Exclusive Retro 51 119 Train Rollerball Pen

Exclusive Retro 51 #119 Train Rollerball Pens

When you’re releasing the The Retro 51 #119 Train rollerball as a limited edition Pen Chalet exclusive, there’s no better release date than January 19th (get your Exclusive Retro 51 #119 Train pen on 1-19)! See what we did there? We love it when a plan comes together. If you’re a fan of Retro 51 exclusives, you’re probably wondering if another train design released recently has some connection to the newest Pen Chalet exclusive Retro. The answer is yes.

The History Behind the Design: Pen Chalet’s #119 Train Retro

The exclusive Retro 51 #119 Train pen is inspired by one of two trains at the momentous Golden Spike Ceremony that celebrated one of the most historic moments in railroading history: the moment the Jupiter train pulled in to Promontory Point from the West as the #119 train pulled in from the East to complete the 1st transcontinental railroad. The historic event was commemorated in the now well-known Golden Spike Ceremony.

A Little Bit About the Retro 51 #119 Train Pen Design:

The stainless steel barrel and trademarked knurl twist-top are well-loved elements of the popular Retro 51 pen design. This exclusive features a red and black train design in a nod to the famous train that rolled in to Promontory Point from the East, the #119. Train details are etched into the barrel’s design featuring classic elements including the cow catcher, the wheels, and the iconic bell. The train’s number, #119, is also included in the design both near the pen tip and again to the side of the pen clip.

Exclusive Retro 51 119 Train Rollerball Pen

This Exclusive Retro 51 #119 Train Pen is Limited to 510 Pens

The Limited Edition exclusive #119 Train pen is limited to 510 pens, as another nod to the historic moment in railroading history that occurred on May 10, 1869. The Pen Chalet exclusive limited edition Retro is not going to last long, so don’t get off track, get your own #119 Train pen today.

How Is the Limited Edition Exclusive Retro 51 #119 Train Pen Packaged?

Each pen is packaged in a graphic tube that doubles as a pen stand (and a safe way of carry or store your Tornado when not in use).

Trains that Made History: The Jupiter and the #119

The steam-driven days of the great transcontinental railroad are no longer, but the legacy created during their halcyon days lives on as many continue to search for ways to commemorate this historic success. The #119 Train Pen and the Jupiter before it are tangible representations of times past and serve as symbols for one of the most exciting events in the history of the nation. Indulge your passion for the past, for history, and for fine writing instruments with the newest exclusive from Retro 51 pens, but don’t take your time…Retro 51 exclusives are notorious for selling out almost as soon as they’re released.

Get your Exclusive Retro 51 #119 Train pen on 1-19! Anytime you’re looking for your next favorite collectible pen, Retro 51 exclusive, or other fountain pen or fine writing instrument, look no further than PenChalet.com.