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Robert Oster Toffee Ink Review & Giveaway

Robert Oster Toffee Ink is one of more than 110 ink colors from the Australian ink company. While the Robert Oster color palate continues to expand, they somehow manage to come up with new and exciting inks. Robert Oster new releases tend to fill a void in the ink universe we never knew existed.

With each Robert Oster ink handcrafted in Australia, the company maintains exceptionally high-quality levels manufacturing every ink to be ph. neutral for easy flow so they can be used with most fountain pens, regardless of brand.   Robert Oster Toffee ink recently joined the lineup. The light brown shade has just a hint of orange, which inspired its name, Toffee.

Continue reading for a chance to win the bottle of Robert Oster Toffee ink Pen Chalet used for this review.

Robert Oster Toffee Ink Review

Robert Oster Toffee Ink Review

During our review of Robert Oster Toffee ink, we found the following characteristics that you may find useful when selecting your next ink purchase:

Testing Factors

We used a French-made J. Herbin glass dip pen on Rhodia dot pad paper for our review of Robert Oster Toffee ink. Other writing instruments and paper may produce a different result.

Bottle Size

Robert Oster Signature inks come in a standard, environmentally friendly, opaque plastic 50 ml. bottle. Each bottle is identical down to the simple white label on top designating the color of the ink with a small color swatch. Although there is no additional external packaging with Robert Oster inks, we have not had problems with bottles breaking or leaking during shipment.


Robert Oster Toffee ink retails for $17.00 in the USA. Robert Oster has other specialty inks at higher price points. For example, the Shake ‘N’ Shimmy ink series retails for around $25.00 US. Overall, Robert Oster inks, including Toffee, are a mid-ranged priced ink. All Robert Oster inks are imported from Australia.

Dry Time

During our review of Robert Oster Toffee ink, we found a very reasonable dry time of approximately 5-6 seconds. We view anything under 10 seconds as an everyday ink option.

Bleed Through

We found absolutely no bleed-through during Pen Chalet’s review of Robert Oster Toffee ink, even during our cotton swab test.


During our review of Robert Oster Toffee ink, we found no ink feathering (using Rhodia paper). However, during our water test, we did notice some line distortion and slight feathering, which is typical for non-waterproof ink.

Water Test

During the Pen Chalet review of Robert Oster Toffee ink, we conducted a water test. After an ink sample dried for about three minutes, we ran a soaking wet cotton swab over the sample.  Our test produced significant color smearing, some slight feathering, and line distortion. These results are not a-typical for a non-waterproof ink.


Robert Oster Toffee ink has wonderful shading traits that will produce a darker brown toffee shade to a lighter brown-orange color. As with most ink, the shading experienced will depend mainly upon the user’s penmanship, paper, and fountain pen nib.

Conclusions about Robert Oster Toffee Ink

Robert Oster Toffee ink is an excellent addition to Robert Oster’s Australian color palate. It is a very soft light brown shade with hints of a dusty orange. It has a very reasonable dry time of 5-6 seconds, shades beautifully and is reasonably priced. Toffee also shows up well on paper even though it’s a lighter brown color. It would be a solid choice for letters, cards, notes, and other projects where a non-typical black or blue ink is appropriate. Happy Writing from Australia!

Enter to Win

Enter to win the actual bottle of Robert Oster Toffee ink that we used in this ink review:

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4 years ago

Looks like a great ink!

Ged Alangui
4 years ago

Haven’t tried any Robert Oster ink yet. My current fave ink is Diamine Ancient Copper.

Geoffrey Dunn
4 years ago

Any ink from Robert Foster would be worth trying. This is an interesting colour and I’d be happy to add it to my modest collection.

4 years ago

I love Robert Oster inks!

Tina Lux
4 years ago

Love the richness of the brown.

Ashutosh Thakur
4 years ago

Nice review.

Sharon A.
4 years ago

This is a great color. My current favorite color in this kind of shade is KWZ Honey.

S. G. Park
4 years ago

Right now, I’ve been loving the shading of Robert Oster Viola.

Colton H.
4 years ago

Quite a peculiar ink, in my opinion. I’m not sure why, but something about the shades/gradients in this ink make me think of soft watercolors. So ‘light’, but interesting none the less. Would be great for some sepia paintings.

If you’re looking for new inks to review, I’d love to see more inks from Kyoto TAG showcased.

4 years ago

This is a cool ink, would like invisible or waterproof ink.

Matthew Douglas
4 years ago

I haven’t tried the Robert Oster inks yet mainly I have been using my most current ink sample from Diamine or Noodler’s

John Stein
4 years ago

Robert Oster inks are some of my favorites#

Beth Fralix
4 years ago

Lovely rich colour!! God Bless & the Love of Christ to you all!!

4 years ago

Great color for fall! And also if you like toffee. 🙂

Jessie M
4 years ago

Diamine Aurora Borealis is one of my favorites!

Ron Parish
4 years ago

Please, please review some inks from Waterman, Parker and Sheaffer.

Cheryl Gebhart
4 years ago

Another lovely ink.

Dawn Tack
4 years ago

It is a very lovely color. Don’t have many browns in my collection, and I’m kinda liking this caramel-y color, especially with Autumn write (see what I did there?) around the corner.

Phil Cachapero
4 years ago

This ink looks delicious

Roy c
4 years ago

This I’m at a great looking brown.
Would like to see some soft baby pink inks reviewed

4 years ago

I LOVE Robert Oster inks. I am one who mostly buys ink samples, but I have purchased several bottles of Oster ink. The natural sheen in them is outstanding.

Alysha Balch
4 years ago

Normally I am not a fan of brown inks, but I think that the choice to focus on “toffee” colours, and make it more warm, was definitely done well.

Margot C
4 years ago

Today I am in love with J Herbin Cacao du Brésil; it’s particularly nice in a flexible nib pen.