Sailor Lucky Charm Fountain Pen

Introducing: the Sailor Pro Gear Lucky Charm Fountain Pen

Sailor invites you to consider the magical with the new Sailor Pro Gear Lucky Charm fountain pen. The newest addition to their pro gear series, the Lucky Charm is also exclusive to North America. It is not available for sale in other countries, including Japan.

Good Luck Charms

“What better way to start the new year with good luck [than] by finding a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, a rabbit’s foot, seeing a falling star, or simply picking up a new Sailor Professional Gear Lucky Charm fountain pen“.

Throughout the world and varying cultures, good luck charms have popped up all through history. Some only have meaning for the culture that they were born in. Others became integral parts of pop culture and superstition that people recognize, even unwittingly.

Four-leaf clovers are a prime example of this phenomenon. Their good luck originated with the Irish. In particular, Saint Patrick. Folk tales attribute meaning to each of the clover’s leaves, “One leaf if for fame, And one leaf is for wealth, And one is for a faithful lover, And one to bring you glorious wealth”.

Originally, people considered charms to be spoken words or songs. In fact, the word “charm” is derived from the French charme, which was taken from the Latin carmen, meaning song.

Over time, charms shifted into physical objects. This being due to, a change in belief that physical charms would retain their potency far longer than anything verbal.

With that in mind, the Sailor Pro Gear Lucky Charm, aspires to be a source of good luck for users. “Sure to bring good luck to any avid writer, casual jotter, or maybe even a lucky note receiver”.

Sailor Lucky Charm Fountain Pen

Sailor Lucky Charm Fountain Pen

Details of the Lucky Charm

The Sailor Pro Gear Lucky Charm is a rich, transparent aqua hue. Paired with a bi-colored nib and rhodium trim.

Perfectly available, the fountain pen will come in both Slim and Standard sizes. Furthermore, users will have the option of choosing from all seven standard nib sizes.