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Krishna Sea at Night Ink Review & Giveaway!

Krishna Sea at Night Ink is one of two new late summer additions to the Krishna ink family. Sea at Night ink is part of the Krishna RC series of inks, which are their sheening inks. The other new ink addition is Krishna High Note Red, part of the Super Rich Series of Krishna inks that are more shading inks. Krishna inks are the brainchild of Dr. Sreekumar and his hobby for creating new and interesting ink colors that have unique traits and characteristics. This “hobby” has turned into an ever expanding ink manufacturing business since 2010.

This newest Krishna RC ink color is a dark teal color, very similar to Organic Studio Earnest Hemingway Santiago’s Sea Blue Ink, which is also a mega sheening ink manufactured in Maryland. Although it may be hard to believe, Krishna Sea at Night ink may be an even greater sheening ink than the famous Organic Studio inks. Krishna Sea at Night ink sheens at every level of writing, from the normal everyday to the fine tipped “dry” pens to the broad or italic tip “wet” pen nibs. Krishna Sea at Night ink has some amazing color attributes that will be unique based upon your writing style and pen, paper used.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of Krishna Sea at Night Ink we used for this review.

Krishna Sea at Night Ink Review

Krishna Sea at Night Ink Review

We carry all of Krishna’s ink series and ink color. We consistently are one of the first American retailers to get the newest Krishna ink colors in stock. Please note the following traits we have found during our review of Krishna Sea at Night ink:

Testing Factors

We used a J. Herbin glass dip pen on French made Rhodia dot pad paper for our review of Krishna Sea at Night ink. Other pens, tips and paper may produce different results.

Bottle Sizes

Krishna Sea at Night ink comes in the standard 20 ml. glass ink bottle. The bottle is small, the lid is small, the packaging non-descript without any type of labeling, but the ink is worth what you pay for and is fantastic. Each Krishna ink color is well defined on a simple label located on the glass bottle.


Krishna Sea at Night ink is reasonably priced at $9.00 for a small 20 ml. glass bottle. Each bottle is imported directly from India, which makes the price even more amazing.

Dry Time

We found a dry time of approximately 11-12 seconds, which is not unusual with medium to high saturation mega sheening ink. The glass dip pen accumulates quite a bit of ink during writing, which leads to more ink on paper and a longer dry time.

Bleed Through

We found zero bleeding during our entire review of Krishna Sea at Night ink, even during the cotton swab test.


During normal use Krishna Sea at Night ink produced crisp lines without any line distortion or feathering using Rhodia paper.

Water Test

We conducted a water test during our review of Krishna Sea at Night ink. During this test, we let an ink sample dry for about 3 minutes, then run a wet cotton swab over the dried ink. This test resulted in significant color smearing, some line distortion and feathering at the wettest points of the test. The damp portions of the test produced merely color smearing, but the lines remained distinct without feathering. Krishna Sea at Night ink is clearly not waterproof ink.

Shading & Sheening

Almost all Krishna inks shade really well. Sea at Night is part of the The Krishna RC Series of inks which are also mega sheening inks. Due to the amount of sheen, we did not notice much shading. The dark purple/red sheen really dominates the dark teal color, even during normal writing. This is one of those inks where you will need to play with your nib and writing style you desire to produce the right amount of sheen vs. color.

Conclusion about Krishna Sea at Night Ink

Krishna Sea at Night ink is a great addition to the Krishna ink family. It is similar to other mega sheening inks on the market, other than price, which remains one of the lowest on the market. Dr. Shreekumar continues to hone his craft and produce new and exciting ink colors with amazing traits. Since Krishna Sea at Night ink is a mega sheening ink, it is recommended that you take extra steps to care for and clean your pen on a regular basis (usually every two weeks) to avoid unwelcomed clogging. Using a pen flush like Pen Chalet’s Fountain Pen Flush allows this cleaning and maintenance process to be very simple. Krishna Sea at Night ink is a fun ink to experiment with and can be used at the home or office. Happy Writing from India!

Enter to Win

Enter to win the actual bottle of Krishna Sea at Night Ink that we used in this ink review:

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Geoffrey Dunn
5 years ago

A lovely dark teal that I would really like to try!

5 years ago

Is really love to try these Krishna inks! My favorite ink at the moment is Robert Oster Fire and Ice.

Eric Anderson
5 years ago

Pretty cool. I wish I could do better with the sheening inks. I always end up with all sheen or no sheen depending on the paper, but I would like there to be a middle ground. The ink under the sheen in the Organics Studio inks, for instance, is so pretty that I hate hiding it. Robert Oster inks do better for me because there is less sheen, I think, but don’t really know for sure. I should spend more time practicing with them. I’ve seen people do amazing things. These giveaways are awesome though. Thank you.

Aaron McVicker
5 years ago

Beautiful color!

Julie rose
5 years ago

I love teal and I love sheeting inks! What’s not to like s our this (including the price)!!!

Andrew J Mulnix
5 years ago

OOO! Loving this color!

5 years ago

Another dark, office-useful color, I like it.

5 years ago

I feel like this could be a great ink even 1:1 watered down, it’s so pigmented and dark.

Richard de la Torre
5 years ago

My favorite one is jungle volcano!

Ron Parish
5 years ago

I would like to see more Waterman or Sheaffer inks.

5 years ago

I would love you guys to review the Monteverde Noir set. They seem amazing but I have only seen a few good quality reviews with stellar photos.

Drew Phillips
5 years ago

I would love to see more Krishna inks reviewed. I don’t know much about them so this is very nice to see!

S. Park
5 years ago

I’d love to see a comparison of Sailor Soubuku and Sailor Seiboku.

Chris Hokanson
5 years ago

I’m fairly new to the FP hobby, so I don’t know that I have a favorite ink yet.

Beth Fralix
5 years ago

This Krishna Inks are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! I Love all the beautiful colours!! Thank you for the giveaway!! God Bless & the Love of Christ to You All!!

Amy R
5 years ago

What a subtle color and sheen

Michael Whitesides
5 years ago

On a real kick lately, but haven’t tried Krishna inks yet. Hhmmmmm??

Will S
5 years ago

It really looks to have some shading for a dark ink. Interesting. Are there any other dark inks with a lot of shading?

5 years ago

Looks a lot like Ralph Waldo Emerson from Organics Studio

Athena PN
5 years ago

Very impressed with Krishna’s non-sheening inks, can hardly wait to try a sheener!

Ethan Ball
5 years ago

Diamine Syrah

5 years ago

Impressive color variety for a lower-priced ink. I’d like to see similar inks that have equal or greater dry times and non-waterproof qualities. A mossy green is of most interest to me at this time.

David Peters
5 years ago

That is a pretty color.

5 years ago


5 years ago

Love that ink 🙂

Michael Solinas
5 years ago

Beautiful color!

Desmond O'Neill
5 years ago

Great looking color! Thanks for the opportunity!

5 years ago

Great color! I’m new to the pen & ink world and just absorbing it all in. I’d like to see reviews on a variety of items, including the new pens for novices.

heather burke
5 years ago


Roy C
5 years ago

A great looking ink, teal is one of my favorite colors.

Toni C
5 years ago

Are there any light pastel coloured inks?

Martine Paquin
5 years ago

Teal is probably my favorite ink color family. I notice some red sheen… Very nice. However, because of this sheen, I’m guessing the dry time is a bit long. I would love to try it anyway! Never tried Krishna inks before.