Leonardo Officina Italiana Momento Zero Fountain Pen

Introducing Leonardo Officina Italiana

Are you a Delta pen fan? If so you may be interested in the Leonardo Officina Italiana pen company. Co-founded by Salvatore Matrone and based out of Italy, Leonardo continues the tradition passed from father to son. We are proud to offer this new brand that draws from the past to create a vintage style with its modern writing instruments. Leonardo uses Italian resins, ebonite, and techniques passed down from generation to generation for a result that superb. The Leonardo Officina Italiana pen company currently offer two styles, the Momento Zero and the Furore.

Leonardo Officina Italiana Momento Zero

Leonardo Momento Zero fountain pens

Leonardo Momento Zero fountain pens

Momento Zero collection, a new beginning. Positivity and desire start with a great enthusiasm driven by passion and experience forty years for writing instruments. A collection inspired by the Italian vintage known throughout the world, well balanced in size and metal details.

The barrel and cap on the Momento Zero have a slight taper towards the ends with a conical shape at both the top of the cap and bottom of the barrel. On the barrel is subtle engraved branding with a few small rings on the cap and barrel. The clip matches the trim and features a small roller washer at the end for ease when placing the pen in a pocket.

Available in a wide range of Italian resins that are hand-turned,  the Leonardo Momento Zero fountain pen comes with both a stainless steel nib or 14kt gold option. Each color also has the option for either a gold or rhodium trim and there is also a rollerball option as well.  Choose from materials such as resin, celluloid or ebonite.

Leonardo Officina Italiana Furore

Leonardo Officina Italiana Furore Fountain Pen

Leonardo Officina Italiana Furore Fountain Pen

Made with a more elongated body design, the Leonardo Furore pen has been inspired by where the sea meets land on the Amalfi coast in Italy. The bright colors reflect the decorations of the coast from intense red berries, the bright sun or the white salt. “Furore” is all of this.

Crafted with a vintage shape with soft ends and well balanced. The brass clip features a rotating washer for easy insertion into a pocket and the pen comes with either a stainless steel nib or 14kt gold. Each color comes from special hand turned Italian resin with either gold or rhodium trims. The Leonardo Furore draws from the past for a vintage style in a modern pen.

We are excited to offer this new brand and think you will love the Leonardo Officina Italiana brand as well. We will continue to expand the line. If there is a pen you are looking for we can always special order it for you. Try a Leonardo Officina Italiana pen today because you will be glad you did. Happy writing from Italy!