Robert Oster Purple Jazz Ink

Robert Oster Purple Jazz Ink Review and Giveaway

Robert Oster Purple Jazz Ink is one of the newest color additions to the ever-expanding ink universe of Robert Oster. The company continues to come up with unique new colors, all named after the Australian color palate. Robert Oster inks are Australian made and ph balanced, offering easy flow during use with most fountain pens. Robert Oster’s Purple Jazz Ink is a reasonably dark (but muted) purple-grey color with several excellent characteristics and is dark enough to be used as an everyday ink option.

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Robert Oster Purple Jazz Ink Review

Robert Oster Purple Jazz Ink Review

During our review of Robert Oster Purple Jazz ink, we found the following traits that you may find helpful when picking your next ink brand and color:

Testing Factors

For our review of Robert Oster Purple Jazz ink, we used a French-made J Herbin glass dip pen on Rhodia dot pad paper. The glass dip pen has a tip that is similar to a fine-medium fountain pen nib. Please note that different paper and nib size may produce different results.

Bottle Size

All Robert Oster Signature inks come in a standard plastic 50 ml bottle. Each bottle is identical with a simple, white label printed with a color swatch and the name of the ink on top. The bottles are designed to be environmentally friendly but very functional, and we had no issues with leaking. They do not come with any additional external packaging.


Robert Oster Purple Jazz ink retails for $17.00 in the USA. Some of Robert Oster’s specialty inks (such as the Shake’ N’ Shimmy ink series) retail for slightly more, but overall the Robert Oster inks are mid-range priced inks imported from Australia.

Dry Time

During our review, we found that Robert Oster’s Purple Jazz Ink exhibited a very fast dry time of approximately 3 seconds. Anything under 10 seconds is considered a reasonably everyday use dry time.

Bleed Through

Pen Chalet’s review of Robert Oster Purple Jazz ink found absolutely no bleeding, even during the cotton swab test.


During regular use, we found no feathering at all while testing Robert Oster Purple Jazz ink. However, we did notice some slight feathering during our water test, which is typical for non-waterproof ink.

Water Test

We conducted a water test by running a soaking wet cotton swab over a sample of Robert Oster Purple Jazz Ink after allowing it to dry for about 3 minutes. We saw light color smearing and some slight feathering, which are typical results for non-waterproof ink. Overall, the ink held up quite well.


Robert Oster Purple Jazz ink is a lovely, dark (yet muted) purple color with a grey tint. Depending on the writing style and pen nib in use, Robert Oster Purple Jazz ink will shade nicely from dark purple to a lighter, muted dusty grey shade.

Conclusions about Robert Oster Purple Jazz Ink

Robert Oster Purple Jazz ink is a beautiful ink. The dark purple color with a muted grey tint has a quick dry time of fewer than 5 seconds, which makes it very functional as an everyday ink choice. The price is very reasonable even though Pen Chalet imports each bottle directly from Australia. Finally, Robert Oster Purple Jazz ink has some nice shading characteristics depending on the user’s pen, paper, and handwriting style. Happy Writing from Australia!

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31 thoughts on “Robert Oster Purple Jazz Ink Review and Giveaway

  1. Geoffrey Dunn

    I love Robert Oster inks and would appreciate the chance to add this one to my small collection. Thanks for the chance.

  2. Michael

    Thanks for another great review! On my phone, it appears to be blue grey, but I know purple is notoriously difficult to photograph and render.

  3. Sara

    I enjoy any kind of ink that is a steel or gray blue so I’d love to see any such ink reviewed.

  4. Michael S. Simon

    One of my favorites right now is Akkerman #5, Shocking Blue. It’s the first Akkerman bottle I’ve bought.

  5. Conor Cook

    I would love to see a review of a perfect ink for beginners, since I am looking for a good starter ink to go with a TWSBI Go 1.1m stub.

  6. Daniela Segrove

    This is beautiful! I’m a huge an of Robert Oster inks. Please raffle off “Blood Rose” next!

  7. Colton

    One of the most pretty inks I’ve seen in a while. The moody purple body with the hazy bluish-grey tones is beautiful, and the gentle pinks shown in the smear tests add some pop to it. Even though it’s a fast-drying ink, part of me wants to smear it over a canvas and see what happens. Oster inks may be a bit expensive, but they are often usually fairly unique and bold in their individuality. I love seeing inks like this, and would welcome seeing more items packed with subtle traits like these in the future.

  8. Stephen Trimble

    To my eye (on my iPad screen), this looks more blue than purple. But lovely nonetheless.

  9. Stephanie

    I really love inks in this gray-blue-purple color range. Reminds me of the night sky.

  10. Ron Parish

    Please review some of the old standby inks such as Waterman, Parker and Sheaffer. Thanks.

  11. Steven Gordon

    I’ve tried a lot of Robert Oster inks in the blue-turquoise-teal-green part of the spectrum, and I think they make some of the best around. I haven’t strayed too far into other hues, but this purple looks great – I’d def like to try it for myself!

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