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Introducing the Pelikan Souveran 405 Stresemann Pen

Just announced is the Pelikan Souveran 405 Stresemann pen. In 2015 Pelikan released the first Stresemann model with the larger Pelikan 805 Stresemann and this smaller version of the pen is a perfect compliment.

Pelikan Souveran 405 Stresemann Pen Barrel Closeup

Pelikan Souveran 405 Stresemann Pen Barrel Closeup

The Souveran Stresemann is dedicated to Gustav Stresemann, the foreign minister of the Weimar Republic of Germany, who won the Noble Prize for Peace in 1926. The Stesemann suit, also named after Gustav Stresemann, has black and grey striped fabric in black or anthracite. The Pelikan Souveran 405 Stresemann pen embodies these same stripes in the barrel of the pen, honoring the late Gustav Stresemann.

The Pelikan 805 Stresemann pen was a large sucess and now Pelikan will be offering the pen in a smaller M400 size. Some of the main differences between the Souveran M405 and the M805 versions are first the size, but second, the nib. While the M805 comes with an 18k gold nib, the Pelikan Souveran 405 Stresemann has a 14k gold nib. Both of course are plated to match the silver color trim on the pens. The Pelikan Souveran 405 Stresemann also comes with a lower price tag. For a complete breakdown of the difference of each Pelikan Souveran fountain pen make sure you take a look at our Pelikan Souveran Fountain Pen Infographic that shows the difference with each pen.

The barrel of the Pelikan Souveran 405 Stresemann is made with anthacite stripes made of cellulose acetate. When filled, the ink can be seen between each stripe on the pen but appear black. High quality resin is used on the black cap and other parts of the pen. Each of the silver trim pieces are palladium plated and the solid 14k gold nib is rhodium plated to match.

The Pelikan Souveran 405 Stresemann is available as a piston fill fountain pen, a rollerball pen, and a ballpoint pen. All of the 405 Stresemann models will be part of the standard collection and will be available in November of 2016.

Pelikan Souveran 405 Stresemann Models

Pelikan Souveran 405 Stresemann Pen

Pelikan Souveran 405 Stresemann Pen

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