting, talking about various new projects, upcoming Seasons to be released, etc.

During this meeting, we discussed creating a Pen Chalet exclusive limited edition set of Colorverse inks. We were very excited to explore this opportunity and have been working on it for a few months now.  Our first step was trying to decide what theme to take, colors to produce, and the artwork and presentation.

It became very clear to us that we needed to create fountain pen inks that reflect the great state of Arizona, where Pen Chalet is located. So here is a little bit about Pen Chalet and our beginnings in the State of Arizona. All of this is reflected in the new Colorverse Pen Chalet Limited Edition Ink set: Monsoon Storm and Monument Valley!

The Pen Chalet Story

Pen Chalet began during the 2013 summer by two friends who have a passion for both e-commerce and pens.  Pen Chalet now has 1000’s of friends and customers all over the world.

We are located in the city of Mesa, a suburb of Phoenix in the Great State of Arizona, USA.  Arizona is known as the Grand Canyon State and has wonderful people and geography.

In Arizona’s Sonoran Desert you will see Saguaro cactus, Road Runners and Rattlesnakes, along with amazing mountain vistas and National Parks. The Northern Part of Arizona has snow-capped peaks, a mile wide Meteor Crater, telescopes, pine trees, and Mountain Lakes. The high deserts feature hydro-electric dams, Lake Powell, the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, a Petrified Forest, the Painted Desert, and Monument Valley. Arizona is as diverse as its people, cultures, and customs.  We have a rich history of pioneers, cowboys, farmers and Native American people, such as the Navajo and Hopi Indian Tribes.

Arizona people experience extreme heat during the summers. Snow and ice are found in Arizona’s high country during the winter. Summer monsoons with flash floods, rain, and massive dust storms along with some of the prettiest sunsets on earth. Arizona has the best climate in the United States for about 6 months out of the year.

Colorverse Pen Chalet Limited Edition Ink Details

Colorverse Pen Chalet Limited Edition Ink

Colorverse Pen Chalet Limited Edition Ink

For our 2019 Limited Edition Colorverse-Pen Chalet Ink, we have chosen Monsoon Storm as our 65 ml. color and Monument Valley as our 15 ml. color.

Arizona Monsoon Storm

Arizona Monsoon Storm

Monsoon Storm is a deep dark teal color that reflects the Arizona sky during a typical Summertime monsoon storm. These hit with a vengeance for short periods of time and they are over.  Wind, dust, lightning and a massive amount of rain in a localized area are very typical.

Monument Valley is a region of Northern Arizona on the border of Utah. It contains some of the most picturesque mountain vistas in the world.  For this ink color, we chose a deep rust-orange-brown that is typical of the sandstone rocks and mountains in this region of our state.

Arizona Monument Valley

Arizona Monument Valley

These two complementary inks come in a regular Colorverse ink box, with some Colorverse-Pen Chalet stickers and swag. Also included is a numbered placard indicating both ink colors and limited edition number between 1-300.  Once the Colorverse Pen Chalet Limited Edition Inks are gone, they are gone forever. We hope you will enjoy a little taste of Arizona from Colorverse and Pen Chalet.  Happy Writing from Korea and Arizona!

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34 thoughts on “Colorverse Pen Chalet Limited Edition Ink – Monsoon Storm & Monument Valley

  1. Geoffrey Dunn

    I really enjoyed the story of how you chose the two inks but learning about how you started Pen Chalet gives me the human side to your business and that’s important to me. You chose well and I would be proud to offer a home to these Pen Chalet Colerverse inks.
    Thanks for the chance.

  2. SusanJ

    These look gorgeous – thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to see more Colorverse ink reviews!

  3. Sara Hagen

    I love Colorverse inks. These look like a fun set to have. I’d love to win the set.

  4. Nancy Garrison

    Thanks so much for the chance to win! I would love you to review any inks with tons of sheen, shimmer, or shading 🙂

  5. Julio Mazariegos

    Diamine autumn oak so is my favorite ink. Or any other orange would be great.

  6. Michael VS

    Really liking both of these colors. If you haven’t experienced them in their natural setting you need to plan a trip to Arizona sooner than later, it’s beautiful.

  7. Steven

    Nice – this duo is right up my alley, as far as the colors I use most frequently. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on a set ASAP!

  8. S. Park

    Colorverse Supernova is my favorite mid-blue. Great shading for such a saturated ink, great sheen, and well-behaved. It’s also well lubricated and makes writing with it a pleasure. I hope they never discontinue it.

  9. Margot Core

    It’s hard for me to have a favorite ink. It changes every day practically. Today I like my J. Herbin Fountain Gris Nuage; though in truth it’s hard to read.

  10. Marco Bautista

    Here are to very distinct colors who compliments each other! Great set of inks that can be used in daily writing or art!

  11. Roselin Runnels

    I hope Colorverse makes more of the Monument Valley ink. It is gorgeously subtle in the hues it lays down on paper. I don’t think there is anything else like it on the market.

  12. Bethany

    Very excited to go to Arizona someday! I love that you went with a color based on the landscape.

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