Montegrappa Pen Company

Introducing the Montegrappa Indian Summer Pen

The refined Italian Pen Brand, Montegrappa has just announced an exciting new set of pens that are designed to capture and depict the Elements. The first in this new line of pens, The Montegrappa Indian Summer, is stunning in its ability to capture the heat of the Indian Summer.

Montegrappa Indian Summer Pen

Montegrappa Indian Summer Pen

Being from Arizona, we here at Pen Chalet, know just a little about the heat and beauty of the desert, and the Montegrappa Indian Summer perfectly captures this intricate beauty of the desert.This captivating celluloid pen has a classic cigar shape and also features sterling silver accents with an 18k nib, like the Montegrappa Passione Fountain Pen. Don’t let it’s looks deceive you, though. Despite the fascinating design of cracked earthen mud baked in the hot desert sun, the body texture of the Montegrappa Indian Summer is smooth, just like the soft sands of the dunes. This pen is ready to start heating up your collection and to bring some desert heat to your writing. Don’t worry about the desert droughts or all of your ink drying up. This pen is built with a well of ink that can keep your ink as wet as the most alluring oasis.

Get yours soon! Just like a sandstorm in the desert can come and go in a flash, so can the Montegrappa Indian Summer. Indian Summer is the first in this new line that has been created just for this year! This line is being made to represent all of the seasons, the beauty of the earth, and the amazing cyclical changes that our environment continues to make over time. So, whether you were born in the desert, or the desert winds call out to your heart, let the Montegrappa Indian Summer fountain pen bring a little bit of the desert with you wherever you may go.