Diamine Red Dragon Ink Bottle

Diamine Red Dragon Ink Review & Giveaway

Diamine Red Dragon ink was recently released by Diamine, a prolific and trusted ink company. Diamine Ink Company offers a variety of ink options and bottle sizes, including their popular shimmering ink and 150th Anniversary ink series. This week’s ink review is of Red Dragon ink, from Diamine’s regular edition line of inks. Diamine ink is made in the UK and has a reputation for providing excellent ink flow, affordable pricing, and easy cleaning. Diamine Red Dragon ink lives up to the company’s reputation. This intense, dark red ink is almost burgundy and is an excellent option for fountain pen enthusiasts looking for a dark red color ink that stands out.

Continue reading for a chance to win the bottle of Diamine Red Dragon ink we used for this week’s Pen Chalet Ink Review.

Diamine Red Dragon Ink Review

Diamine Red Dragon Ink Review

During our review of Diamine Red Dragon ink, we found the following traits that you may find helpful when choosing your next ink:

Testing Factors

For our review of Diamine Red Dragon ink, we used a J. Herbin glass dip pen on Rhodia dot pad paper. The glass dip pen tip writes similar to a fine-medium fountain pen nib. Please note that different pens and paper may produce different results.

Bottle Size

This Diamine ink arrives in a large 80 ml glass bottle. The bottle is distinctive, created for Diamine inks. They allow the ink bottle to be placed on multiple sides to gather the last few drops of ink. The bottle has a medium-sized lid. It’s smooth, which can make it hard to open if dried ink has caked on the lid. Most regular edition Diamine inks are available in a “sample” size 30 ml plastic bottle as well.


Diamine Red Dragon ink retails in the USA for $15.00 for the large 80 ml glass bottle; making it a very reasonable, economical ink purchase.

Dry Time

Diamine Red Dragon ink’s dry time was very quick – approximately 5 seconds. Anything under about 10 seconds makes the ink functional as an everyday ink option, so Diamine’s Red Dragon ink falls comfortably into the everyday category.

Bleed Through

During Pen Chalet’s review of Diamine Red Dragon ink, we found absolutely no bleed through. Even during our cotton swab test where we place a large amount of ink on the paper, we saw no bleeding.


During the testing of Diamine Red Dragon ink, we saw no feathering at all with regular use. During the water test, there was some noticeable feathering, but this is not unusual for non-waterproof ink.

Water Test

During the water test, we run a soaking wet cotton swab over a sample of the ink for about 3 minutes. When we put Diamine Red Dragon ink to the water test, we noticed significant color smearing, some noticeable feathering, but no bleeding. It’s also important to note that the lines remained legible and did not fade away.


Diamine Red Dragon ink can produce a variety of dark red ink shades as well as a lighter dusty shade of red. Depending on penmanship and nib, Red Dragon ink has the potential for beautiful shading.

Conclusions about Diamine Red Dragon ink

Diamine Ink Company is well known for its exceptional inks. As a company, they have been producing inks for over 150 years and have a wide variety of choices and options. Diamine Red Dragon ink, from the regular line series, is a nice dark shade of red that shows up well on paper, is fast drying and economically priced. Red Dragon ink can be used as an everyday ink for that special project, card, letter, or note. Happy Writing from the UK!

Enter to Win

Enter to win the actual bottle of Diamine Red Dragon ink that we used in this ink review:

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Beth Fralix
4 years ago

One of the loviest colours!! God Bless & the Love of Christ to you all!!

4 years ago

I’m impressed by the boldness of color that you can get in this ink. I always think of fine shimmering inks when Diamine comes to mind, so I’m surprised that they have such a solid offering of that much ink at an affordable price. With so much ink offered, and the potential for wide ranges of shading, I think this could be great for sketching with. Do you think you could showcase more inks with strong shading capabilities? Perhaps some that are effective enough to show through extra fine nibs.

Jonel Burge
4 years ago

This is a great toned-down red, easier on the eyes for everyday writing.

4 years ago

Ooh that’s so nice! I’ve never tried a Diamond ink. Do t know why!

Geoffrey Dunn
4 years ago

Normally I’m not a big fan of red inks but this looks dark enough to perhaps be used regularly and I am a fan of Diamine inks.

Jackie Kylander
4 years ago

Red dragon is one of my favorite Diamine inks. Nice “blood” red.

Chris Cox
4 years ago

Looks like a nice Apple red.

Scott DiGello
4 years ago

Diamine Red Dragon is my favorite Red that isn’t water resistant.

4 years ago

Ok, i’m curious 🙂

4 years ago

I love this color!!!

Stacy Chiarello
4 years ago

Do yourself a favor and buy this ink…Diamine Red Dragon is one of my favorites…..BTW, it was sent to me as a surprise sample by Pen Chalet….Well, I had to order a bottle after trying it out. Darn you, Pen Chalet…Well, darn you and thank you…A deep, dark red. a true red. I will never use another RED, unless of course, they stop making this color.

Ged Alangui
4 years ago

I love Diamine inks and my current fave is Diamine Razzmatazz ink.

Conor Cook
4 years ago

I accidentally clicked that I left a comment before I did, so I am not sure if the prompt is different than before! Oops.

If it is the same, I would love to see a review of Aurora Black.

4 years ago

Gorgeous red ink! Could very well be my new favorite red.

4 years ago

What an awesome red.

Roy C
4 years ago

Great color

4 years ago

I love this shade of red

Jovan Trujillo
4 years ago

Looks like Noodler’s Nikita

4 years ago

Invisible ink would be cool

matthew fitzgerald
4 years ago

great shade of red!

Shadow Dragu-Mihai
4 years ago

Love this ink. And looking for something with a dragon reference as that’s part of my name (Dragu = dragon)!

John Meldorf
4 years ago

love a good healthy red!

GS Gill
4 years ago

Awesome review, I would love to try this out

Mike Solinas
4 years ago

Very nice red. Dark enough I think I could get away with it at work!

4 years ago

This ink has been on my radar for quite some time, but I’ve never taken the plunge to buy a red ink yet.

Thought I think I am legally required to own a “red dragon” ink for my Dungeons and Dragons game night… hmm.

Oh! And in honor of the contests’s request, I’d like to say that my favorite ink colors are a three-way tie: Emerald of Chivor, Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses, and Noodler’s Gruene Cactus.

Jessica C
4 years ago

Lovely colour!
Would like to see reviews of unique inks.