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Pen Chalet’s Top Sheening Inks!

Welcome back! This week, we’ve decided to bring you our top 6 sheening inks! We’ve had many requests to review our best sheening inks, so we put this at the top of the to-do list. We picked six of our best selling sheening inks, and had one of our employees “play” with them. The results speak for themselves!

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Top Sheening Fountain Pen Inks

Top Sheening Fountain Pen Inks

What Sheen Is and Is Not

First, we’d like to clear some possible confusion and also answer a question we get asked all the time. “What’s the difference between sheen and shimmer?” Shimmer inks attain their metallic “shine” due to glitter particles in the ink. These glitter particles can cause some flow issues in finer tipped pens, but create a beautiful effect on the page. Robert Oster Shake ‘N’ Shimmy inks are an example of some Shimmering inks.

Sheen, on the other hand, results from the chemicals that make up the ink. As the ink pools and dries, there is a color change that occurs. For example, Organics Studio Nitrogen ink may be blue, but where it pools usually ends up drying to a metallic red. Some factors that effect sheen are the type of paper, the ink, and the nib size. Less absorbent papers, like Tomoe River Paper, are best to produce sheen from inks. Also, broader nibs that lay more ink onto the page help produce more sheen.

Top Sheening Inks

First and foremost, we have Organics Studio Nitrogen Royal Blue. This ink can produce sheen even on regular copy paper. It’s hard sometimes to even see the base Royal Blue with all of the sheen. Nitrogen is a very fast-drying ink, and occasionally can cause some hard-starts when writing. Simply prime your nib, and then you can continue with the glorious sheen.

Second up, we have another “Super Sheener”: Organics Studio Henry David Thoreau Walden Pond Blue. The base color is a dark teal, but it sheens to a purple-red. Just like Nitrogen, Walden Pond Blue will even sheen on regular copy paper. It’s a great ink to add some flair to your writing.

Third, we have Krishna Jungle Volcano. True to it’s name, Jungle Volcano is an orange-red ink that sheens green. Occasionally you will get some sheen from normal copy paper, but you will get more sheen from less absorbent paper. Krishna Jungle Volcano sells for $9.00 USD which makes this one of the most affordable sheening inks.

Fourth up, we have Robert Oster Fire and Ice. When Robert Oster inks were relatively new, it was this ink that put Robert Oster Signature inks on everybody’s radar. A beautiful blue ink, that sheens bright red along the edges piqued everyone’s interests. Fire and Ice is great for work and for play.

Fifth in our line-up is another offering from Robert Oster, Blue Water Ice. Similar to Fire and Ice, Blue Water Ice is a beautiful blue that has a bright red sheen where it pools. However, it also has gorgeous shading and great flow that sets it apart from other blue inks.

Last, but definitely not least, is Colorverse Morning Star. Colorverse is new to the ink world, but has taken the world by storm. Morning Star is a gorgeous teal ink that has a metallic purple sheen where it pools. As well, Morning Star has great flow, great shading, and is a well-behaved ink.


There are many great sheening fountain pen inks and we have mentioned just a few of the most popular. Many of the inks from the brands we mentioned will produce sheen and the color combinations can vary. If you are unsure which inks are right for you we recommend trying a fountain pen ink sample of these and other sheening inks to give them a trial run. Sheening inks can be a lot of fun and we hope this article helps shed some light on the subject just a bit.

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37 thoughts on “Pen Chalet’s Top Sheening Inks!

  1. Andrew Mulnix

    Great post! I didn’t know the Krishna ink was that affordable. I’ll be adding that to my wish list. Maybe review another colorverse ink next.

  2. Geoffrey Dunn

    What an informative post! Thank you and of course it would be great to win any of these sheen monsters!!!

  3. Aristophaenes

    Sheen is like the new thing for fountain pens–I do love it, I remember a few years ago when the options were mostly just regular colors and shading.

  4. Beth Fralix

    These inks are gorgeous pops of colour!! So vibrant!! Thank you for the great review! God Bless & Love You Bunches!!!

  5. vicki nishioka

    I need to give that Krishna ink a try, as well as some of the new Colorverse line. Trying to not buy anymore inks but… can’t resist sheen!!!


      You’re going to love JV. I have it in a music nib and it’s not like any other ink. No problems with clogging either.

  6. Gini

    I’ll have to come up with a new review request now that you’ve done the top sheeny inks. How about showing some of these in different nib sizes. Definitely would want to see xf, f, and stub at a minimum. Thanks!

  7. Mitch

    Week three in the rabbit hole. Today I discovered that contrary to my initial expectations, I prefer extra fine nibs for every-day use. I dig my 02 extra-fine preppy, even if it doesn’t make sheeny puddles-o-ink. But those goopy blobs of ink are fun for doodlin.

  8. Julie

    I LOVE sheening inks!! Have Nitrogen and you’ve got me sold on the Krishna ink for sure! Have been wanting that Walden Pond Blue; heh heh maybe I’ll win this one. Thanks for the great read!

  9. Heather Burke

    I have never tried a shining ink. Just beginning to dip my toe into the wealth of inks out there,

  10. Natalie C.

    Already own OS Nitrogen, Walden, and Emerson, wouldn’t mind another bottle! Though honestly of the three, Emerson is by far the best sheening, I’d say more sheen than actual ink color! Everyone I show it to says it looks like I’ve written with metallic foil!

  11. Susan Anderson

    That was great. I have Nitrogen and love it. Planning to buy a couple more sheening inks.

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