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Noodlers Mata Haris Cordial Ink Review

Noodlers Mata Haris Cordial Ink, a new ink color from Noodlers Ink company, which offers a huge selection of fabulous ink colors with a variety of ink attributes and characteristic. Noodlers Mata Haris Cordial is variant of a purple color with very little pink tint, unlike Noodlers Socrates Ink, which is pink based purple color. Although not a true purple color the heather purple color is a smoothing color that is very similar to Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa. Noodlers Mata Haris Cordial ink is a “Eternal Ink”, which means its forgery proof, bleach resistant and impervious to lasers and solvents and thus is an archival ink for important records and writing. Noodlers Mata Haris Cordial will also glow partially under a UV light, which makes it unique.

Noodlers Mati Haris Cordial Fountain Pen Ink

Noodlers Mati Haris Cordial Fountain Pen Ink

Below are the characteristics of the USA manufactured ink, which you may find helpful:

Testing Factors

The J. Herbin Glass “dip” pen was used for this review, which has an extra nib. Rhodia Block N. 18 paper was used, which is great for fountain pen ink, unlike some more common types of paper.

Bottle Sizes

Noodlers Mata Haris Cordial Ink, comes in a standard Noodlers 3 oz. glass bottle. The square bottle is not as well designed as other brands of ink, in order to get every last drop of ink out, but the label, as most of Noodlers ink are fabulous. The bottle comes filled to the absolute top, as Noodlers is well known for, so be careful when opening. Adding an Ink Miser Intra-bottle inkwell helps with filling your pen making the process easier as well as getting that last drop.


The Noodlers Mata Haris Cordial ink cost more than most Noodlers ink 3 oz. bottles, due because of its “Eternal” forgery proof qualities and retails for $18.50.

Dry Time

With a J. Herbin Glass “dip” pen with an extra fine equivalent nib, the dry time was a quick 2-3 seconds. After the ink dried there was no smudging at all.

Bleed Through

There was no bleeding except when using an ink drenched swab multiple times over the same area, but even then bleeding was just perceptible.


There is no visable feathering even under a magnifying glass when using the Rhodia Block N. 18 paper with the J. Herbin Glass “dip” Pen. The Noodlers Mata Haris Cordial ink produced very crisp lines.

Water Test

This is a waterproof ink, as indicated by the water test, where a wet cotton swab was run over the ink after a three minute dry time. It left again no perceptible feathering or color smear when the water was applied.


There is some shading with this ink, but not great. The lines are pretty consistent in color.


Any time you can get the qualities of a forgery proof, waterproof ink for under $20.00 it’s a Good value. The color is a pretty color, not too light, which produced nice dark lines, even with a extra fine nib. A beautiful ink for journal writing or other archival type documents and writing.