top 5 performing rollerball pens 2020 holiday pen gift guide

Top 5 Rollerball Pens: 2020 Holiday Pen Gift Guide

Let’s talk about the top 5 rollerball pens of the 2020 holiday season. Rollerball pens don’t get as much attention as fountain pens around here (or anywhere as far as I can tell), but many of you often come to us with questions about which rollerball to buy when the need arises. If you’re looking for a rollerball pen to give as a gift this holiday season or simply looking for a rollerball pen that you can depend on yourself, we can point you in a few excellent directions.

Top 5 Rollerball Pens:

  1. Monteverde Engage Inkball Rollerball: This rollerball pen is especially enjoyable because Monteverde developed a unique inkball mechanism that allows you to fill this rollerball with ink just like a fountain pen. The Monteverde Engage Inkball Rollerball is currently available in 5 colors. 2 of those colors are Pen Chalet Exclusives (Blue & Green). And if you want, you can watch an unboxing of the new Pen Chalet Exclusive Monteverde Engage Inkball Rollerball here!
  2. Pelikan Stola III Rollerball Pen: An excellent opportunity to get a Pelikan in your hands at a fantastic price, the Pelikan Stola III rollerball pen is even more affordable with current sale prices*. The Pelikan Stola III rollerball pen is one of our top-performing rollerball pens, but it also qualifies as one of our most affordable high-performance rollerball pens. Add it to your own 2020 Christmas pen wish list with zero guilt or grab one for everyone on your Christmas gift list and stop worrying – you’ve found the perfect gift.
  3. Diplomat Aero Rollerball Pen: this rollerball pen is very popular. We want to say people love it because it’s got such a cool design, but that’s not the only reason people gravitate towards the Diplomat Aero rollerball. Diplomat pens are also very well made, dependable, smooth writers.
  4. Retro 51 Rollerball Pens: With news earlier this year that popular pen manufacturer, Retro 51, will be closing its doors, Retro pen fans are more excited than ever to get their hands on these fun, vintage-look, smooth writers. Keep an eye out as 2020 comes to a close for Retros added to stock! Plus, you still have a chance to get your hands on a vintage Retro 51 Pen Chalet exclusive Vintage Typewriter pen while supplies last.
  5. Pineider Arco Rollerball Pen: A higher-end rollerball pen, the Pineider Arco Rollerball pen (in Blue Bee or Oak) stands out immediately because it’s made of a super cool resin made of multiple layers of material. The result successfully mimics celluloid but is more durable and doesn’t have the same crystallization issues. This rollerball pen is a limited edition with only 888 pens made, and it’s currently 40% off.*

*sale referenced current as of December 3rd, 2020.

What is a Rollerball Pen & Why Is It a Popular 2020 Holiday Pen Gift?

The rollerball pen design dispenses liquid ink on paper using a tiny, evolving ball. Ballpoint pens (and gel pens) also use a ball mechanism to dispense ink, but gel pens use gel-based ink, and ballpoint pens use oil-based ink. When referencing a “rollerball pen,” we refer to pens that use a ball mechanism to dispense ink AND use liquid ink. When using a rollerball pen, writing enthusiasts will find they need to exert less pressure to write (compared to a ballpoint pen). Due to this difference, rollerball pens may benefit anyone who experiences hand strain since it generally offers a more comfortable writing experience. Liquid ink is thinner than gel-based ink or oil-based ink, so there is usually more feedback when using a rollerball pen. Some writers like a bit more feedback, but if you’d like to avoid this, choose a rollerball with a broader tip that writes wetter. With a wet writer or a broader tip, the pen will offer a more lubricated feel.

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