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Introducing New Platinum Classic Ink

The new Platinum Classic Ink has just been announced by Platinum Pen Company President, Toshiya Nakata. Platinum will release 6 new “Classic Ink” colors using a traditional ink manufacturing method. Most ink companies, “mix” ink to produce a variety of colors rather than a more time consuming method to produce true and new ink colors. Platinum has continued this traditional process to produce its new “classic inks.”

Although we have not personally sampled these inks just yet, look for our upcoming ink reviews on each color. Pen Chalet is very excited about these new “black” based colors and think they will be a hit.

Each of these new Platinum Classic ink colors come in a 60 cc glass bottle, the standard size bottle for all Platinum inks. The 6 new colors are:

  • Cassis Black: A red, orange, dark pink color ink
  • Forest Black: A deep green color ink
  • Citrus Black: A unique dark yellow ink
  • Khaki Black: A light/dark brown color ink
  • Sepia Black: A dark brown/green color ink
  • Lavender Black: A dark purple color ink
Platinum Classic Fountain Pen Ink Colors

Platinum Classic Fountain Pen Ink Colors

Platinum touts that each of these new ink colors will start off bright but steadily become darker as they dry to a shade of black. These changing color inks are water resistant and can be used as permanent document ink. Platinum intends that each of these inks will be able to produce significant shading, especially with larger nib sizes and flex or stub/italic type nibs, in order to provide a truly unique writing experience.

Platinum Classic ink colors retail for $25.00 for a 60 cc. glass bottle, but will be available at Pen Chalet for $20.00. Pen Chalet is offering each new Platinum Classic fountain pen ink color as a pre-order today.
Platinum Classic Ink Cassis BlackPlatinum Classic Ink Citrus BlackPlatinum Classic Ink Forest BlackPlatinum Classic Ink Khaki BlackPlatinum Classic Ink Lavender BlackPlatinum Classic Ink Sepia Black