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How to Clean Your Opus 88 Fountain Pen

If you own an Opus 88 fountain pen (or any demonstrator fountain pen), you already know that keeping the pen clean is a big part of the pen’s aesthetic. It’s also vital to keep the fountain pen functioning as designed. If you own an Opus 88 fountain pen specifically, you’ve probably noticed that cleaning it requires a slightly different process than you may have used for your other favorite fountain pens.

Why is Cleaning an Opus 88 Fountain Pen Different than Other Fountain Pens?

The Opus 88 fountain pen’s barrel is the ink chamber. Since the barrel functions as the ink chamber, it’s essential that you clean out any ink residue between inkings of the pen.

Step by Step: How to Clean Your Opus 88 Fountain Pen

how to clean your opus 88 demonstrator fountain pen
Disassembling the pen completely allows you to thoroughly clean the pen.
  1. Break the Pen Down: Unscrew the cap, and remove the Opus 88 fountain pen section. Remove the nib from the section, and carefully lay the disassembled pen parts in a safe place. (See the image above).
  2. Clean the Barrel: Start by cleaning the barrel of the pen first. Using a bulb syringe, flush out the barrel with clean water. Follow the initial rinse by flushing the barrel in the same manner using a pen flush designed to clean fountain pens safely. Repeatedly fluss the barrel using the bulb syringe and the pen flush (or clean water if you don’t have any pen flush) until the liquid emptied out is clear. Once the liquid runs clear, set the barrel aside on a soft cloth to dry.
  3. Flush the Nib & Feed: Once you’ve cleaned the barrel thoroughly and set it aside to dry, turn your attention to the Opus 88 nib and feed. Use the bulb syringe with your pen flush in a similar manner to force the cleansing fluid through the feed until the water runs clear. Cleaning the nib usually takes longer than cleaning any other portion of your Opus 88 fountain pen, so don’t be surprised if you need to continue flushing out the feed for several minutes. Once the feed runs clear, re-insert the nib and force pen flush through the feed and nib to ensure all the ink is removed.
  4. Dry the Pen Parts: Now that you’ve cleaned all the parts of your Opus 88 fountain pen, let them dry. It’s very important that you allow them to dry before you reassemble and use your pen. We recommend letting your Opus 88 fountain pen parts dry for 12-24 hours before re-inking after any cleaning.
  5. Reassemble Your Pen: Once your pen is completely dry, reassemble the different pieces, and it should be ready to ink anew!

Cleaning your pens regularly is an essential element of fountain pen care. Some pens require more frequent cleanings than others, and increasing the frequency of cleanings may be necessary depending on the type of ink you use in your pens.

how to clean your opus 88 demonstrator fountain pen

If you thoroughly clean your pen, but the ink is somehow embedded deeply in the threads of the cap (like in this photo), it can be extremely difficult to clean out the ink. Some pen enthusiasts have successfully cleaned ink out of the Opus 88 cap threads by soaking the pen cap in pen flush overnight, others have obtained soft cleaning brushes originally designed for cleaning drinking straws to assist them in cleaning the threads of their Opus 88 fountain pen cap.

If you have an Opus 88 fountain pen and the ink is already in the bottom threads, get in touch with your pen retailer to discuss your options for care, repair, or replacement.

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John Stein
3 years ago

I use a soft toothbrush to clean the threads on my Opus 88’s. I’ve noticed that silicone grease tends to absorb ink too, so that makes it more difficult to clean without scrubbing.