How to Clean a Cartridge Converter Fountain Pen

How to Clean a Cartridge Converter Fountain Pen!

Maintenance and upkeep play two very very important roles in the life of a fountain pen. A well-cared for pen can last many years, even a lifetime! One important step for fountain pen maintenance, is making sure you clean your pen. If you’ve never cleaned a fountain pen before, don’t worry! It’s very simple! Check out this short video of How to Clean a Cartridge Converter Fountain Pen!

How to Clean a Cartridge Converter Fountain Pen


Step 1: Disassemble the Pen
First, you will remove the cap so that you can access the grip section. Next, unscrew the grip section from the barrel of the pen. Remove the converter from the grip section and set it aside for now. If you used a cartridge, remove the cartridge and toss it, or save it for re-use later.

Step 2: Flush Nib and Feed
You will need to get two cups for holding water, or any vessel of your choice. Fill one with clear, clean water, and leave the other empty. Using a Pen Chalet Bulb Syringe, flush clean water through the grip section into the empty cup. You will likely need to repeat this step a few times, until the water coming out is clear.

Step 3: Clean Converter
Set aside the nib for now and pick your converter back up from where you set it. Just like how you would draw up ink, draw clean water into the converter. This will likely tint your clean water a little, but that won’t affect it’s cleaning ability. Expel the water out into the dirty cup and repeat this step until the converter is clear. You may need to change out your clean water during this process.

Step 4: Reassemble Pen
Re-attach your converter to the grip section you set aside earlier. Then re-attach the barrel to the grip section, and you’re ready to go! It should be noted that allowing the converter and nib to dry fully before reassembling will yield the best results.