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Introducing The New Monteverde Invincia Brass Collection

New for 2017, Monteverde Pen Company has just introduced the Invincia Brass Collection. The Invincia collection is not new and many pen lovers may already own a Monteverde Invincia pen from previous collections such as the Invincia Chrome, Invincia Rose Gold or Invincia anodized collections with blue, orange or green caps and a carbon fiber body section. These fashionable pens have been a hit, with pen enthusiasts. The Monteverde Invincia has clean lines and slightly tapered barrel. Each of these collections come in a choice of a fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint pen.

Monteverde Invincia Brass

Monteverde Invincia Brass

Brass pens, with their heavy sturdy feel and unique color have been a trend the last few years with pen companies such as the Kaweco Brass Sport, brass Liliput, brass Supra.  Karas Kustoms has also introduced various brass pen models.

Monteverde has also introduced a brass tool pen and has now added to its brass collection with the Invincia Brass Pen Collection.

The Monteverde Invincia Brass pen collection comes in a fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint pen with matte black trim, clip and a black stainless steel nib for the fountain pen. The black and brass look is extremely modern.

With each pen there are natural flaws in the brass, which is made to actually enhance the pen’s look. A protective coating has been added over the brass helping to minimize the effects of oxidation to the brass material.

The Monteverde Invincia Brass fountain pen retails for $100.00, the Invincia rollerball $90.00 and the Invincia ballpoint pen $80.00, but are each available at Pen Chalet for 20% off of its full retail value. These pens are in stock at Pen Chalet and ready for delivery!

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