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Diamine Oxford Blue Ink Review

Diamine Oxford Blue ink is the latest shade of dark blue ink from Diamine Ink Company. Although similar to other Diamine ink colors, such as Diamine Blue Black, Diamine Denim and Diamine Twilight, it probably is one of the deepest and darkest Diamine blue fountain pen inks of all of them all.

Diamine Oxford Blue Ink

Diamine Oxford Blue Fountain Pen Ink Review

Below are the characteristics about this UK manufactured ink that I hope you will find helpful:

Testing Factors for the Diamine Oxford Blue ink

For this ink review I used a J. Herbin Glass dip pen, with a comparable extra fine nib on Rhodia Block N. 18 paper.

Bottle Sizes

Pen Chalet carries the Diamine Oxford Blue ink in both the Diamine 30 ml plastic bottle and the 80 ml large distinctive glass bottle, which has a nice presentation. The Diamine 80 ml bottle has a wide bottom, sits flat and can be placed on any of its four sides for using those last few drops of ink. The 30 ml plastic bottle has smaller opening but is functional for those looking to test this ink prior to purchasing a full 80 ml bottle.


The Diamine Oxford Blue ink is a reasonably priced imported ink from the UK. The 30 ml ink bottle retails for $7.00, where the 80 ml ink bottle retails for $15.00.

Dry Time

Again using a fine to extra fine type nib, the dry time was very good between 2-3 seconds. There was very little to no smudging after the ink had completely dried.

Bleed Through

There was minimal to almost no bleed through on the back of the Rhodia Block N. 18 paper, although I was using a fine to extra fine nib. Additionally, the 1 swab, 2 swab and 3 swab lines did not bleed through at all on the Rhodia bloc paper. Using regular copy paper produced a tiny perceptible bleed through.


Using the J. Herbin Glass Pen and Rhodia Block N. 18 paper there was no feathering at all. The Diamine Oxford Blue ink produced crisp distinct lines.

Water Test

After letting the Diamine Oxford Blue ink dry for approximately 3 minutes, I ran a wet cotton swab over the ink. Although there was color smear, the lines remained intact and distinct, with little additional feathering.


Although its always harder to tell the level of shading an ink will produce when using an extra fine nib, there didn’t seem to be a lot of shading visible.


Good value, high quality imported ink, beautiful color with a good dry time and little feathering and bleed through. I personally like this deep super dark blue color, which could be used as an everyday type ink.

Once again you can purchase the Diamine Oxford Blue ink in both the smaller Diamine 30 ml bottle or the Diamine 80 ml bottle. We also carry a wide selection of blue fountain pen inks to choose from.