top 5 pen gifts for graduation

Top 5 Pen Gifts for Graduation: Gifts for 2021 Graduates

Do you have your pen gifts for graduation yet? It’s that time of year again, when high school seniors and college graduates goodbye to what they’ve known for years, and say hello to a new adventure. For many that could mean checking homework, classes, and being a “student” off their list as DONE and tackling the workforce diploma in hand. It’s all new and most will need a minute to figure out what’s next; especially our 2021 graduates who are stepping out diploma in hand amidst a pandemic. (While COVID-19 vaccinations are underway, many in-person celebrations, commencement ceremonies, etc. are cancelled or “adjusted” to virtual scenarios). That doesn’t mean that the celebration of our 2021 graduates should be cancelled or postponed, too. They DID it! They definitely need the moment commemorated. Consider sending a particularly thoughtful and useful gift their way to really mark the occasion. We suggest a pen gift, of course. What better time to introduce your friends and loved ones to the art of loving a good pen? Consider one of the pens we included on our recent Top 5 List: Top 5 Pen Gifts for Graduation! And congratulations to all the 2021 graduates!

Top 5 Pen Gifts for Graduation:

  1. Caran d’Ache 849 Claim Your Style Ballpoint Pen or Caran d’Ache 849 Claim Your Style Edition II Ballpoint Pen
  2. Conklin All American Olive Wood Rollerball Pen
  3. Kaweco Frosted Sport fountain pen
  4. Otto Hutt Design 02 fountain pen
  5. Monteverde Ritma Olive fountain pen OR Monteverde Ritma Olive Gift Set
top 5 pen gifts for graduation

#1 on the Pen Gifts for Graduates List: Caran d’ Ache Claim Your Style Ballpoints

What makes the Caran d’ Ache Claim Your Style ballpoint pens a great choice for 2021 grads? Here are a few reasons that had us adding it to the list: 1) they’re trendy and high energy with plenty of color choices so you can actually “claim your style”, 2) they’re Swiss made (quality, folks), 3) the pen design (the iconic 849) is one of the most popular everyday pens in Switzerland, 4) it’s refillable (use the Goliath ballpoint refill), and 5) it’s limited edition (so they can feel extra special – since not EVERYONE can have the same pen. When they run out, they’re out)!

#2: Conklin All American Limited Edition Olive Wood Rollerball Pen

What about the Conklin All American? Why is this one on the Top 5 gifts for 2021 graduates list? Here are the reasons that led us to include this beautiful beast: 1) It’s limited edition (a unique gift is just more special), 2) it’s made of Olive wood (beauty is even more outstanding when its a natural material), 3) the All American pen design is a popular recreation of a model originally released in the early 1900s so you’re giving them a piece of history that’s lasted over a century, 4) each oversized All American pen is handcrafted (not by you, but someone amazing made it by hand just for your graduate and that’s almost the same).

#3 Pen Gifts for Graduates: Kaweco Frosted Sport Fountain Pen

What inspired us to include the Kaweco Frosted Sport fountain pen on this Top 5 Pen Gifts list? Here are a few of the many reasons: 1) it’s a pocket pen (and there’s something amazing about pens small enough to fit in your pocket), 2) it combines the classic body style of the Kaweco Classic Sport with a new, semi-transparent pen body in great colors, and 3) it’s made in Germany (need we say more? They really know how to make pens).

#4 on Today’s Top 5 List: Otto Hutt Design 02 Fountain Pen

We didn’t have to think too hard when we were trying to decide if the Otto Hutt Design 02 fountain pen should be included on the list of the best gifts for 2021 graduates (just look at that beauty!) But here are a few reasons it deserved a spot: 1) this amazing design is equally beautiful, functional, and comfortable to use, which is a feat in and of itself, 2) all Otto Hutt pen components are made in Germany (again – they know how to make pens), and 3) it somehow stands out while being discreet and reserved which is an impossibility we can really get behind.

#5 Pen Gift for 2021 Graduates: Monteverde Ritma Olive Fountain Pen or Monteverde Ritma Olive Special Collection 5 Piece Pen Gift Set

The Monteverde Ritma Olive fountain pen earned a top spot on our Best Gifts for Graduates list not only because of the basic design, but because it’s extra special: 1) this is the 1st annual Special Edition color release for the popular Monteverde Ritma pen design and the 2021 Special Edition Olive color is stunning, 2) The Monteverde Ritma pen design includes a magnetic cap (for closing AND posting), 3) the Olive paired with that black stainless steel nib (stylish), 4) it’s a well-balanced heavyweight pen with clean lines, and 5) there’s even an amazing 5 piece gift set of this Special Edition beauty that includes a ballpoint pen, a rollerball pen, a convertible pocket-neck fountain pen, a fountain pen, and a full size Gemstone Olivine 30 ml bottle of fountain pen ink.

We hope you and yours are able to find the perfect way to commemorate this major milestone in the lives of your favorite 2021 graduates. And as always, come visit us to find more handy Top 5 lists on all things pen and ink related. And if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a 2021 graduate in your life, you’ll find plenty of fantastic options from ballpoints to rollerballs to notebooks to fountain pens, inks, and pen accessories at