Spring Ink Palette

Pen Chalet Spring Fountain Pen Ink Palette

We’ve had several requests over the past few months for some great inks for spring. To help you with your choices of inks this spring here is our Spring Fountain Pen Ink Palette! When we think spring, we see bright vibrant colors that are full of life and energy. We envision flowers in bloom, and green grass growing again.

Ink Palette Colors

Spring Ink Pallette

Spring Ink Pallette

For our spring palette we selected six fountain pen inks that we feel embody the essence of the spring season. On the top row, from left to right, we have Krishna Sumukhi, Krishna Kanikonna, and Colorverse Morning Star. On the bottom row, from left to right, we have Colorverse Andromeda, Robert Oster Emerald, and Robert Oster Orange Rumble.

Krishna Inks hail from India and are a relatively new addition to our ink line-up. They have many great and wonderful colors, and they even have an entire line famous for it’s sheening qualities. Krishna Sumukhi is one of these inks and in our photos you can notice some gold sheening in addition to the base pink of the ink. Krisnha Kanikonna is part of the Krishna Super Rich ink line, and is a vibrant yellow.

Colorverse Inks come from the far away land of South Korea. Ever since the ink first set foot in our warehouse, it’s been all we can do to keep our shelves stocked with it. Colorverse Morning Star is a soft teal-blue that we’ve reviewed previously on our blog. Colorverse Andromeda  is a gorgeous magenta-purple reminiscent of spring tulips.

Roster Oster Inks come from the Land Down Under, the great Australia. They are known for their numerous inks that duplicate the colors of nature, and also beautifully replicate the colors of Australia. It was a hard choice to narrow down what  green best represented Spring, but we settled on Robert Oster Emerald, because of it’s depth and richness. Also, we decided on Robert Oster Orange Rumble due to its vibrancy and shading.

Enter to Win a Bottle of Ink From the Pen Chalet Spring Ink Palette

There will be three lucky winners for this weeks giveaway! Here are the three possible inks that we used in the creation of this spring pallette that you can win if you enter below!
1. A 15ml Bottle of Colorverse Morning Star that we used in the Pen Chalet Spring Ink Palette
2. A 20ml Bottle of Krishna Sumukhi that we used in the Pen Chalet Spring Ink Palette
3. A 20ml Bottle of Krishna Kanikonna that we used in the Pen Chalet Spring Ink Palette

Comment below with your favorite spring ink colors!

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5 years ago

Nice colour, I’d love to try it out.

Beth A. Fralix
5 years ago

I love these colours of ink!! After the dreary winter they pop nicely!! HAPPY EASTER!! HE IS RISEN✝️!! God Bless & the Love of Christ to You All!!

Andrew Mulnix
5 years ago

Colorverse Dark Energy look crazy! I would like to see a review of that ink.

5 years ago

I love the colorverse inks.

5 years ago

Morningstar is one of my favorite inks ever.

Amy R
5 years ago

I think a nice light green is a great representative of spring, so maybe Diamine Meadow would be a good choice.

5 years ago

I have thought about getting a green ink for a long time. This may be a way to get it for free 🙂

5 years ago


Rachel McNulty
5 years ago

It is so bright! A very great spring palette

sonny veneracion
5 years ago

spring has sprung!

Sara Hagen
5 years ago

Lovely color. I’d like to win it!

5 years ago

So looking forward to Spring, this would be a nice addition

Emily jensen
5 years ago

I really love Robert oster jade for a spring ink

5 years ago

That’s a fantastic collection, so fresh and perfect for the season !!

matthew fitzgerald
5 years ago

Still digging those colorverse bottles.

Ana G. Csiky
5 years ago

Colorverse and Krishna inks, lovely colors… it’s really time to spring things up!

Amanda P
5 years ago

I’ve been itching to try a Colorverse or a Krishna ink!

Ron Parish
5 years ago

So many beautiful spring colors to choose from. It’s raining here, but the plants and shrubs are already beginning to sprout new life. There is new life as we celebrate Easter all over the world. Would you compare inks from some of the big boys: GvFC, Visconti, Montblanc, S. T. Dupont and any other similar to them?

5 years ago

ColorVerse Andromeda

Patrick E. Tinney
5 years ago

At this time I am really loving Monteverde Olivine

5 years ago

Thanks for the opportunity!

5 years ago

Nice. I think Diamine Sherwood green would be a nice spring color.

5 years ago

My favourite spring ink is Diamine Meadow green.

Chi Fung
5 years ago

Colorverse Morning Star looks amazing man

5 years ago

Omg, I want it

Heather Burke
5 years ago

This is a cool competition!

Susan Irving
5 years ago

My favorite ink is Diamine Lilac Satin.

5 years ago

Colorverse Andromeda seems out of place in this lineup…

Speaking of ink palletes, would you ever do a monthly or quarterly ink sample pack subscription?

Julie rose
5 years ago

My fave is the Morning Star! I’m all about light teal this season.