Robert Oster Orange Rumble Fountain Pen Ink

Robert Oster Orange Rumble Ink

Robert Oster Orange Rumble Ink is one of the newest Robert Oster inks now being produced. Robert Oster has now created close to 80 color options in their Signature Series. With such a wide variety to shades, colors, and characteristics to choose from it is hard not to find an ink you like.

If you are an orange lover, you will enjoy the newest orange “flavor” from Robert Oster, Orange Rumble. Not to be confused with Glistening Orange Rumble which is part of the Robert Oster Shake ‘n’ Shimmy Ink collection, the new Orange Rumble is a wonderful shade of orange without the shimmering particles. It is not as bright as true orange or tangerine color, but has a unique dark tint to the orange color. This slight tinge of black or brown mixed with the orange, makes this ink unlike other oranges. One such orange we have reviewed in the past is Robert Oster Red Orange which has more red infused into it.

Robert Oster Orange Rumble ink shows up well on paper and would work well for many purposes such as note, letter, journal or other pleasure writing. If you are looking for a true bright vivid orange color, Orange Rumble may be a little dark or muted for you. Another nice characteristic of the Orange Rumble ink is a possibility of a dark brown or black sheen that may come appear with a wet stroke onto the right paper.

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Robert Oster Orange Rumble Ink Review

Robert Oster Orange Rumble Ink Review

We found the following characteristics while testing Robert Oster Orange Rumble ink that you may find helpful in selecting your next ink color:

Testing Factors

We used a glass dip pen, made by J. Herbin on French made Rhodia dot pad paper for this review. The glass dip pen has a tip that is similar to a fine fountain pen nib.

Bottle Sizes

Robert Oster Orange Rumble ink comes in the standard Robert Oster Signature 50 ml (1.69 oz.) plastic bottle. The Robert Oster bottle is an opaque environmentally friendly plastic bottle, with the recognizable Robert Oster Gold seal and the small while label and color swatch on top of the lid. This simple bottle is imported directly Australia and performs its job well. We never have any spoiled or broken bottles even from the long journey to Pen Chalet in America.


Robert Oster Orange Rumble ink retails for $17.00 in the United States. The Robert Oster Glistening Orange Rumble (same ink with glistening specs included) retails for $25.00. This makes Robert Oster inks “mid-range” priced inks, which is very reasonable due to them being imported from Australia.

Dry Time

We experienced a dry time while reviewing Robert Oster Orange Rumble ink in the 5-6 second range. This is a very fast dry time, making Robert Oster Orange Rumble ink usable in most situations. Our review results may vary with a different nib size and paper used.

Bleed Through

We found no bleeding during normal use while testing Robert Oster Orange Rumble ink. There was a very, very slight amount of bleeding during the soaking wet cotton swab test, which is definitely not a normal use of the ink and even then it was almost imperceptible.


We found no feathering during normal use while testing Robert Oster Orange Rumble ink. During the water test, there was slight feathering, but it was pretty minimum and the ink lines stayed readable and clear.

Water Test

During our water test, we run a water soaked cotton swab over an ink sample that has dried for about 3 minutes. This test resulted in normal ink smear for a non-waterproof ink with very little feathering and no additional bleeding, etc. Overall, Robert Oster Orange Rumble ink held up pretty well under our water test even though it is not classified as a waterproof ink.


Robert Oster Orange Rumble ink does produce some shading, depending on your hand, nib and paper used. The dark orange with a brown tint was visible in wet lines and then a lighter brighter orange in the dryer lines and a few shades in between. Another characteristic, when your lines are very saturated, is a dark brown sheen that may come through, which makes this ink super interesting for sure.

Conclusion about the Robert Oster Orange Rumble ink

In conclusion, Robert Oster Orange Rumble ink is a unique and interesting orange ink color for those who like to use orange. The brown sheen possibility is the kicker, along with the quick dry time and dark orange lines during normal use. The price is reasonable for an imported ink and the ink flow is good. Robert Oster inks have many options to choose from, each interesting and unique, originating from the wide color palette from down under. Happy Writing from Australia!

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  1. Ethan

    Can you do a comment on the mont Blanc Sky Blue ink? Also what’s the difference between the shoe bottle and the limited editions?

  2. Patrick E. Tinney

    I love orange ink, though I only have four, but this looks like a really nice addition to my collection.

  3. Rachel McNulty

    Such an intense orange! It looks like a lot of fun to try. I am new to pens/inks so I don’t have a specific one to review and am enjoying learning about as much as I can.

  4. Ron Parish

    This looks like an orange I would definitely use. How about doing an all orange shootout to see which one comes out on top.

  5. Jordan

    Great review! I’d love to see a review of Robert Oster’s Graphite or more reviews of the Colorverse lineup.

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