Platinum Curidas vs. Vanishing Point

Platinum Curidas Retractable Fountain Pen Review: Curidas vs. Vanishing Point

You’ve heard about the Platinum Curidas retractable fountain pen and you’re intrigued, but you need more information. You have questions. And we don’t blame you. So we sent a Platinum Curidas out to be reviewed. And we have an update for you – it’s a short and sweet review of Platinum Curidas Retractable Fountain Pen by @acourtofwingsandjournals aka Melyssa Naujoks.  Also she compares the Curidas vs. Vanishing Point.


Facts of the matter: Basics About the Platinum Curidas Retractable Fountain Pen

  • It’s a retractable fountain pen
  • It comes in 3 nib sizes (Extra Fine, Fine and Medium)
  • Platinum is releasing the new retractable fountain pen design February 2020 (have you reserved yours yet?)

Reviewer’s 1st Reaction: Upon First Seeing Platinum’s Retractable Fountain Pen

I already Loved that it was retractable before it even arrived. Before getting my hands on the Platinum Curidas Retractable fountain pen, the only retractable fountain pen design I was exposed to was the Pilot Vanishing Point, and it has a significantly higher price point.

platinum curidas retractable fountain pen review for Pen ChaletAfter Using the Pen: Curidas vs. Vanishing Point

Having only been exposed to the two different retractable fountain pen designs, I couldn’t help comparing the writing and usability of Curidas vs. Vanishing Point. I discovered that I not only prefer the lower price of Platinum’s Curidas, but I also prefer the Curidas itself to the Vanishing Point for a couple of reasons.

#1 The Platinum Curidas was much easier to write with at different angles in comparison to the Vanishing Point retractable fountain pen.

#2 The Curidas fountain pen was more comfortable. (I really like that you can take the clip off the pen).

On Being a Leftie: How is the Platinum Curidas Fountain Pen for Lefties?

It’s sometimes difficult to find fountain pens that work well for lefties; especially if you prefer fine nibs that work well without being scratchy. So if you’re left-handed and you’ve been wondering about Platinum’s Curidas, I have good news. In the opinion of this “leftie,” the Platinum Curidas fountain pen is a good option for lefties. I hereby encourage left-handed fountain pen users everywhere to consider the Platinum Curidas a good bet. 

Final Conclusion on Platinum’s Curidas Retractable Fountain Pen

In conclusion, the Platinum Curidas Retractable fountain pen is a great writing pen and worth giving a shot!

Products featured in this review included:

Platinum Curidas retractable fountain pen

Robert Oster Black Violet fountain pen ink (50510)

Colorverse Joy in the Ordinary ink series Delicious Sleep fountain pen ink (pictured in video, but not used in video).

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Angela Phillips
4 years ago

I’m very excited for this pen! The removable clip is a big bonus as well as the pen being semitransparent. Platinum exceeds their claim of not letting ink dry out for up to 2 years. I’ve tested it with a few 3776 models and ranges of nib sizes and inks. I’m in a 4 season climate and this test included shimmer ink along with high sheening ink and Pilot’s own ink. I found no differences in ink volume, viscosity, and performance except a quick hard start on the high sheen ink. This is one pen fanatic that hopes Platinum brings… Read more »

Allan E. Knight Jr.
4 years ago

The Pilot vanishing point is a much nicer pen.