Conklin Pen Company

Introducing the Conklin Minigraph Pen Collection

Conklin has just announced a new compact pocket pen: the Conklin Minigraph! A perfect, everyday carry pen, to carry with you on the go.

Conklin MiniGraph Pen Collection

Conklin MiniGraph Pen Collection

Turned from solid acrylic resin, with a glossy chrome trim for a sturdy, durable pen. This new pen from Conklin is available in three beautiful different mosaic style resins, Blue Baltic, Purple Dunes, and White Satin. You can choose from either a ballpoint or fountain pen.

Due to the compact design, the Conklin Minigraph ballpoint pen uses a D1 style ballpoint refill. Whereas, the Conklin Minigraph fountain pen accepts a standard international ink cartridge. The fountain pen comes fitted with a Conklin Cushion Point stainless steel nib in your choice of extra fine, fine, medium, broad or stub nibs.

The ballpoint version of the pen measures about 4 inches in length, but has a good sized diameter. The fountain pen, however, is compact, but when the cap is posted the pen extends to 5 inches in length. This would make it a full sized pen. Despite the perceived smaller size, the fountain pen truly has a good size, grip, and balance for a compact pen. This new pen from Conklin is now available for sale at Pen Chalet! So pick one up today!