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Hot Pink Ink Comparison: Is that Ink Actually Hot Pink?

Have you ever purchased a Hot Pink ink that was exactly the right shade according to the color swatch depicted on the bottle, and once you have it in hand (and in your fountain pen), it’s not actually hot pink ink at all? Today’s review is going to shed some light on this issue. To get a handful of appropriate “hot pink” fountain pen inks to compare, we dove into the Pen Chalet ink sample realm with a seemingly simple task: pick 6 hot pink inks from the samples using only the color swatch on the top of the cap to identify the color. We came back with 6 inks that looked like they’d be hot pink. See what you think in today’s hot pink fountain pen ink comparison!

Six Hot Pink Inks: Identified Based on Sample Ink Color Swatches

  1. Robert Oster Hot Pink Ink
  2. Taccia Momo Pink Ink
  3. Kyoto Tag Kyo-no-oto Imayouiro Ink
  4. Iroshizuku Momiji Ink (Autumn Leaves)
  5. Rohrer & Klingner Magenta Ink
  6. Lamy Crystal Rhodonite Ink

Other Products and Supplies We Used During Today’s Ink Comparison:

For today’s ink comparison, we used a J. Herbin Spiral Glass Dip Pen in Navy Blue along with a Clairefontaine Triomphe notebook and a Col-o-ring Ink Testing Book. We also kept a Dee Charles Pen Wipe nearby to cover our bases.

Which of Those Hot Pink Inks Were Actually Hot Pink?

Of the six inks we pulled based on the color swatch of their ink sample (seen at the beginning of the hot pink ink comparison video), we would say that two of the inks are obviously the MOST hot pink in comparison to the others in this grouping.

Definitely Hot Pink inks: Taccia Momo Pink and Lamy Crystal Rhodonite.

1st Hot Pink Runner Up: Iroshizuku Momiji (only because the shading varied so greatly that we did three ink splats, and we still question whether or not we accidentally used the wrong ink on the one that looks quite hot pink since the other two are much more red/orange). This makes sense considering the name of this ink and that it translates to “Autumn Leaves,” but it’s a difficulty if you’re trying to pinpoint a hot pink ink.

Hot Pink Inks that Aren’t Quite as Hot Pink in Comparison: Robert Oster Hot Pink and Kyoto Tag Kyo-no-oto Imayouiro ink can both be referred to as hot pink, but when compared to the other inks here, they have seem to have other shades that overpower the hot pink element. Robert Oster Hot Pink leans a little violet, and Kyoto Tag Kyo-no-oto Imayouiro ink veers toward red or burgundy just a bit.

Not a Hot Pink Ink: There was one ink included in this ink comparison that we wouldn’t describe as hot pink ink at all. The Rohrer & Klingner Magenta ink is definitely in the purple category. It’s a gorgeous ink, but it’s not hot pink.

The Best of the Best Inks from Today’s Hot Pink Ink Comparison:

The “best” fountain pen ink choices always depend on several different factors, including the pen you’re using, the project you’re approaching, your writing style, and your personal preferences. Since we’re comparing inks today, we ran a few simple tests: writing sample, dry test, and water test. For the dry test, we wrote out 1, 2, 3…Dry Test, waited 3 seconds, and then ran a dry cotton swab over the writing. You can see the results in the video. For the water test, we wrote out 10, 9, 8…water test, waited 10 minutes, and then ran a wet cotton swab over the writing. You can see these results in the video as well.

Which Hot Pink Ink Dried the Fastest?

The fastest drying ink out of today’s “hot pink” fountain pen inks was Lamy Crystal Rhodonite fountain pen ink. Here are the results of the dry time test in order from fastest dry time to slowest:

  • Lamy Crystal Rhodonite fountain pen ink (5-6 seconds)
  • Robert Oster Hot Pink fountain pen ink (about 7 seconds)
  • Rohrer & Klingner Magenta fountain pen ink (about 8 seconds)
  • Taccia Momo Pink fountain pen ink (8-9 seconds)
  • Kyoto Tag Kyo-no-oto Imayouiro ink (about 9 seconds)
  • Iroshizuku Momiji ink (about 10 seconds)

Which Hot Pink Ink Had the Most Shading & Sheen?

Taccia Momo Pink showed the most sheen during today’s ink comparison along with a significant amount of shading. However, we’d have to say that Lamy Crystal Rhodonite showed the most shading possibilities with significant showings in completely different color (varying shades of pink as well as varying shades of green. The Iroshizuku ink is a close second for shading possibilities with oranges, reds, pinks alongside a gold sheen. The Lamy ink also showed a silvery sheen evident on the ink splats that was very interesting. Robert Oster Hot Pink showed some shading possibilities, as did Rohrer & Klingner. Today’s Kyoto Tag ink showed both shading and sheening as well. We definitely had a group of high performers in this particular area.

Which Hot Pink Ink Was the Most Water Resistant?

According to our results, Iroshizuku Momiji was the most water resistant of the six inks in this ink comparison. However, none of the inks featured today are waterproof inks. We chose today’s Most Water Resistant Hot Pink ink award winner based on which ink had the most legible writing with the least amount of distortion after the water test (described above).

Today’s inks in order of most water resistant to least water resistant: Iroshizuku Momiji, Lamy Crystal Rhodonite ink, Taccia Momo Pink, Kyoto Tag Kyo-no-oto Imayouiro ink, Robert Oster Hot Pink ink, and Rohrer & Klingner Magenta ink (with the last three inks appearing to almost wipe clean away with a swipe of a wet cotton swab).

Which Hot Pink Fountain Pen Ink Comes at the Best Price? *

Today’s inks in order from lowest price to highest price:

  1. Rohrer & Klingner Magenta Ink (50 ml)
  2. Taccia Momo Pink Ink (40 ml)
  3. Lamy Crystal Rhodonite Ink (30 ml)
  4. Robert Oster Hot Pink Ink (50 ml)
  5. Iroshizuku Momiji Ink (Autumn Leaves) (50 ml)
  6. Kyoto Tag Kyo-no-oto Imayouiro Ink (40 ml)

Today’s inks in order according to value (best prize per ml.) with the Best Value ink listed first:

  1. Rohrer & Klingner Magenta Ink (50 ml) 
  2. Taccia Momo Pink Ink (40 ml)
  3. Robert Oster Hot Pink Ink (50 ml)
  4. Lamy Crystal Rhodonite Ink (30 ml)
  5. Iroshizuku Momiji Ink (Autumn Leaves) (50 ml)
  6. Kyoto Tag Kyo-no-oto Imayouiro Ink (40. ml)

*Actual prices are not listed in the ink comparisons since they may vary depending on sale pricing, manufacturer price changes, etc. But you can always find the current discounted pricing on your favorite inks at

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2 years ago

Interesting. I actually have bought several bottles of pink ink searching for a similar vividness to the pink Platinum cartridge ink. My latest try was Faber Castell Electric Pink. Unfortunately, while it is a lovely ink, it isn’t as electric as I was expecting…