Noodler's Ink

Noodlers Black Ink Review

Noodlers Black ink is a standard high quality everyday ink that many fountain pen owners will have in their ink collection.  This ink is high quality, relatively inexpensive ink that is deemed bulletproof, resists UV light and bleach, fade resistant and is impervious to solvents and lasers, making it a wonderful long lasting secured ink for all archival documents.

Although, Noodlers ink company has a massive amount of colors to choose from, with simplistic bottling and packaging, which keeps its cost down, Noodlers Black is simple clean and opaque, with a sligh hint of grey with lighter lines and is a top seller at Pen Chalet.  Additionally, as mentioned below,  Noodlers Black ink is water resistant and almost water proof. You will not be disappointed with this standard black fountain pen ink.

Noodlers Black Ink

Noodlers Black Ink

Please note the following characteristics we noticed while testing Noodlers Black ink:

Testing Factors

We used the J. Herbin glass dip pen, with Rhodia Block N. 18 paper for this review. The J. Herbin dip pen is comparable to an extra fine/fine nib.

Bottle Sizes

Noodlers standard ink bottles come in a very large 3 oz. basic rectangle glass bottle, which is equivalent to approximately 89 ml. With Noodlers inclination to maximize the amount of ink its users receive, be care opening your new bottle, as the ink will be at or very near the actual brim of the bottle.


Noodlers Black ink, which is an American made ink, retails for a reasonable $12.50. Take into consideration the size of the bottle and Noodlers ink will be one of the best values on the market, for a very unique high quality archival, waterproof ink.

Dry Time

With the J. Herbin glass dip pen, the dry time with this bulletproof Noodlers ink was a lighting quick 2-3 seconds.

Bleed Through

Using the extra fine equivalent tip, we did not find any bleeding at all using Noodlers Black ink.


No feathering was experienced using Noodlers Black Ink with the Rhodia Block N. 18 paper.

Water Test

Noodlers ink company categorizes its Black ink as bulletproof, eternal and waterproof. During the water test we ran on this ink, where we ran a soaking cotton swab over the ink that has dried for approximately 3 minutes, we found a very slight color smear, which is almost imperceptible. In essence this ink is definitely water resistant and almost waterproof.


Noodlers black ink produces some slight shading and color variation with a hint of grey.

Conclusion about the Noodlers Black Ink

Overall, Noodlers Black ink is a super everyday dark black ink that is a great value and has wonderful characteristic that most water based inks that cost less than $15 do not have. This Noodlers ink color will continue to be a best seller at Pen Chalet for years to come.