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Lamy Pacific Blue Ink Review

Lamy Pacific Blue ink is a new, yet old color introduced by Lamy in 2017. Lamy’s new AL-Sport color for 2017 is Pacific Blue, a bright sky blue anodized aluminum body and cap with Lamy’s distinctive clip used on the Safari and Al-Star pens. As in past years, Lamy has also introduced a corresponding color for its new Lamy AL-Sport fountain pen. This year Lamy has reintroduced its turquoise color ink as Pacific Blue, a bright and vibrant turquoise color fountain pen ink, complementing the Al-Sport fountain pen. Lamy, which is a German pen company, has been well respected and regarded as a high quality, functional, and innovated in its pen designs. Lamy has used this ingenuity and high quality approach in producing its fountain pen inks.

Lamy Pacific Blue Ink

Lamy Pacific Blue Ink

Please note the following features we experienced while testing Lamy Pacific Blue ink:

Testing Factors

We used a glass dip pen made by J. Herbin for this ink review on high quality Rhodia Bloc N. 18 paper. The dip pen has a fine nib equivalent tip.

Bottle Sizes

Lamy Pen Company lives by its innovation and German ingenuity. Its ink and bottles continue with this theme in their design and functionality. The glass Lamy ink bottle contains 50 ml. of Pacific Blue ink, but its shape and purpose is what is quite ingenious. The round bottle is not flat on the bottom, but has a round bulb or protrusion at its center which acts as a built in ink well. The bottle then snaps perfectly into a plastic extension with a flat bottom for holding the ink bottle. The plastic extension also contains a roll of blotting paper for cleaning your nib and pen while filing it with ink.


When you think of German engineering, you think luxury and expensive. Well, with Lamy Pacific Blue ink, still think luxurious color but the price is absolutely reasonable at $10.50 retail for a 50 ml. glass bottle, which includes a roll of Lamy ink blotter paper. Lamy Pacific Blue ink as well as all Lamy inks is a great value.

Dry Time

The dry time we experienced using the glass dip pen is approximately 6-7 seconds, which is not lightning fast, but reasonable enough for a daily use ink.

Bleed Through

There was no bleeding during normal use. However, during the cotton swabbing of ink to paper, there was some bleeding when the cotton swab was at its wettest.


Lamy Pacific Blue ink produced clean and crisp lines that were very distinct without any feathering (again using Rhodia paper). During the water test, however, there was some significant feathering experienced.

Water Test

After running a wet cotton swab over Lamy Pacific Blue ink samples, that we let dry for a about 3 minutes, we experienced color smearing and some feathering and line distortion. Lamy inks are not waterproof, nor are they water resistant. However, these results are pretty typical for most water based dye inks we have tested.


With the right nib, there can be some shading experienced with Lamy Pacific Blue ink which you can see with the cotton swab test. With the glass dip pen, however, we did not experience much shading at all.

Conclusion about the Lamy Pacific Blue ink

Lamy Pacific Blue ink, although very similar if not identical to Lamy Turquoise ink, is a great overall blue ink. It has a vibrant color, is very inexpensive for such a large bottle of German ink, has a cool and unique bottle design, and comes with blotting paper, etc. We love Lamy inks as a non-waterproof, water based dye ink because of their color, flow, and reasonable price. Make sure you pick up a bottle of Lamy Pacific Blue ink before they are gone.